Sex Magic

For those of you who are not aware, I consider myself a type of Pagan. I’m not wiccan but I do participate in magick rites. I wanted to create a brief post about an area of magick I am very interested in and wanted to share.

Sex Magick, especially combined with BDSM is a great way for some people (those who are open to it) to achieve deep self exploration, attain connection with Higher Self and commune with the Divine.
Other terms that are used for this are Erotomancy, Sacred Kink, Quadashti BDSM, Sado-Erotic Ecstasy, Sado-shamanism, and more. I prefer the terms Erotomancy or simply Sex Magick (these, in many practitioner’s opinions are not the same thing as one may connotate that BDSM is used while the other may suggest vanilla sex).

The basic idea behind Sex Magick is that Orgasmic Force = Life Force. This includes the achievement of Orgasm and the fluids involved (semen, vaginal fluid and even menstrual blood). Sex Magick practitioners focus this force towards their desired goal through meditation, spell, or the creation of talismans and potions.

Sex Magic can have 3 forms of participation:

Monofocal: Masturbation with the focus on 1 person. There can be one person involved or multiple people involved in helping the one person achieve this…focus. This is a good use of meditation for self exploration, the achievement of a trance or divination.

Dualfocal: The focus here is on 2 people. Many practitioners believe the 2 involved should love each other for this to work, but this love should not be confused with romantic love as 2 people joined in Sex Magick do not have to be romantic partners or significant others. This focus can be on the combining of opposites such as male and female, Dom and sub, Master and slave. The partners do not have to be male and female for this to work as any sexual orientation or gender can participate and use Sex Magick.
Some practitioners suggest that one person involved should focus on the meditative thought or goal while the other focus on pleasuring, but this, in my opinion, is still Monofocal despite the transition from masturbation to intercourse. It is perfectly possible for 2 people to focus on the goal whilst having sex if they had the meditative mindset

Multi or Polyfocal: Here the focus is on a group, but not an orgy. All involved would have to be able to focus on one goal. Some practitioners suggest the use of a group leader to guide the others during the act with chants, orders, etc. This person may or may not be participating in the sexual act.

I have read about Sex Magick being used for various reasons such as creating a gollum or familiar to do the bidding of the two people involved much like 2 people would create a child during sex. This is done by using the creative energy of sex and sexual fluids and directing them towards a goal of creation that is not a child but another being. I’ve also read about it being used to heal one of the participants. All that Orgasmic Force being sent to 1 body to heal it.

Sex Magick in Ritual can be used to heighten the experience of connecting to the Divine. In the Wiccan Great Rite, the High Priestess acts as the Goddess and the High Priest as the God. By adding Sex Magick to this they can move from joining the Deities together symbolically with Athame (a double-edged knife that represents the phallus) and Chalice (a sacred cup that represents the womb) to actuality with sex between the High Priestess and High Priest.

Sex Magic Resources

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