Sex Magic: Female Domination

So I’ve been working a little on a project involving Sex Magic and I might share my project in total in the form of a paper or e-book later down the line but for now you may just have to put up with me posting some tidbits here and there as I get the notion to do so.

When looking at some hoodoo and voodoo articles I came across a Female Domination Spell and it was just too interesting not to share.

Lucky Mojo is a site/shop run by Catherine Yronwood. I’ve met several people who have read her book and taken her class and are very impressed. I might one day take her class myself but that’ll be after I finish paying for the umpteen different things that still demand my money and timeā€¦-sighs-

According to Yronwood, the Hoodoo tradition “consider such female domination normal, common, and even necessary to ensure a satisfactory relationship.” I know a few subbies that would agree ^_^

This Female Domination charm is called a Nation Sack and originates from Memphis, TN (not far from where I live now, coincidentally).


A piece of red flannel and red string or a red mojo bag
A small red candle
A dime from each of your birth years (i.e. my dime would be from 1988, the year I was born)
High John the Conqueror Root
Queen Elizabeth root
A saucer or offering plate
Something personal or biological belonging to the man (a scrap of cloth with his sweat on it, his hair or best yet his semen)
Dressing oil such as Follow Me Boy
A scrap of paper with his name written on it 9 times

The day you start your period or during the full moon

Place the paper with the man’s name under the overturned saucer.
Carve his name 9 times on the red candle going in a spiral down the candle (I want to add that doing this clockwise would be best)
Dress (rub down) the candle with your menstrual blood (or vaginal fluid) and the dressing oil
Place the candle on the overturned saucer and say “[Man’s Name] come under my command.”
Light the candle.
Dress the dime of your birth year with your mentrual blood (vaginal fluid) and say “This is [Your Name]” and the dime from his with the dressing oil saying “This is [Man’s Name]” and set them before the candle.
Dress the High John the Conqueror Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil and say “This is [Man’s Name]” and set it on his dime.
Dress the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil saying “This is [Your Name]” and set it on your dime.
Set his personal item on the flannel or in the red mojo bag.
Dress the bad with the dressing oil and stroke 9 times saying “[Man’s Name], follow me.”
Pass bag through candle smoke saying “[Man’s Name], come to me.”
Place dimes and roots into the bag saying “[Man’s Name], stay with me.”
When the candle is done burning, take the paper out from under the saucer and fold it towards you saying, “[Man’s Name], follow me.”
Turn it and fold it towards you saying, “[Man’s Name], come to me.”
Place the paper in the bag and say, “[Man’s Name], stay with me.”
Dispose of left over candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it East over your left shoulder and walk away without looking back.
Wear the bag when you’re with the man or place it in the bedroom where he will not see or touch it.

Yronwood has a few other Female Domination spells on her site that I recommend reading. Even if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, it is certainly interesting to think about dominating men or women through magic.

Dressing oils like Follow Me Boy and other items mentioned in this spell can be found on Yronwood’s website as well as other hoodoo and curio shops like Conjured Cardea on Etsy.