Fat Folks Sex Positions

I had an impromptu Twitter chat on Fat People Sex Positions, specifically in Erotica and Smut, and I wanted to make sure my points were clear and saved on my site. If you want to see the original thread, click here.

Originally, I was just going to do a screenshot of the conversation and load it here but I don’t know if that works for people who have software that reads them blog posts so I am going to post the transcription here instead. Going to apologize ahead of time if it comes out a little bit jangled.

Fat People Sex Positions Tweet Storm

Doing research for an article on fat peeps and erotica. One Twitter friend said they would like comfortable sex positions mentioned. Here is my thread on being fat, having sex, and sex positions… #FatAndSexy #FatActivism #AmWritingErotica #Erotica #BBW

First – @Artists_Ali has a fucking fantastic video answering questions about sex positions, libido, and fat people. Go watch it. Pre-requisite, required viewing as far as I’m concerned. Also follow her Twitter because she inspires me daily
[Artist Ali is the amazing person behind Ok2BeFat on YouTube.]

Oh yea here’s the link to the video ?

First. This will be said by me a lot I can only speak from experience and research. I am a fat, cis woman, bi, polyamorous, kinkster with joint disfigurements that cause me pain and I’m married and I’ve birthed a kid. This all plays a roll in how I face life.
[I know I said First twice, oops]

Second, I’m POSITIVE someone will view what I say differently. If you do, feel free to comment but know I do not respond to bullies and will report/block without banter. #BoundariesAreNecessary #IGiveNoFucks

Ok down to the #FatSex! As said in the video – any position that is comfortable to you and your partner(s) is great! Do that! Figure out through experimentation and open communication. Moving forward I’m talking specifically about fat sex in erotica.

When writing fat people having sex, hell when we’re doing anything at all, remember that our bodies are always with us and effect how we interact and experience the world.
Our bodies will of course effect our sex lives! Not necessarily in bad ways! I know, shocker??

Some fat people will have an easier time than others in certain positions of course and not just because they are fat. I have joint issues so that effects my positioning, for example. Same with Mr Faust and many other partners. Consider the size and preferences of partners

Example: Mr Faust has a belly and so do I. Sitting in his lap with our bellies between us does make it difficult to angle his cock up into me. I cannot tell you if this would be an issue if I was with a man with a flat belly but it could be considered.

The strength of a partner that is lifting a fat partner is also a consideration. Strong partners without joint issues may lift your partner with ease. Otherwise there are tools we can use like props and handles for shower sex, etc.

Example Before Mr Faust’s knees got so bad, he could lift me with ease and toss me around. He has done labor work and lifted weights for years so this was never an issue despite my weight.

That being said! Weight and fat are not always synonymous 175lbs might not sound very fat and perfect liftable and thin unless you consider that on a 4’11” frame (me when I met Mr Faust.

When writing a fat person fucking also consider how their body might move during sex. You may or may not want to account for every jiggle and slap but they do happen.

#FatSex Horror Story

The big fear for many fat peeps is being on top or, horror of horror, face sitting.

Oh my fucking gods…please do not be scared to put fat people on top I fucking beg you!!!!

If the bottom can’t breath have em give the top a smack on the ass or something. I was scared for years to sit on a partners face by I’ve had partners fucking love it. Fat be it from me to keep them from their wet fantasy’s – fat be it from you to not write because you’re scared
[I meant Far be it from…not Fat, but it worked out it seems]

Taking a break to get a drink and talk to my SIL Please ask me your questions or give your fat erotica suggestions. What’s your favorite Fat Erotica Story?

Want to also recommend @TheNudeWriter and her body positivity project. She collects nude anonymous pics to share with the world and show the beauty in all bodies – including fat bodies.

When I get my 2nd wind I’ll be back here and talk a lil about kink as a fat person. Inspired by all my fat friends that didn’t think they could be tied up, wear a costume (school girl uniform), etc. they learned otherwise

Fat People Sex Positions Part 2

Ok I’m back. My favorite erotica sub genre is BDSM. I do NOT expect full realism in smut but I would love to see some fat peeps getting kinky in smut and I run into so many people that will shy away from writing it or fetishize the fat.

Y’all into fat fetish, I am so not here to yuck your yum but it is not on my feel good list. I’m also not into humil so I won’t get into that. You’ll have to find someone else into talking about writing Feeder/Feedee Piggy play Etc. I’m here to talk D/s, bondage, and fat

Lot of fat peeps worry about being able to participate in rope play and bondage because they fear their weight will be an issue. There is also a lack of representation which is of course the problem all around. Yes fat people can be tied up! We can be bound, beat, etc.

Check out Confessions of a Fat Rope Slut by @Aemok

The point is you can totally write fat people into bdsm erotica and it be real as fuck. You can write about our plump flesh trussed up and all the space we have for marks, etc.

We fat people are delicious fuckers to write about so do it!!!
Write us in all the positions!


I’m playing around with making a twitter chat on Fat people and smut, erotica, sex, etc a thing. I’m really bad sometimes with keeping online commitments though – something I’m trying to do better with. So I’ve been back and forth on this. Is this something you’d be interested in? Please comment below if so.

Primal Tentacles #FantasySmutFriday

When my friend Charlton Todd shared that this Fantasy Smut Friday prompt was Tentacled Lover, I’m sure he knew he had me hooked. I have a tentacle fetish, as mentioned in my recent toy review. I’m also into Primal play (and I know Charlton is too) so I thought I’d combine these fetishes in my story: Primal Tentacles.
There’s just something about the idea of an appendage filling and wriggling around that I find arousing. Apparently I am not alone as tentacle erotica and hentai are a big seller in the monster sex subgenre of erotica.

Tentacle Lover

Primal Tentacles

Primal Tentacles

Misha tried to muffle her heavy breathing behind her hands as she stared out at the open field. Her erratic heartbeat pounded in her ears like a war drum, making it impossible to tell if any noises in the woods behind her were footsteps or her own imagination.

She knew going out into the open was a foolish idea, but she couldn’t see in the woods. The moon directly above her was barely half full and its light made everything grayscale despite the autumnal rage of colors that painted the woods during the day. If she lingered on the edge of the field, she might be able to rely on the moonlight a little longer.

How long? That was certainly the question but as adrenaline coursed through her, making her shake more than the cool breeze on her naked flesh, she couldn’t think clearly. All she could focus on was the knowledge that he was hunting her and he would surely find her.

That’s what his kind do, wasn’t it? Sorcerers of dark forests and wild hedgerows that hunt village maidens, fledgeling witches, and lone shifters. They could hunt them like their prey’s very skin sang to them through the shadows. For all Misha knew it did. The same way her body sang in achey tones when she first met him, the Sorcerer Alec.

A snap behind her, clear as a church bell, sent all thoughts flying from her head and her feet running. She didn’t worry about being in the open now, he’d found her.

It took Alec seconds to snatch Misha as she made her way into the open field. His words floated through the still night, a strange language sounded more like the growls and hisses of strange animals than any human man. They summoned dark shapes from the shadows that writhed and twisted, ready to do his bidding as his hands took hold of Misha’s flesh and threw her to the earth.

Misha struggled against Alec mindlessly as he pinned her down. His own bare body felt hard and cool as stone against her hot flesh. She wondered if she would somehow simply melt beneath him, every inch he touch felt like it would dissolve into a pool of need even as she fought against it.

Her nails found his arms, scratching at his flesh and reminding her that despite his power he was a man. As if to drive this knowledge home, his hips bucked against hers, sliding his hard cock against her ass.

His hand pressed against the back of her neck, grabbing a handful of her dreads as he pressed her upper body to the meadow floor. She tried to push back up but something stopped her. His shadows, minions of dark power, slithering up from the earth and over her body like cool, dry eels. The wrapped around her ankles, climbed up her thighs and their strength was his own, binding her.

Realizing that her chance of escape was now dismal, Misha let out one last attempt to break his hold. She arched and threw her weight up against him but only managed to shove her breasts against his arm and press the head of his cock between her ass cheeks.

Alec groaned against her neck and hissed, “Submit,” as he shoved her back down with his whole body. The moment her body relaxed beneath his, Alec bit her neck and made his claim. She whimpered and the sound alone seemed to sent the shadows into a frenzy against her body. Misha was his, was theirs, fully.

Pulling back, Alec looked down on his capture. Her skin shone in the moonlight, a darker gray than his own, sweat making her glisten. His night eyes made out the outline of his bite mark and a few bruises just beginning to show. A flick of his wrist and the tentacles he’d summoned wriggled over her, yanking her arms and gathering her dreads into a firm hold.

He took his time sliding off of her, enjoying her warmth and the scent of her all too much to rush this. With a simple movement of his hand, the tentacles stretched his prey out before him. No matter how she tried, she could not curl in on herself and hid any part from him or the moonlight. She couldn’t hide her heaving breasts with her dark nipples taught, or the tell-tale glisten between her legs.

The tentacles wriggled along her limbs, covering them even as they revealed by stretching her out completely. Misha whimpered at both the exhibition she’d become as well as the feel of those cool creatures that were moving against her skin. Looking Alec over, she hoped to find some sort of compassion but none was found. He stood still as the night itself, watching her with a menacing glint in his eye. A coil of tentacles wound its way up his own legs, stroking his engorged cock as another disappeared behind him.

Misha quickly developed an idea of what the other tentacle was doing when one made its way up her thigh and caressing the cleft of her ass. She cried out as she felt the cool limb press into her and, without lube, opening her and filling her. It didn’t hurt but that did not ease the violating, full sensation it gave her.

Before she could get used to the feeling of being fucked by the inhuman limb, Alec captured her attention again. He moved against her faster than she expected. His hands roamed roughly, scratching and grasping at the folds of her flesh, the fullness of her breasts and hips. She could feel each abrasion and bruise under his aggressive claiming hands. A scream was muffled by another tentacle, winding through her dreads and up her jaw to her mouth. It was tasteless and cold but caused her jaw to ache as it fought her own tongue. She didn’t dare bite, for fear it would sympathetically harm its summoner. Looking past its shadow, she saw Alec’s face a mere inch from her own. It was scratched and sweaty and fierce.

The tentacle around Alec’s cock fell away as he took it in hand. Slowly, he ran the tip over the slick folds of her pussy before thrusting into her. He didn’t prepare her anymore than that. He fucked her hard and fast, with no mercy. He watched her between bites on her breasts and collar, reveling in the soft submission in her eye and the whimpers and cries from her beautiful mouth. Tears fell and he licked these away, tasting all of her. 

Misha knew, somewhere in the distant back of her mind that could think past her over-sensitized and overstuffed pussy and ass, she would spend hours in the morning rubbing her healing hearth-witch salve on herself and Alec to alleviate the soreness from their chase and fucking. That was a million years away, long after the beast within her lover-captor was sated.

Want more?

If you enjoyed this short piece, you can read more tentacular erotica in my story Tender, available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

French Kiss Toy Review

The French Kiss is by far the prettiest toy I own! I love using it on myself since the nubs and curve feel fantastic on my g-spot.
However, as someone with carpal tunnel, the size, and shape of the handle (for lack of a better word for the curved tail) cause wrist pain.
Also not the best toy for beginners or couples to use on each other – glass doesn’t flex, obviously, and my husband had some issues jabbing me when he tried to use it on me. I really like this toy, but it does take some skill to use.

So Pretty! Yummy Feeling nobs and grooves. A perfect curve for g-spot stimulation.

Size is not ergonomic if you have carpal tunnel. Rigidity might not be best for all users


Glass toys are wonderful for so many different reasons – beautiful works of sensual art, easy to clean and hypoallergenic, can be used with various lubes, and so on. You can also use them for temperature play (not my kink so I can’t give much info on this particular use).

I bought the French Kiss because it was just too pretty to pass up and the first glass dildo I’ve discovered that looks like a tentacle (a fetish of mine). The nubs, grooves, shape, and size lend itself to wonderful ways to stimulate my g-spot. But I would keep it to that and solo play (use caution and communication when thrusting glass dildos to prevent bruising) and vaginal play (I just cannot imagine using this one anally, but perhaps those more adventurous than myself might enjoy it).

Material / Texture

Mmm, French Kissing never felt so good. I love love love the nubs, bumps, and grooves on this toy. At first, I was a little intimidated – worried it would be rough going in considering how rigid glass dildos are. Not at all – especially if you’re really wet or using lube. Even though it has texture and it’s all so smooth, it slides in easily. The nubs feel wonderful on my clit and g-spot. As stimulating as it is pretty.

If I could, i’d set this toy in a glass display case, its just that pretty!

Design / Shape / Size

I know I repeat it in this review, but this is the prettiest dildo I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that it looks like a tentacle (though that is a turn on for me) but the light pink color, the symmetry of the nubs and lines, and its curves are all gorgeous!

If I changed anything, it would be to make the looping tail/handle a little larger and more angled to make it easier to hold when using solo and better for grinding against.


Fantastic for g-spot stimulation without much girth. If you’re tight or not into stretching, this is an excellent toy for penetration and stimulation. I’ve had dildos this slim before that did nothing for me when it comes to my g-spot, but this one was lovely.
As with any glass dildo, be careful when thrusting to prevent bruising.

Care and Maintenance

Glass is such a fantastic material for sex toys. Easy to clean, even with the grooves and nubs – you can use a toy cleaner, soap and water, or toss it in the dishwasher. Compatible with any lube you like best.


The French Kiss came in a lovely red velvet bag. While I think the red clashes with the pink dildo (black or pink would have been better) I love that it adds to the luxurious feel of this beautiful dildo. It’s so pretty; it does deserve a case all its own.


I bought the French Kiss because it looked like the prettiest tentacle I’d ever seen – it was sort of an award for writing for my first tentacle sex erotica short story.

While I’m not new to glass dildos, this is the first I’ve used that has any sort of texture or curvature. I loved the way the nubs feel on my g-spot and clit as well as the way it curves to stroke my g-spot perfectly.

I was using it to surprise my husband when he came to bed. We have a D/s relationship so, while it was a pleasant surprise for him, he decided to punish me a little for playing without him.

After my orgasm, he didn’t allow me to stop masturbating with the French Kiss. It wasn’t until I achieved three more orgasms that I was allowed to put it aside. This was when I realized how non-ergonomic the dildo is. I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel and oh gods my wrist hurt that night and the next day. Hubs and I will not be doing forced masturbation again anytime soon, but I will definitely be using the French Kiss again and again…my poor wrists.


I purchased French Kiss from EdenFantasys, this is not a paid review. I am using Affiliate links in this post. This means that if you click on the links here, and purchase something from EdenFantasys, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you, these commissions help me keep SmutGeek running.

#Masturbation Monday: Cutting Clothes Off

Welcome to my 2nd Masturbation Monday entry. If you missed my first one, you can find My First Strapon Experience here. I’m excited about week 221 because it inspired me to share about the time we played with Cutting Clothes Off.

Masturbation Monday

The prompt image this Masturbation Monday is from May More. I love teaser photos like this one, they probably get me going faster than most hardcore porn, tbh. What caught me the most was the rip in her tights. Immediately my mind went back to a play party I was working at and how a tear or two in my fishnets and tights inspired some knife play that left me bare and wet.

Cutting Clothes Off

February 2013 Mr. Faust and I were asked to help set up a rented cabin for a play party. The party was for the attendees to a series of classes taught by Jim Duval and PhoenixB. We didn’t attend the classes as our schedules wouldn’t allow for it, but we were happy to help set up and attend the party.
I made baked goods, something I love doing, helped direct the DJ in setting up, and cleaned up a bit. Mr. Faust put his muscled to work helping set up dungeon equipment including St. Andrew’s Cross, spanking benches, suspension rack, a whipping post and more.

The highlight of the night was a hook pulling involving labia as well as some needle play and plastic wrap mummification. I only got to play once however (being a voyeur was more than enough otherwise).

During the night I tore my tights. These are old tights, I should say. They saw a lot of action including my days as a go-go dancing at a cyber punk club. So tearing this wasn’t particularly painful, just annoying enough for me to mention to Mr. Faust.
As he looked at the tear and run along my inner thighs, I could see the gears working in his head. Without much need for discussion, my Dominant directed me to the nearby horse bench and positioned me to his liking.

Mr. Faust keeps sever pocket knives handy – a habit from boyhood. He took a couple of these out and sat them down where I could see them. As I gazed at these everyday items that had suddenly transformed into instruments of torture, he pulled up my skirt and ran his hand over my ass and thighs, getting a good feel of the texture of my tights and fishnets.
One of our play partners got permission and took a few photos. I barely noticed them as Mr. Faust got to work. He teased my bare back with the open blades, hissing at me to keep perfectly still. He pointed out the dim lighting, the way I trembled, and how sharp his knives wore. Each word escalated my fear and excitement. He could slice me open and as I slipped into sub-space I might have let him.

He began with the fishnets, making holes here and there, where he felt was the most fun, where I would feel it on ticklish areas and erogenous zones. My tights did little to buffer the sensation of cold, sharp steel on my ass and legs, behind the knee, along my feet, up my inner thighs to my pussy that I was certain was making a huge wet spot in my tights.

Tried as I might to conceal my anxiety and thrill – I whimpered openly as Mr. Faust began to slice and tear into my clothes. Cutting clothes off became a primal act the further we went. I don’t know how he was able to restrain himself once my tights were a mess of fabric at our feet. I was yanked up to standing position, told to kiss his blades before he closed them, each one slowly, and put them in his pockets. He then sent me to get some water and barely touched me after. Like some infernal edgeplay, I went the rest of the night without release until we got home.

Once home, Mr. Faust and our play partner had their way with me, telling me how turned on they were with each cut and each whimper. I had no way of expressing how much I ached during that scene for one of them to touch me roughly or sweetly but only received cold steel and low warnings.

Throwback Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States. This year I’m thinking back to a Thanksgiving we had in 2011. It was probably the most unique thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced even now 7 years later.

We visited with family and ate way too much, like most thanksgivings. After, Mr. Faust and I had awesome sex and watched the movie Wall-E for the first time. In the fuzzy aftermath of a long day, we got a text asking “Where are you?”

Apparently, there was a party at the local strip club that we were invited to but everyone had assumed that someone else had already invited us. The party was for strippers and their friends to hang out at the club while it was closed. There was food, beer, wine, and freaks like us just relaxing in good company. I brought absinthe cupcakes with alcoholic frosting that were a hit. For some, this gathering was a way to relax after being with relatives, for others it was the only thanksgiving meal offered to them.

Among the attendees were the DJ and the owner (both good friends of Mr. Faust from his day DJing and bouncing), dancers, bartender, and few friends, and Mr. Faust’s cousins who are closet kinksters. After nibbling and hanging out, we played cards…

Kings: Hell House Rules

I’ll try and explain the rules as I remember:
Shuffle a deck of cards and leave them splayed out among the players. Each person picks a card and it goes on until all the cards are done.

Joker – you get to pick someone in the group to be your slave and they must do whatever you like until the game is over
King – guys drink
Queen – girls drink
Joker – truth or dare
10 – take 2 drinks
9 – Play You Drink (point at someone and say “You Drink” and they drink)
8 – Make a Rule (ex. Everyone must bless themselves before they drink, if they do not they must then bless themselves and take a second drink)
7 – Nose game (the last person who touches their nose has to take a drink)
6 – Never have I ever (everyone holds out 3 fingers and starting with the person who draws the card they say never have I ever (done something) and those who have done it must put down a finger. Person with no fingers left first must take a drink)
5 – Hands down (last person to put hands on the table takes a drink)
4 – Hands up (last person with hands up takes a drink)
3 – Catagories (ask a multiple choice question and it goes around where everyone must give an answer. If they take too long or don’t have an answer, then that person must take a drink)
2 – take a drink
Ace – Everybody drinks

After playing and drinking, our friend turned the music on. Mr. Faust helped a dancer teach a couple people how to pole dance (yes, Mr. Faust is actually an excellent dancer). His cousin’s wife was down to her thong and enjoying playing around in the VIP area. I was fondled by several of the dancers and almost fell asleep on one of the dance couches. I tried to take some pictures but my shitty phone at the time couldn’t do much in the red and black lights.

In the end it was one of the most fun thanksgivings I ever had, not necessarily because of the kinkiness. There was no one to impress. We were all ourselves, no need to wear a mask and act like a normal person in front of judgmental family. I’m grateful for the memories.

#MasturbationMonday: My First Strapon Experience


Week 219 of Masturbation Monday is inspired by this beautiful photo from Petra Pan. The moment I saw it I was excited as this is my first #masturbationmonday story and what better way to start than with another first – the first time I used a strap on. 
The following story is a telling from my perspective of a real event. I have changed my ex’s name for privacy, I am also using the they/them pronoun for my ex as they have since decided to transition and it is their current preference. 

Groaning, I flopped over onto my side and did my best to quell my frustration. Jay stared up at the ceiling, their annoyance also evident.
“Porn makes this shit look easy,” Jay said, running their fingers through their mussed red hair. I could only agree as I glared at the harness around their hips and the glittering white unicorn dildo that sprung up from the center. There was nothing sweet or gentle about that damn unicorn, my bruised cervix was evidence.

Damien (Mr. Faust), watched the two of us with barely concealed amusement. He sat at the other end of the king size bed, shirtless and relaxed as a lion watching his pride wrestle without him. “Do you want my help, now?” He asked, his tone smug.
We’d already told him we had this, with the self assurance of two perverts who had been fucking dildos for a few years now. Having dated and fucked each other for a couple months, we figured, how hard could it be to do this hands free? Damn him and his smug face.

I looked from Damien to Jay and sighed. “What do you think?”
Jay looked at me, cupping my cheek in their hand. “I think I would really like to get you off but I don’t think I can do it with this,” they grabbed the dildo with their free hand and yanked it roughly, “without help.”

Without further permission, Damien crawled up the bed beside us. He smacked my thigh and told me to climb back on Jay. “Don’t mount it yet,” he said.
I did as told, holding myself above Jay with my hands on either side of their head. My own black demon falls fell forward and tickled their cheeks, making Jaw smirk up at me. “Once we figure this out, you are in so much trouble,” Jay teased. I only rolled my eyes at their bravado.

Damien moved behind me, his knees between Jay’s. With one hand he held the dildo and the other he placed on my hip. “Now, slide on slowly. We should probably start with you riding Jay rather than Jay fucking you. This will keep you from getting hurt and give you,” he now spoke to Jay, “a sense of how to move in her.”

We nodded as I lowered myself onto Jay’s cock. I felt the unicorn horn’s swirled girth spread me open again and winced at how sore I was already.
“Do you need lube?” Damien asked behind me but  shook my head. I was wet, just achy as I lowered myself down to the base.
“Good girl,” Damien said. “Now sit up on it.”

I frowned down at Jay, my worried about being too heavy for them returning. Damien was much bigger than both of us so riding him never worried me but Jay was smaller than me and the last thing I wanted was for them to only feel like I was crushing them under my weight.
Jay could read my worries all over my face – I never was one that could hide a damn thing. They rubbed my thick thighs then up over my belly to my breasts. I was the only one fully naked as Jay wore their sports bra and the harness covered most of their pelvis. “Its ok, baby. Ride me.”
With that encouragement, I slowly sat up. My back pressed against Damien’s chest and his hands settled on my waist.

I ride the dildo slowly, not wanting to put all my weight on Jay even then. It felt weird, like I was using Jay as a sex toy altogether rather than having sex with them. Jay didn’t seem to mind and smiled up at my, talking to Damien as they both watched me get off.
Jay groaned on about how hot it was to watch me ride them and Damien agreed.

Their hands on my thighs and hips urged me to ride Jay harder. “That’s it baby, bounce on my cock,” Jay urged as Damien ground his jean-covered hips against my bare ass. “That’s it, ride ’em,” Damien urged, his voice deep and causing his chest to vibrate against my back.

I got off, loudly, having to rely on Damien to help hold me up at the end. Jay almost applauded and was ready to fuck me rather than me just fucking the dildo.
With Damien’s help, I lay on my back and Jay returned the unicorn horn between my legs. We kept in full missionary, Damien explained that moving my legs up to Jay’s shoulders like they originally wanted to would only make the dildo ram me deeper and that wasn’t the goal right now.
Like before, Damien directed from behind but was now unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out. The harness around Jay’s hips was made up of nylon straps that chaffed my inner thighs and left the underside bare and open – giving Damien a good view of Jay’s ass and pussy as they bent over me.

Jay fucked me slowly, moaning into my ear as my tits bounced and brushed against their gray cotton bra.
Damien fucked Jay’s pussy doggy style, slowly so that by the time we got into it, he was directing each thrust – him into Jay, Jay into me. It was the first time we all felt like we were fucking together at the same time.

Afterwards, my inner thighs were raw. Jay and Damien helped me put salve on the marks and discussed what worked and what didn’t with that strap on. Jay was working at a sex toy store at the time and said they would look for a better option while kissing my thighs all better.

Book Review: Nymph by Francesca Lia Block

The books description says that Nymph by Francesca Lia Block is “anything but conventional.” I feel that this is an understatement.

Block is known for her lyrical writing set in a world that is part Los Angeles, CA and partly a fantastical world of fairies, centaurs and mermaids. Her collection of erotic short stories is unlike any romance or erotica I’ve read before.

Before I get into it, I should say that magical realism is one of my favorite genres and I am a long time fan of Block’s work. Pretty much all of her books have made me happy and if you’re into strong young women, gender queer best friends, and magic in the real world, then I recommend her work.

Each chapter is a tale of two lovers who connect in a way that leads the reader to believe there is more to each coupling than the physical; that there is a spiritual connection as well. The connection is strengthened because each character is interconnected either by past lovers, sibling or friendships. Block weaves an intricate web with the lives of her characters.

Not only is the telling unconventional but the characters are as well. Starting with Mer, the mermaid, who falls in love with a ex-pro-surfer, Tom Mac. The beautiful and seductive Plum, who helps her friends and loved ones find their soul mate even though it can break her heart. Then there is Coco who works at a strip club full of creatures that were once women but now are made to look like strange goddesses with wings or many arms or cat faces.

Block does a good job mixing romance and erotica with a bit of tragedy. She relieves each character with orgasms and happy endings. My only complaint might be that the one girl on girl tale involves one of the characters thinking of a guy the whole time, which, for a fan of lesbian romance, is a little disappointing.


The book itself is tiny- we’re talking the size of my hand. Its a great little treasure to tuck into your purse or under your pillow.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 rating. It not only pulls at my heart strings and makes me hot and bothered but I can also read it to my husband and, 1 chapter in, he’s ready to go. I recommend it to anyone who likes erotica.