EdenFantasys Charmed Lover Review

EdenFantasys’ Charmed Lover is a contoured g-spot dildo that is both compact, cute, and stimulating.

EdenFantasys Charmed Lover Design

Made from velvety-smooth, body safe silicone, EdenFantasys Charmed Lover is a body safe toy created to stroke your g-spot perfectly with its ribs, nubs, and sensual curves.
Length: 7 1/2″
Insertable length: 6″
Widest Circumference: 4″
Widest Diameter: 1 1/4″

Pros and Cons

Super cute design reminds me of a tentacle (no surprise to my avid readers who have heard me wax poetic about tentacles in past reviews).
The soft, smooth, black body is also flexible which makes it a comfortable toy to play with
Body safe silicone is easy to wash, even with the small section of ribs
Strokes my g-spot just right! Perfect for internal orgasm seekers

Can be a little intense if you are not used to g-spot stimulation
Definitely not for size queens (a little thing and small)

My Experience

I love the feel of EdenFantasys Charmed Lover. Its smooth as velvet and I was immediately intrigues by its flexibility and shape. Trying it alone, I achieved an internal orgasm from g-spot stimulation with ease.

The shape of the Charmed Lover curves perfectly up against my g-spot when inserted and its clever bumps and ribs stroke it without being inflexible or hard enough to make me uncomfortable. It doesn’t take many strokes for the Charmed Lover to do the trick for me.

This toy pairs perfectly with EdenFantasys’ Naughty Kisser vibrator and have earned their places near at hand to my bedside for that reason. Both, especially together, never leave me wanting.

Care and Maintenance

The Charmed Lover is made from body safe silicone and is therefore able to be boiled, tossed in the top drawer of the dishwasher, or cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner.

Store away from other silicone toys because sometimes silicone can stick to other silicone and ruin your toys. I like to put them each in a separate cloth bag (a sock will also work) and store them in a drawer.


I received EdenFantasys Charmed Lover for free in exchange for a review. I did not let this exchange color my review and all words here are my honest opinion of the toy.

The links provided might contain affiliate links – this means if you make a purchase from these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for helping me keep Smut Geek running and helping me create amazing content for you.

#MasturbationMonday: Trying Something Different

Trying Something Different for Masturbation Monday. Short, sweet, and a lil unlike my usual stories. Hope you enjoy.

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful by sub-Bee

Gregory answered the door and greeted the newest member of the local kink community. They’d chatted at the coffee meet ups and more online, late night messenger sessions discussing their kinks, smut they read, masturbating to each other’s words. Now Lydia was here.
He knew it was cliche – he was older and she was so fresh in her black leather skirt that hugged her thick thighs, her black sweater plunging at the collar to reveal her ample cleavage. Her black leather boots with the high heels that he requested she wear clicked on the hard wood when she entered.
Turning he put her coat up and gestured to the living room. There, before the Christmas tree, was the leather spanking bench and on the couch his toys. “As we discussed,” he said with a smile.
He watched Lydia take it all in, the holiday lights sparkling in her wide eyes. There was something so enchanting about seeing someone new get excited about this world – it made Gregory feel both jaded and rejuvenated.

“I don’t promise to be very good at this,” Lydia said softly.
He nodded and smiled with understanding. “I know. I do promise to be a very good boy though.”
She smiled then and turned to step away. From her coat pocket she retrieved the last thing to make this all perfect. “I brought you a present,” she hesitated by the tree. “I didn’t have time to wrap it though.” Looking the decorations over she made a decision and plucked a silver ball from the branches.
When she reached the spanking bench, she showed him his gift – a cock ring with the ornament strung onto it, hanging from its velvet ribbon.
Gregory laughed as he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to reveal he was commando and hard.
She looped the leather cock ring around his base and smiled at the hanging ornament resting on his sack. “Merry Christmas, boy.”
“Merry Christmas, Mistress”

KotW: Current Collar Status

Kink of the Week December 1-16: Collars comes at the perfect time as Mr. Faust and I are revisiting our D/s dynamic and current collar status after our BDSM life has been on hiatus. You can read my previous thoughts on collars in the first collar-themed KotW post here.

Molly explains that collars are “a popular part of BDSM and D/s culture. For some people it is a very important part of their relationship, acting as a symbol a bit like a wedding ring but for others it something that is used as part of their kinky play and has no other significance.”

Reviewing Our D/s Dynamic

Our BDSM play and D/s was put on hiatus in my third trimester of pregnancy and, with the busy-ness of a new baby, a move across the country, and life in general, we didn’t pick it back up until recently (over 3 years later). Now that we are returning to this dynamic we also realize we are both very different people from the 19 year old and 23 year old that began this lifestyle together and ran with it.

Current Collar Status

Years ago I wore play collars of varying materials and meanings. I also gifted collars that ranged from play to symbols of commitment. It probably says something that I don’t have any of those collars today.

As we renegotiate our dynamic, we also revisit what collaring means to us. My current collar status is unknown.

Some days I wear a decorative collar made by someone who was formerly in our leather house years ago. I wear this like a security blanket some days – a reminder that I am Mr. Faust’s and cherished. Other days, his hand around my throat is the only thing I need to make me fully aware of my status.

The Naughty Goblin Tentacle Dildo

I have a tentacle fetish, a fact many people can tell you after talking to me for more than a few minutes online. So when I went shopping for toys during the Cyber Monday sales this year, I of course went tentacle hunting. I was super excited to find the toy I wanted at the Goblin Dildo Emporium on Etsy and have been teasing my twitter peeps ever since with pics. Without further ado, the Goblin Tentacle Dildo toy review!

I love the shop in general. The logo and its mascot are adorable (I’m a sucker for a good mascot) and the descriptions are also catching.

“The Goblin Dildo Emporium is run by an entrepreneurial Goblin called, Oscar, who travels magic lands and takes lifecasts of all things phallic. If it looks like it can penetrate the Goblin takes a mold of it… ” Carol – Assistant to Oscar the Goblin

Goblin Dildo Emporium Tentacle Dildo

I purchased the small tentacle dildo in pink. While the description says small, it is by no means tiny.

Small Tentacle:

  • Total Length: 7.4″
  • Insertable Length: 6.6″
  • Circumference of Head: 3.1″
  • Circumference of Shaft: 6.9″
  • Diameter of Head: 0.9″
  • Diameter of Shaft: 2.1″
  • Firmness: Medium Shore 00-50 Rating
Goblin Dildo Emporium offers more tentacle sizes than any other shop I’ve seen!

All of their dildos are 100% Ultra Premium Platinum Silicone and made in the US.

Receiving my Goblin Tentacle Dildo

I love that they offer discreet shipping. All of their orders are shipped in Plain Brown Boxes marked ODC/Atlanta.

Experiencing the Tentacle

So the first round with the tentacle dildo was mostly me squishing it lovingly in my hands. This thing is SOFT and all the textures make it super fun to just play with like a sensory device.

My intentions were to play with it solo at first but Mr. Faust, Dom and dildo patron, had other plans. He asked to see it so I handed it over, expecting him to hand it back and be a voyeur while I had my first ride on the dildo. Oh I was wrong…

The textures on this dildo are what make it a beast! Yes its soft, yes its small at the top and this is the smallest size. All of this is made up for in texture! All those bumps and that slight curve make this tentacle a teaser and a torturer of my g-spot and clit! At least, in the hands of Mr. Faust who is relentless with his forced-orgasm fetish.

My first time with the tentacle was without lube and I easily rode through multiple orgasms biting my pillow. It is now easy to understand the look of pained ecstasy on the faces of the girls in tentacle hentai.

My second time with the dildo was solo and I quickly learned that I needed lube if I wasn’t going to be worked up by my Dom before using it. We grabbed some water-based natural lube and the whole vibe changed with this tentacle. It went from textured-torture to slick-lover real quick.

While the tentacle starts out super narrow, the base thickens up quick and is very filling for me. I can ride it solo with relative ease and the narrow tip has allowed for Mr. Faust to try out some double-penetration with me which has made for some interesting role-play fun as well.

Tentacle Care and Maintenance

The tentacle has lots of grooves and crevices, which make for fun play but demand some attention afterwards.

Post-play cleaning, if I want to get back to playing soon (like we need to take a break or perhaps want to switch to a different partner) I use a toy cleaner and cloth or a cleaning wipe. For deeper cleaning, use a dab of unscented dish soap and warm water. Make sure you clean all the grooves. You can also toss in the dishwasher if you aren’t worried about offending someone looking for their coffee mug later.

If you use this toy anally, I recommend a condom. Those are a lot of grooves to clean after anal use.

Store your tentacle separate from other silicone toys. Silicone does funny things when in contact with other silicone. I put mine in cloth bags and toss them in a drawer though a special treasure chest would be fun too.

A New Favorite Toy!

The Tentacle Dildo from Goblin Dildo Emporium is now one of my favorite toys. I highly recommend for those of you who are looking for a fantasy toy of this nature. You could say I am having way too much fun with it.

ChromaSky: A Moment’s Peace

The following story is part of a work in progress I’m tentatively calling the ChromaSky series. The stories will follow this threesome across various worlds filled with dramatic tropes from sci-fi, high fantasy, and post-apocalyptic distopian tales.
A Moment’s Peace is all about enjoying those quiet moments when you can. I’ve heard some people mock sex scenes or intimate scenes in fantasy books and movies because the characters are in danger, why are they focusing on sex at a time like this. This is all about life being short so enjoy these moments, take these moments when you can because you may not be able to touch your lover again.
I hope you enjoy this Moment’s Peace. For more stories to get off to, check out Masturbation Monday.

A Moment’s Peace

Gunin and Emrys watched Demea run her hand over the giant stone letters. They were cracked and stained from a hundred years of decay in this strange world but still held together to form a word in the ancient tongue.

“What does it say?” Gunin asked, unable to keep the awe out of this voice.

Emrys cleared his throat and translated. “Century twenty-one.”

Understanding rippled through Gunin like a low voltage shock wave. He had heard of those words, heard of the myths and legends surrounding it and the fourth world portal. “The ancient date?”

Nodding, Demea went on as if reading from the sacred tomes kept in her temple home. “We do not fully understand what these buildings once were. Some of our order suggest that it was part of the early places of worship.” She stepped back from the cracked letters and sighed as if adjusting the heavy burden she carried. “What we do know is that these signs mark the end of the old era and beginning of the new. When humans were on the brink of destroying one of the four portal worlds and the Gods came with divine intervention to save their earth.”

Emrys moved behind her, wrapping his arms around Demea and pulling her close. Gunin watched them with a faint smile as the sorcerer kissed her neck. When Emrys didn’t stop, Dema sighed then tried to pull away.

“I don’t think now is a good time for…that,” she said, her face heating. Glancing at Gunin, Demea sought an ally that might agree with her.

Emrys wasn’t deterred. “Isn’t any time when we’re not being tracked down by the horde or assassins or damned dragons a good time?”

Gunin could only laugh. “He has a point, my lady.”

Before Demea could argue, Gunin stepped in front of her and cupped her beautiful, heart shaped face in his hands. He noticed her lips were wet and her eyes had tears in them. “Let’s enjoy this moment of peace while we can.”

“And what better way to enjoy peace than inside of you, priestess,” Emrys said with a devilish grin at Gunin.

Rolling her eyes, Demea relented. “It’s unfair when you two gang up on me,” she grumbled.

“It’s the one thing we can agree on,” Gunin said with a smile that Demea thought looked a lot like one of Emrys’ expression.

“You like it when we gang up on you,” Emrys teased as his hands moved to open up her cloak. “Besides Demea, you’re the one telling us to get along more.”

Gunin had to admit the other man was right. He helped Emrys undo Demea’s diplomatic robes and push them off of her luscious form until they pooled around her booted feet. Once she was bare to them, he finally felt the beginnings of relaxation drift over him.

When training, he remembered one of the officers commenting on how every one of them needed a partner to go home to. “There’s nothing like going home and burying yourself in some sexy curves. That’s the ticket for good sleep.”

None of them had slept in an age since crossing the portal and all he wanted to do just then was bury himself in Demea’s curves and watch Emrys do the same.

Watching Emrys kiss Demea, it was hard for him to imagine that he could ever have been jealous of the two. When the kiss broke, Emrys reached for Gunin, pulling the taller knight down to them so that Demea could kiss his lips and Emrys could playfully nip at his neck.

It took Gunin a few minutes to slide out of his armor. Demea helped him unbuckle straps and set everything aside neatly. She left a trail of kisses over each inch of flesh that was revealed as the armor came away so that when he stood naked before her, Gunin felt bathed in her love. He watched Emrys from the corner of his eye while the sorcerer checked the magical shields around the building and create a heating spell. The spell crackled like fire in the rubble near the ancient stone letters but the light it put off was a soft rose color rather than the yellow-orange of flames. Gunin admired this beautiful bit of magic as Emrys undressed.

Bathed in rosey light the three came together in comfortable silence.

Emrys began by stroking Demea’s body in a way that made Gunin think of how the priesthood anointed statues of the Goddesses in his home temple. Reverence and desire. His fingers pressed between her legs and stroked Demea’s already wet folds. She took both of their cocks in hand, lovingly stroking both until they were as hard as stone.

Demea kissed Emrys as Gunin lifted her up by her hips and pulled her onto his cock with ease. The feel of her ass and thighs, full in his hands was something he would never tired of. As she took him in slowly, Demea arched back and let her upper body rest against Emrys. They held her up off the stone floor and she fully trusted that they’d never drop her.

Emrys stroked her breasts until her nipples were hard dark buds and a mere caress made her moan. He moved down over her belly, teasingly grasping her love-handles, then linking his hands with Gunin. The knight allowed the other man to control their thrusts, fucking the priestess together in a way. One hand freed itself to move between their bodies, stroking Demea’s pussy and circling her clit. Gunin wondered if Emrys knew he was also stroking the base of his cock. The sensation of the sorcerer’s rough, cool fingers between thrusts into Demea’s velvety heat was too delicious feeling.

Demea came for them, arching and bucking in the air between them. Her soft cries of pleasure bounced off the stone walls and fallen pillars like hymns to the Gods of pleasure.

“That’s in beautiful,” Emrys cooed against her ear as she stroked her through it. He then looked up at Gunin and nodded towards the ground in silent direction.

Lowering themselves to the floor, Gunin didn’t stop his slow, deep thrusts. He held Demea firmly by the hips as she arched back to rest her head and shoulders on Emry’s lap. His engorged cock stood near her face, almost red in the shadowy light. Both men watched as Demea gently pushing back his foreskin to lick and kiss at the head of it. Emrys buried his hand in her dark gold curls and directed her moments until his cock slid into her mouth and teased her throat. With a goarn he began to slowly thrust until he and Gunin developed a slow rhythm together.

Gunin watched Demea as they made love to her. As he thrust in, his thick cock spreading her perfectly, Emrys pulled out almost to the tip. As Demea sucked the sorcerer’s cock back into her beautiful mouth, Gunin pulled back. He knew that if Emrys ever fucked Demea’s ass as he threatened to on occasion, this would be their rhythm, never letting her be empty of them until they all three came.

Running his hands over her body, Gunin admired not for the first time the pale beauty of her flesh. His own dark hands with their many scars from years of combat looked beastly against her hips and belly. Emry’s hand on her breast moved down her belly. Gunin met it with his own and laced his fingers through the sorcerer’s. Emrys was pale as well though darker than the formerly-sheltered priestess. His slender fingers were strong though as the grapsed each other, holding Demea down by her belly as she came again.

Her moans around Emrys’ cock were a mumble of what might have been their names. She looked up at them, her eyelids heavy and lashes wet. Gunin wished that they could stay like this – entwined with each other here in warm and quiet halls filled with the music of their pleasure. He closed his eyes and lost himself in the moment that he would stretch to eternity if he had the power.

Demea released Emrys’ cock from her mouth with a wet pop and nipped his inner thigh playfully. Emrys looked away from Gunin, who he had been admiring as the other man lost himself in what looked like orgasmic bliss, and smiled down at their woman. With his free hand, he pushed the loose curls of hair from her red cheeks and caressed her throat with his fingertips.

“My love,” he said softly, one of the few times he allowed himself to express his true affection for her, before pushing the head of his cock back into her mouth. Glancing up, he said Gunin watching them again, his pale eyes similar to Demea’s in their half-lidded expression. Emrys admired Gunin’s full lips and wondered what it would be like if the knight and the priestess’ roles were reversed.

An image of Demea riding Gunin’s cock until her tits bounced while Emrys fucked the other man’s mouth came to him clearly. He might have cum there and then at the fantasy alone if it wasn’t for the sliver of self restraint he had on himself.

Gunin groaned as he bright his eyes up from Demea’s face to Emrys. His body was covered with a sheen of sweat and his messy black hair hung partially in his face. He was surprised to find Emrys watching him instead of their beloved priestess. There was something in the sorcerer’s eyes that Gunin hoped he wasn’t imagining.

The longing Gunin felt in his stomach back in Xaljarune was back and he wasn’t sure he could hold it back now. “Emrys,” he said but it came out as a moan as Demea came hard around his cock again. Catching his breath and willing himself to not lose himself just yet, he focused on Emrys. “I…” It caught in his throat like tears.

Emrys reached for the other man and pulled him forward so that the two arched over Demea until their foreheads touched.

“Oh gods, I love you,” Gunin moaned before Emry’s kissed him fiercely. He came hard, harder than he remembered ever before. From the way Demea bucked and arched beneath him he knew she felt it too.

Gasping, Gunin pulled back and moved to stretch out beside Demea. Emrys pulled his hard cock from her lips and moved down her body letting her turn to kiss Gunin.

Positioning himself between Demea’s legs, Emrys thrust into her slowly. When he pulled back out a little he could see Gunin’s cum on his cock. Shaking with need he thrust in harder, pressing himself into her as deep as he could as he lay against her. The other two brought him into their kisses readily.

Gunin slid his hand between his lovers’ bodies, rubbing over Demea’s soaked pussy until he could grasp the base of Emrys’ cock. Already Emrys’ balls were tight to his body and ready for release.

Feeling Gunin’s rough hand against her clit, Demea arched into another orgasm.

With her mouth free, Demea could moan their names aloud as she could no longer differentiate who it was making her cum. Through the haze of her bliss, she watched the two men kiss and caress each other and finally felt a bit of peace after days of horror and worry.

Emrys came hard with a sound more akin to a roar than any words of affection. He fell against Demea, resting his head on her breast while Guinin ran his hands over the both of them as if reassuring himself they were there and they were his.

When his senses came back him, Emrys lifted himself up on his elbows but remained on top of inside Demea who didn’t seem to mind as she kept her legs wrapped around his waist. He looked over at Gunin and smirked. “So you love me, Dragon Slayer?”

Rolling his eyes and groaning, Gunin could only nod. “I said what I said, Bastard.”

Demea could only laugh as Emrys kissed Gunin then her. It had certainly taken them long enough.

Record Orgasms – Fantasy Smut Friday

Thank you to Charlton for using my prompt idea for this week’s Fantasy Smut Friday! Forced Orgasms are one of Mr. Faust’s kinks and while part of me knows I shouldn’t complain…I have had many a morning walking funny and sore all over from this very kink. I hope my little peek into this particular fetish, Record Orgasms, gives you all a smile.

Record Orgasms

Lottie gripped the ropes tethering her to the foot of the bed, panting. Her whole body was slick with tears and sweat and cum. It was all too much and she hoped they were done with her, surely she couldn’t take anymore.

“I love you like this.” She moaned as Maddox growled those words into her ear. Was she really so far gone that just his voice was making her body convulse in mini orgasms? As if to answer, he went on. “Look at how beautiful you are, so needy and ready. Your pussy so wet and pink.”

Wet was an understatement. After being fingered and licked and sucked and fucked, filled with lube and dildos almost Maddox’s whole hand and his cum…her pussy was more than a little damp and blushing by now.

Turning from Maddox, Lottie looked to their boyfriend for aid. Dylan only smiled as he stood in the corner. Maddox had stripped him down to his boxer-briefs and hooked a chain onto his black leather play collar, restraining him tot eh corner of the room. From there he watched his dominant torture his beloved girlfriend.

“What number are we on, Puppy?’ Maddox asked, using his pet name for Dylan.

Pulling his gaze from Lottie’s tear streaked face, he looked at the dry erase board on the wall. It was littered with lines that he’d drawn during their hours of play. A quick glance told him the answer. “Twenty-three.”

Maddox leered over his girl. “Just three more and we break your record, sweetness.”

Lottie stared up at him, wide-eyed. She tried to think of any excuse that might make him stop but her mind failed her as Maddox ran his hand between her legs and jiggled the plug in her ass. Her next three orgasms would be torture.

Book Review: Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year vol 3

I was given a digital ARC of the Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year vol 3 for review and it was probably the best early holiday present I’ve received in a long time!

Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year vol 3

Trying Submission by Xan West Blew My Femme-Fat-Subby Mind!

Xan West is the one who sent me the ARC for the Best Lesbian Erotica of the year vol 3, so I of course wanted to give it my attention when I opened the book on my computer. I am so grateful for the chance to read this story. It is one of the best D/s pieces I’ve ever read. In fact, when I approached writing this review I was a little nervous about how to best write it, its just that good and I wanted to do it justice.

Trying Submission is a non-sexual look at a D/s scene. It begins with negotiation in a comfortable public space and leads into the actual scene itself. Xan does give a content warning for the story:
“D/s, mild pain play, service. Autistic MC goes non-verbal during negotiation and during play, they find ways to continue. Autistic MC also gets sensorily overwhelmed and does things to process that. “

I fell in love with the story in the first moments of reading it. The main character, Lillian, is a fat, femme, submissive that speaks to my heart with her Ursula t-shirt and joint issues (knee). Even her dark lipstick and the way she imagines her barriers strengthening through tentacles made me grin with joy when reading. I related to all of these aspects so much but don’t want to brush past the fact that this story is also about Women of Color – Lillian is Latina and Roz is Black.

These descriptors are actually one of the great parts of the story. Xan delivers them as facts – the characters are fat, femme WOC in the kink lifestyle. It is never brought up as a problem, as a source of insecurity, or related to any conflict. Parts are delivered as a source of pride (being femme and Latina/Black) and parts just are there and  shared because that is how they navigate in the world (fat, disabled).

As an erotica writer and advocate for fat reps in erotica, I talk to a lot of readers and this is exactly what many of us are looking for in representation – state that they are fat, show how they move in the world, and move on. Trying Submission does that beautifully.

I’m also a fan of how Xan shows the non-sexual D/s scene. It was realistic and appealed to my own submissive nature. I could easily see the way each action and moment helped slide Lillian into sub space. I could feel it myself as I read how Roz took control of the scene while still taking care of her submissive. It was just what Domination should be, as far as I’m concerned and it left me craving more from the author.

I would highly recommend this piece for those seeking realistic D/s stories and beautifully written characters.

Rainbow’s End by Emily L. Byrd Rocked My Goth Socks!

My other favorite story was Rainbow’s End, a short cute scene by Emily L. Byrd that focuses on adorable, short, goth writer Lizzie as she attends a reading at a LGBTQ+ book store for the first time. Content Warning includes mild violence and hate speech at the very beginning.

Oh how I can relate to Lizzie with her goth clothes, eyeliner, paranoia about walking around alone in a big city, and clumsy interactions with others in the queer community. Her story gave me all the feels especially in that, while it doesn’t explicitly say she and A.J. live happily ever after at the end, I can believe it.

The scene felt real from the casual introduction including pronouns and Lizzie’s bashful insecurities to A.J.’s charming push pull of consent in the courtyard to the sexy tights tearing. Ah those early fumblings of our first times with another girl.

I recommend this story to just about anyone that enjoys lesbian first time stories. Its a sweet addition to the volume that I truly love and appreciate.

Overall Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year vol 3 was a Great Read

A fantastic book to add to your erotica collection or keep at the bedside for one handed reading (snuggle it with your favorite toy and you’ve got a hit). The stories here really open up suggestions for your own fantasies, which make it a hit for me. Even the stories that didn’t do it for me, like Where There’s Smoke and Fuck Me Like a Canadian, had great parts that got my gears turning and expanded my mental fap-folder. I can’t wait to see what future volumes bring and what these authors come up with next.

Naughty Kisser Toy Review

Naughty Kisser from EdenFantasys is a tongue-like vibrator that promises languid hours of buzzy play.

Shaped like a tongue (or tentacle)
Body-safe Silicone with nubs making for yummy texture play
Intense vibration with low sound

Non-rechargable (invest in rechargable batteries!)
Get detailed with your cleaning (nubs and creases require attention)

Material / Texture

A fabulously thick plastic handle gives way to a silicone tongue covered in small nubs. The silicone is soft, almost velvety, and the nubs make for fun texture play.

The Naughty Kisser is partly made with body-safe silicone and water proof (as in take it in the shower but don’t toss it in the dishwasher for cleaning). To clean, use a silicone-safe cleanser like ones made specifically for sex toys. Do not submerge. I like to use sex toy cleaner wipes on this one because I find that I can better clean the nubs that way. The nubs and creases between the silicone and the plastic make it a more detailed clean, but worth it.


Color: Pink
Length: 6″ (about half of which is insertable)
Circumference: 4 1/2″
Diameter: 1 3/8″
Weight: 7 oz

The shape of the Naughty Kisser resembles a tongue (or a tentacle, if you’re like me and see them everywhere…lurking…ready to do unspeakable naughty things…ahem…). Its shape lends well to fantasies and wet and messy play but does not lend well to discretion so be sure to put it away afterwards in case of company.

The handle of the Naughty Kisser is very comfortable. Its curved shape fits under my fingers well during play and, if you’re like me and have wrist issues, allows fro a relaxed grip even as you click the buttons to change settings or turn off/on.

Having only 2 buttons – one for turning on/off and another to switch between the 7 vibration settings (Escalating / Multispeed / Pulsating / Rollercoaster / Surging / Vibrating) its great for use during play. I don’t want to have to fumble with a dial or switch too much when I’m trying to achieve orgasm. Being able to click one button to adjust is perfect. However, I have hit the off button as I was trying to boost the vibration intensity and that led to some impromptu, personal edging that was unexpected.


The Naughty Kisser is my go-to vibrator. While this means I had to invest in rechargable batteries, it was worth it.

Usually, I use it as my regular, relax before bed masturbating toy. Sometimes I change things up and use it with a good amount of lube for a slippery, wet kiss to work myself up before playing with my partner.

Often, when using this toy on myself, I will start out with the back of the “tongue” then, working up to the third (most intense) speed. After that, I will level off, working back down to the first speed, turn it over and tease my clit with the tip of the tongue and again work up to the third speed.

The Naughty Kisser so easy to use alone that I often reach for it when I need to do some one handed smut reading.

I tried the Naughty Kisser with my partner but it was too big for use between us during penetration (I prefer bullet size vibes for that sort of play). While Mr. Faust rode me, I tried to use it on my clit but ended up tossing it aside when things progressed further than my brain wanted to hang onto (fifth orgasm and I don’t want to think of much beyond my overstimulated clit and g-spot).

Its great on its own and with a dildo though. Mr. Faust did use it on me our first try with it. He enjoyed using the flat of the tongue for pussy-spankings. It makes a deliciously wet sound when doing this, especially with plenty of lube.


I purchased the Naughty Kisser from EdenFantasys. I was not paid for this review. I do use affiliate links in my blog post. That means that if you click on the link and purchase something, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for helping me keep SmutGeek up and running.

#MasturbationMonday: Mouths Only Mistletoe

M is for Mistletoe by Molly Moore

Masturbation Monday week 222 kicks off my holiday season with the blog. Curling up with a cup of eggnog, listening to Christmas carols, browsing for gifts like butt plugs and floggers…ah, tis the season.

Mouths Only

Moira stood in the arch way, as sublime as any statue of Venus. The ropes tying her in place were festive in green, red, and gold. Decorative braiding, twists and knots laced around her body similar to the garlands on the tree behind her. Killian admired his work, tracing his fingers over the ties that held her large breast up and the braid that trailed over her plump belly to her hips where it disappeared between her thighs. He smiled at the whimper that escaped her lips, such a sweet noise. “Now for the final touch,” he cooed, turning away from her.

The decoration was handmade by a friend that had a wood crafting hobby. Killian hung it up in the archway, just above Moira, on the same hook that held the ends of her ropes and tethered her in place.
Stepping back he smiled at the scene. His submissive trussed up deliciously would be the first thing his guests saw when they entered their home for the holiday party. His sign, decorated with mistletoe, would direct them – Mistletoe Kisses: No Hands, Use Mouth Only.

Guests trickled in slowly and all loved Killian’s decorations. Some offered friendly-yet-chaste pecks in Moira’s wet mouth and red cheeks. Others were playful with a lick and a nip in her taught nipples or dimpled curves. Still others were naughty, exploring the folds of her pussy with their tongues before kissing her on the mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. All wished her a happy holiday greeting before passing on towards the center of the house to enjoy the party.