Sensual Wicca Tarot Review

I recently purchased the Sensual Wicca Tarot after lusting after it for months. I loved the few images I’d seen, the artwork, the representation, and, of course, the sensuality made it a deck I knew would really help my work.

What I Love

Its purple! No really, purple is one of my favorite colors. To me it speaks of power, magick, passion, and luxury.

The art by Elissa Poggese and edited Pietro Alligo is excellent. Its illustrated and artistic without feeling cartoonish. Its soft and whimsical without feeling like a joke. The people feel real without being photographic or digitized.

It is sensual. It doesn’t hide from sexuality and nudity – exactly what I need in a sex magick deck. It also doesn’t get particularly crude (no cum, heavy kink) – good for readings with people that are still a little uncertain of sex witchery. Don’t want to scare them off too soon.

It has POC and Queer rep. Women and men of color – 1 Asian looking woman, a few black men, and Native Americans. There’s women kissing women, and men kissing men. I love seeing this as a bi-demisexual woman and as someone with marginalized clients and students. The world is diverse and the tarot, as a mirror of the world, should be too.

What is Lacking

I’m not Wiccan so that part of the deck isn’t particularly appealing. That said, other than the triple moon on the back and a few terms, it isn’t overt. If you are Wiccan, you might enjoy this but there are other decks out there that are more high key in that placement.

Trans rep. While there are gay, lesbian, and bi figures in the deck, there aren’t any that are obviously trans. I have seen some indie decks approach this with figures in various stages of transition and would have loved to see at least a card or two show that here.

There were a few cards that felt like a cop out like 5 of Swords which contains 2 banners – one with 5 swords and the other with a smaller image of the Emperor. The Empress could have been more sensual and luxurious – as Taurus rep – but instead is a mom in a field holding a kid’s hand and very pregnant. I didn’t feel the Empress vibe, just the fertility part.

The book is minimal. Just basic keywords or the cards in various languages. I wish it had come with a book that went into detail about the figures. Like why was Joan of Arc chosen? Is that Boudicca? Why were certain ethnicities chosen for certain cards? And so on. I would love the artist input.

Interviewing the Deck

One of the methods I use to bond with a new tarot deck is an interview spread. It is a way for me to see how well we will mesh and to dive into reading these cards. I enjoy using the interview tarot spread by Beth over at Little Red Tarot. It has 6 questions that give a good look at what the relationship between the cards and reader will be like.

  1. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

The spread doesn’t have a particular layout, you can use whatever shape or formation you like. In the past I have even looked at each card in my hand and put them at the bottom of the stack before pulling a new card – this works when you don’t have a flat, clean space to lay the cards out on. For the Sensual Wicca Tarot, I used the same layout as Beth – 1,2,3 on top and 4,5,6 on bottom.

Sensual Wicca Tarot Interview

Most Important Characteristic – The Magician

This card symbolizes that the querent has all the tools they need to create powerful magic. Its a card of Hermeticism and masculine manifestation. The deck says it will be a tool for my purpose, to direct my will in the planes of existence. It is a method, not magick itself.

Strengths – 7 of Swords

The deck is sly and witty here. it says I give you many options – I have a hoard of them to offer. Each one is sound advice though some are double-edged. This is a character that is devious but this card is one of strategy. Its gonna make me think.

Limits – 6 of Pentacles

Nothing here is free. This deck can’t give me everything I desire and it certainly isn’t charitable. I’m gonna have to do the work no matter the card I pull.

The Lesson – 2 of Pentacles

Making decisions. Getting priorities straightened out. Taking a breath in order to move between this task and that project with wisdom.

Collaboration – Maiden of Wands

Embrace the experience itself – try new things. Discovery and adventure await. Accessing new levels of consciousness. Ready for a catalyst.

Potential Outcome – Ace of Pentacles

Good business. Manifestation into the Physical Plane. Abundance.

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Impostor Syndrome Glamour

Years ago when I began my journey as an entrepreneur, writer, and professional witch I was bombarded with gut wrenching, chest crushing fear. I could hear imaginary voices all around me, judging me – Fake! Who is she to call herself this? Who does she think she’s kidding? How DARE she! It was impostor syndrome at its finest. So, being a witch, I looked for a magickal way around that shit.

“If I Get A Little Prettier Can I Be Your Baby? “

For those of you unaware, Impostor Syndrome is a person doubts their own work, skills, talents, and accomplishments and has a fear of being exposed as a fraud. It seems most people experience this at one point or another in their careers. Authors like Neil Gaiman and acclaimed actresses like Meryl Streep have dealt with it and shared their struggles with impostor syndrome publicly.

The issue with feeling like a fraud, not feeling good enough to be a pro, is that it can freeze you into not doing the awesome work you’re drawn to do. My most recent experience with this was right after I received by certification as an herbalist. Before being certified I felt impostor syndrome because I wasn’t certified – I didn’t have a piece of paper to prove that I was knowledgeable on herbs and could help people. After being certified I worried people would expose me as a fraud because I had gone to school rather than proving I had studied like our ancestors through years of apprenticeship and having my hands in the dirt. Neither of these brought into account I’d been practicing grassroots herbalism for a decade on myself, friends, and family. Just goes to show that impostor syndrome doesn’t care about your background or abilities.

With Impostor Syndrome there will always, always be another step you have to take and nothing you’ve done is good enough. You will never be pretty enough, smart enough, brave enough, rich enough, or professional enough for this feeling of being a fraud. That is not the way attack this serpent wrapping around your chest.

“You Tell Me Life Isn’t That Hard”

There is a lot of really good advice out there. Some of it is psychological, some of it practical, and some of it spiritual. No matter what you read here, I suggest, as always, finding what works best for you. Know that there is a way to get out of this serpent’s grip.

One biz coach of mine recommended a “Brag Board” where I would collect lists of my accomplishments alongside testimonials or positive comments on my work to review when I feel this way. I hung it up next to my vision board and printed off praises from my site, social media, emails. I refreshed it monthly and told myself “See, they like me. Its ok.” But it felt like a band-aid on a wound that wouldn’t heal.

Another said to embrace the idea of being an impostor like an archetype – own it and revel in it like a child playing pretend. This got me thinking…

“Like a Groupie Incognito Posing as a Real Singer”

Part of ritual is the theater of it. Shamans wearing masks or veils so that the ones receiving wisdom will know it is not from this human body and face that the wisdom comes but from spirits, Higher Powers, Gods, ancestors, etc. Witches in robes with enchanted jewelry. High Priests wearing antlers. Face paint. Glitter. Its all disguises used to trigger a reaction from our subconscious to know that this is not life as usual but a moment of power to pay attention to. We don the uniform – costumes – to do the work. (And yes, I know not all witches and pagans do this, but it is common.)

I thought about this as I contemplated embracing the archetype of Impostor – who I see as a facet of the Trickster Archetype. Someone who could put on a mask and act out the gestures of this work – say as a professional witch. Someone who could do it so well that the costume looked believable. I put on one of my pointed witch hats and said alright, say I am a fraud. What Am I Afraid Of?

This got to the core of things as I looked in the mirror, my pointed hat with its wide brim cast a shadow over my face. I’m not myself. I am Witch, one who provides transformation for compensation. If I am a Fraud, a snake oil salesman, a fake – what is it I am afraid will happen?
That I’d be called out into the light and someone will prove I have no idea what I am doing. That I will lose my clients. That they will demand their money back – money I’ve already used to pay my bills on months that my husband’s paycheck was slim. That I will lose my friends and small following. That my reputation will be ruined.
I sat with those fears a good long time.

The thing is – even if all that happens – so what? So I lose my following. So I lose some people that I call friend. So if I lose my business? So what? I am still me at my core. My true nature will always be there. Like a trickster god in lore – Odin in disguise was always found out because his wise words revealed His true nature. Thor disguised as a bride to get back his magic hammer was discovered because His true nature – His appetite – showed through all of Loki’s attempts to keep Him hidden. It was ok though because the Gods were still Themselves and They still got what They wanted.

No matter if I was dragged into the light and found to be a fraud even if I know I’m not and have never promised more than I knew I could give – it does not matter. No one can hurt me at the core of who I am.

“Life Imitates Art”

I still feel impostor syndrome. When i do I done the mask of who it is I am trying to be and I play with it. I treat it like a glamour.

A Glamour is magick or spells that make an object, person, or place appear different than they really are. Its why we call someone Glamorous when they don clothes, make up, and body language that is leveled up, amped up, or amazing – think red Carpet with gowns and flashing lights.

I have magicked a tube of lipstick I own. When I feel Impostor Syndrome wrapping its coils around me, I put on my lipstick. I look in the mirror and I imagine myself as a writer, a witch, a speaker, etc. I give myself a wink and a smile. I am now in disguise. my true nature will shine through but my glamour is my armor. Impostor syndrome rears its head and says “Faker!” and I say “Yes. Isn’t it fun?”

Witch Heal Thyself: Covid-19

I, like many, have been thinking a lot about Covid-19 aka Corona Virus. Where I live in the southern Unite States, we’re just now handling the first cases and, unfortunately, the first deaths from this illness. As I consider that my home has 3 people who would be at risk if they caught the virus, I’ve been meditating on how to handle the stress and fear around the situation.

Collective Shadow Work

If you, like me, are a believer in the subconscious shadow directing our lives by manifestation – then you might already be aware of the concept of the Collective Shadow. I also call this a Culture Shadow because not every massive group of people manifests that same things (which is one reason why a problem in one part of the world is barely noticed in another part of the world).

When it comes to the massively horrific things we see regarding war, famine, class divide, and illnesses like Covid-19, we can often see the collective shadow at work not only manifesting but responding. In the United States, I’ve been thinking of this a great deal as I see news reports of brawls breaking out over toilet paper of all things. People willing harm each other and themselves over something to wipe their asses with. People flooding super stores, maxing out credit cards, in panic while listening to the radio over the speakers featuring interviews of politicians commenting on whether or not testing and vaccines should be free to the public. Our collective, cultural shadow of manifesting greed is showing.

Where’s the Magick?

Its easy to feed into that collective shadow. It even feels good in a villainous sort of way – putting us as stars in our own dystopian thriller. A lab develops a virus that gets out and causes death and panic across the globe. After decades of feasting on stories: I Am Legend, Hunger Games, and my favorite Brave New World – we can see how the collective shadow and our own shadows could be reveling in this. Its giving us what we want – conflict to make us the main characters in our own stories.

The real magick comes in when we take control of this situation. When we acknowledge our shadow, take a breath, and see the power we have.

One way is to thank the shadow for manifesting exactly what we all subconsciously wanted – conflict, drama, something to shake up the masses and make them see we need reform, etc.

Another is to look for the good. Mr. Rogers says look for the helpers. Look at the volunteers that showed up in Nashville after the tornado. Look for the people who are helping set up telecommunications with doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. Look to the people creating meals for kids out of school (the one place they might have been fed during the week). The list goes on and on.

Look at the reform we’re going to see when the dust settles. The government, schools, and businesses have all proven that, when they want to or are pushed to, they can totally offer medical care, education, disability access, and more to the public. If we can drop $1.5 trillion into the market during a panic, if we can telecommute for business and class, if we can make sure people who have sudden health problems (or birth or a child who needs to be home for a period of time etc) can be paid 2 weeks and it not disturb the business…we can do it when the world is not in a panic. I foresee a lot of officials being held accountable after this.

The Metaphysical Side of Covid-19

An interesting way to look at the illness that has helped keep me from spiraling into anxiety over it is to look at the metaphysics around it.

Carolyn Elliot, a badass witch I look up to, posted on Instagram today:
“On the magical implications of COVID-19 for mass consciousness or, on Poison ☠️ into beauty🦚🦚🦚…. something very interesting about this virus is that it has everyone much more aware of the prospect of death and the vulnerability of aging 💀 then we tend to be (especially in the U.S., where denial and avoidance of death & aging are major preoccupations). This heightened awareness of death due to a global pandemic is generally seen as a bad, unwanted, awful thing… but it’s actually our greatest hope for a quick evolution in mass consciousness. Why? Because consciousness evolves not through evading the uncomfortable fact of certain decay and death for our mortal bodies but by facing it head on with compassion. 🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚Furthermore, COVID-19 forces us into greater awareness of our global interconnectedness— it makes starkly plain and immediate the way our movements and choices can affect the whole world 🌎 without us even having to try. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ Finally, “covid” the name of the virus type, sounds a lot like “Corvid” the name of the family of birds that includes ravens. That may sound like a silly stretch to associate the virus and ravens, but such “rhymes” and puns matter a lot, for the world is made of poetry. Odin, the Norse god of consciousness, poetry, war, and good death, had two pet ravens, Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory, which he sent out to observe the far corners of space and time. I believe the virus and it’s scary worldwide threat is here to challenge us all to use our Thought and Memory to contact our soul’s depths, to live beautifully, and to face the shadow of death bravely, as the best of our ancestors have done.”

Then there’s the number 19. In numerology, we look at 19 as 1+9=10 and 1+0=1. The numerological implication of 1 is beginnings. In fact, many numerologists refer to number 19 as the optimum expression of the energy of 1. It contains the entire field of root numbers, including zero (because 1 and 9 = 10). 19 (and its impression of 1) is a sign of the end of an old cycle and the beginning of something new.

In the tarot, 19 is the Sun card.
The Sun represents abundance, happiness, and success. It is the optimistic message that no matter what, your positive energy will follow you and bring you joy. In difficult times, the Sun brings the message that things will get better.
This is an amazingly positive card for the most part but, just like people, the cards have a shadow. The song I think of with The Sun is Hard Sun by Eddie Veder:

Once I dug an early grave
To find a better land
She just smiled and laughed at me
And took her blues back again

The Sun reveres is a sign that things are shadowed, clouded or distorted. Thankfully, and bad signs from this card are as fleeting as a spring rain when the sun’s rays push through.

Practical Healing Magick

In the meantime, as you process what Covid-19 means to you, consider the following practical tips.


Wash your hands, home, energy. Now is a great time with spring cleaning to deep clean everything physically and energetically. Buy soap and cleansing tools from small biz witches in your area.

Brew up some Four Thieves Cleaner – blend 20 drops each clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil with 100 proof alcohol and water. Add the essential oils to vinegar for a floor wash. Add to baking soda for a carpet powder.

Stick cloves and pins into a lemon and hang from a ribbon in your window for cleansing and protection.

Self Care and Sex Magick.

Masturbation boosts the immune system and increases white blood cell count. Add it to your manifestation practice and witchcraft.

Stress lowers the immune system. Add nervine tonics like oat straw, linden flowers, and chamomile to your diet. Take relaxing baths with lavender. Give your skin a rub down with coconut oil to relax as well as help it ward off illness.

Do some EFT Tapping – here is a video to help you out from the empowering spiritpreneur, Abiola

Don’t go out in public unless you have to. This will not only help prevent the spread of the virus but also help you from picking up any chaotic, stressful energies of others. When you do go out, protect your energy with energy work, herbs, crystals, prayer, etc.

Shedding Shame Like Snakeskin

Inspired somewhat by last Wyrd Wednesday’s discussion of seduction and Odin, I was contemplating shame and snakes. In the Seduction of Gunnlod, Odin transforms into a snake or serpent to wriggle through the mountain down to where Gunnlod and the Mead was hidden. Snake symbols are powerful and filled with more mythology than almost any other symbol. I don’t have the time, energy, or space to cover all of that today, or even all the serpentine symbolism regarding Odin’s seducing actions. I, instead, want to chat about Snake Skin and Shedding Shame.

Have you ever watched a snake shed its skin? The video below is not mine but shows footage of a gorgeous green snake shedding its skin on what seems to be a tree branch. Everything but the vibrant snake is grayscale. To me, its mesmerizing.

Some snakes shed skin easier than others, some times snakes have a hard time sloughing the skin off. I’ve seen friends help their snakes out or give them baths, etc to encourage easier skin removal. Its a process snakes go through again and again. While, from what I understand, it doesn’t hurt the snake to shed it can be uncomfortable, itchy, and probably is a pain in the ass to stop and focus on this when they’d rather be doing…other snake things.

It made me think of menstruating. Sloughing off the lining of my uterus to renew it – releasing what it no longer could use or needed for better, fertile ground. Some months hurt worse than others, some months my period lasts longer. Sometimes I need aids like herbs, pills, heat, baths, massages, sex, etc to get me through it.


Shame is like old skin or uterine lining. It has its purpose, its time and place. Once we’ve felt it and learned from it, its time to shed it for our own health.

When is Shame necessary? When we need it to point out that we have done something inappropriate. One could argue that there are many people in this world that should feel ashamed of the things they do and whether they do or not we will probably never know. I’m certain reading this a number of names and faces came to mind.

However, what about shame that is unnecessary or inappropriate? That is shame that is not helping us out. Shame that hinders our growth, forward movement, and betterment is not needed. Like any tool, if it is causing nothing but problems, get rid of that shit.

Shedding Shame

Like snakeskin, it can be uncomfortable to shed shame. The very act of recognizing your shame exists is fucking hard because it requires the acknowledgement that you did something you (or someone who’s opinion you value) thought was shameful. It requires a hard look in the places of our lives and minds and souls that we’d rather not look at too hard and yanking uncomfortable things out to look and decide if they are helping or hindering.

Realize it needs to be shed and do the work to release it. That work looks different for each of us. For some, that shame was assigned to us and we need to release it along with values that never were ours to begin with – let the owners of that shame bear the burden and let our gorgeous shoulders go on to find better adornment. For others of us, we’ve done shit that perhaps we need to atone for – forgive ourselves, ask for forgiveness but don’t expect it (others forgive and heal in their own time), atone however we may need to, and step on letting that shame sit with our recovery actions in our past.

Shedding Shame is Shadow Love

Some of you in the witchy and psychology world will recognize shadow. Those that don’t you should look into the work of Carl Jung and one of my fav witches Carolyn Elliott. Its some good stuff to pack into your magical practice if you’re tired of the 101 books.

Shame is a nickname of our Shadow. Its a way that rascal tries to get our attention and get some love out of us. Its self manipulation at its finest. Integrate your Shadow and Shame will rear its head and ask for you to pet it like a cat…or a snake. Give it the love you want for yourself and then, send it out in the world by means of better purpose. Release the bullshit and use the energy you spent hiding it to make something amazing for yourself.

Shed Without Shame

Here’s the important part, shed without shame. Release that shit without assigning an emotional value to it. As soon as you assign emotional value to it, it remains stuck to you, clinging to your psyche like those flecks of snakeskin that don’t want to come off with the rest. Its ugly and problematic and itchy.

Let that shit go and move on without looking back and wallowing in it. When a snake sheds its skin it doesn’t say the skin is bad – it says the skin served it well but is no longer needed and the snake MOVES ON. We don’t see snakes come back to shed skin days, weeks, months later to wallow in it. Those of us who menstruate don’t hoard our tampons and pads for reflection. We toss that shit (or mail it to politicians who try and police it). Let it go like a damn ice princess.

Remember, we all have shame. You’re no more or less special because of it so don’t worry about releasing it. Let that energy transmute into something amazing.

Wyrd Wednesday: The Seduction of Gunnlod

Blessings on this, the first Wyrd Wednesday! I wanted to begin with a tale that is close to my heart and one of my favorite stories of Odin. It is the Seduction of Gunnlod also known as the theft of the Mead of Poetry.

This story is controversial for some folks who look at it as Odin being a trickster and mistreating Gunnlod, daughter of Suttung. This concept comes from the Havamal where Odin admits that He did wrong by her:

‘Twas Gunnlod who gave me on a golden throne
a draught of the glorious mead,
but with poor reward did I pay her back
for her true and troubled heart.
In a wily disguise I worked my will;
little is lacking to the wise,
for the Soul-stirrer now, sweet Mead of Song,
is brought to men’s earthly abode.
I misdoubt me if ever again I had come
from the realms of the Jötun race,
had I not served me of Gunnlod, sweet woman,
her whom I held in mine arms.
~Havamal 104-106

However, there are others who, relying on personal gnosis, say that the romance between Odin and Gunnlod was consensual and fair balanced. Each got what they wanted from the 3 day alliance.

Elizabeth Vongvisith tells the story of Gunnlod so much better than I ever could. So I beseech you to check it out by clicking here (or on the image below) and then come back for my take on the myth and how it has directed me on my own path.


I desire to point out the word Seduction in all of this. It comes from the Latin meaning to draw aside. Synonyms for this word include rape as well as attract, lure, bed, and temptation. Just from the synonyms we can see it is a charged word, and for that a powerful one. Certain a word that suits Odin – one who is powerful and charged and full of various names and descriptions.

Can seduction be a bad thing? Sure, if its coming from someone, somewhere, or something unwanted. In Christian society, seduction and temptation are of the Devil and often warned against. So when we shed the skin of taboos and religion that no longer serves us and step into Polytheist, witchcraft, and sex magick – seduction is shown in a new light.

The image above is from the Sensual Wicca Tarot deck – it is Obsession (The Devil in a traditional deck). We see how temptation and seduction can of course lead us into situations that are intense, perhaps more than we bargained for, or even where we don’t necessarily want to be. However, I have meditated long with The Devil card and learned that it is also the card of other meanings: ordeal path, gateways through which we reach what we most desire, a form of transformation.

As a kinkster with a love for BDSM, this image isn’t much of a warning to me. Instead I find it enticing, seductive. Yea, it makes me horny.

This is part of how I feel about the story of Gunnlod and Odin. Enticed, inspired.

My Feelings for Gunnlod

When I first began my journey with Odin I was uncertain, even a little afraid. He is a God that has always made me uncomfortable. I went to a mentor of mine, Galina Krasskova, and got a reading. One of the first things that came up for her was Gunnlod’s relationship with Odin – this has caused some mirth.

Because of this reference early in my Odin devotion, it is one of the tales that I meditate on frequently. I have often wondered how Gunnlod might have felt holed up with the Mead of Poetry and what it was like when Odin slithered His way into Her chamber unannounced.

Was she frightened? Worried? Surprised? Happy to finally have some company? Was it like in Elizabeth’s tale – did Gunnlod know already Odin was coming and what would happen?
I wondered how I might have reacted – surprised but happy, enthralled by this handsome man who had come even if it wasn’t for me. After seeing no one and not even the sun or fresh air I might be happy for any change.
I might have been happy to give up the mead itself if it meant a chance at getting out of that cave – though I have to admit I come from a complicated home life and am not entirely certain what family loyalty looks like in such instances.

I have been in the presence of Odin and I can’t imagine how anyone, God or man, could bear to do anything but want to please Him. Three days and nights of His attention and seduction sounds both amazing and like far far too much – I as a human have only chanced caught a glance of His being, having His full attention would be way too intense – like the eye of a category 5 hurricane. That’s what I imagine anyways.

Wielding that as a Witch

Witches have long been associated with seduction. Love spells, dealings with the tempting Devil, luring men away from the straight-and-narrow…its part of our mythos just as its part of the myths of the Gods. We can use that in our power only if we own it.

Embrace the shadow and firelight of your inner Seducer/Seductress. Imagine what it would feel like to be on both the receiving and giving end of seduction. Practice the arts of seduction – words, poetry, movement, wining and dining, etc. Find what works for you by seducing yourself first. Make yourself feel pleasure in how you look, sound, feel, taste – make this part of your foreplay and pre-spell/ritual work. Give yourself a massage and read yourself poetry. Tell yourself how good you look even with a little pat on the ass for good measure. Be tempted by yourself as you undress and fall into bed with yourself. Mmmm.

Calling in My Power

I am still giddy from the ritual I did Calling in My Power. Its better than coffee and a night’s sleep – though I still love both of those things. This ritual I used to travel through my past, break old spells that no longer serve me, and draw that energy back to where I am here and now so that I can find a better use for it.

I started my witchcraft journey in 1998. I was 10 years old and was sent into the library with my own library card while my mom was in the car waiting and doing…something else, I don’t remember. I meandered after grabbing a stack of fantasy and found myself in the Religion section. There, on a small shelf above Taoism, was a small section and in the center was To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf. Oh you all…I get goosebumps remembering how it felt to pull that book out, open it up, and at that tender age receive the truth – Real Witchcraft.
Carefully, I smuggled the book out among the fiction, certain I was going to get caught with contraband in my Christian home. I wasn’t. That night, with my pen light, I read and knew one thing – I was going to be a Powerful Witch, no matter what.

A few years later in junior high I cast my first real spells, on myself mostly, that actually worked. In high school I did 2 spells on other people, without their consent. 1 was a love spell and 2 was a binding spell.
Years later, I did spells for love, lust, healing, money, to separate me from certain people, more bindings, mirror spells of protection, etc. Some were limited and others…lasted.

So here I am, 31 years old, coming to the end of my Saturn Return and ready for another stage in my magical life, another twist in that spiral. Before I continue further, I want to do it in wholeness, in possession of all of my power. So I am Calling in My Power – I call it back from those lasting spells I did years and years ago.

Ritual for Calling in My Power

Sitting comfortably, the sound of rain soft on my ears, I adjusted my posture so that I was relaxed but sitting queenly – shoulder’s back, head high, back straight, hands open to receive.

I let my mind wander as I focused on my breath – in, hold, out, hold, in, hold, out, hold, in, hold, out, hold…

I state my intention – I want to call my power back to me.

The binding came to mind first. A girl I once called a friend who threatened to hurt another friend with witchcraft, that she could do it because none of us were more powerful than her and none of us were strong enough to stop her. Tired of her shit but afraid of confrontation, I bound her tight. The spell, I said, can only be broken if I release her or if She admits that someone was powerful enough to bind her and keep her bound. I found her, aura weak and full of spite. The binding was still present. It wasn’t hard to unknot and came into my hands like sentient rope – purple and black and willing to do as commanded. I put it in a basket in the bubble of my aura and moved on. The girl fell away from me like sliding down a long cavern, I didn’t watch or look back.

The next was the love spell – the man I desired who used that very desire like a knife to harm me. He isn’t doing well – illness riddling his body and turning his mind nasty. My spell hung like tattered taffeta – the remains of my old prom dress. I called it back to me and it came into my arms limply. With it came the spell I used to separate us – barely recognizable it was so thready. I put them in a bowl and set them on the rope basket.

Next were spells I did on my mother – keeping her from me even as I bound her to me. They were tentacular, spiney plants. The first I remembered casting when things between us were at a climax, it came willingly and was small if grabby. The other…went deep. I as a child when I cast it, dragging my mother to me from over seas and land, from the planes of addiction and love-hate. It had deep roots and thorns but eventually came back to me. It and the other plant held each other for comfort.

Other spells – love spells came back as jewelry all broken and rusted, healing spells like cracked glass bottles with drops of energy remaining inside. A crystal and a chain from one mentor and a tarot deck and a scarf from another. Some didn’t want to give their spell back – their energy clung to it until. I used my authority – This is mine to call back and I call it back now.

Calling in My Power back in my space with my energies, broken and trembling and tired around me. I watched them meld together like a pile of lavender-violet-indigo-shadow. I cuddled with it, thanking it for being so good, doing what it was told to do. I thanked it for coming home to me. It reared its head – a basilisk plant in a large pot. I snuggled and petted it, knowing that it would be a good and ready familiar when the time comes…but not yet. I need all of this back in me for the next leg of my journey.

I took this energy into me, filling me. It traveled down into my belly and waits there until it is needed.

Introducing Wyrd Wednesday

I am a Polytheist – I believe in, honor, and love Many Gods. Specifically, I am a Heathen – a Northern Tradition Polytheist and the Gods I am most devoted to are Odin, Frigga and Her retinue (including Hlin, Vor, Saga, Eir, Lofn, and Sjofn), Freya, Gullveig the Thrice Burned, Gerda and Her husband Frey, among others. To honor them on this site and in my work, or rather to share how I do so, I wanted to start a blog series I am calling Wyrd Wednesday.

On Wednesdays I will be sharing the love, sex, and pleasure that can be learned from my Gods. Those of you who have not experienced Polytheist deities of the ancients, especially the Norse, might be confused by this. Sex and pleasure are not necessarily the first words one might associate with deities like, for example, the Christian God. However, they are certainly associated with the Gods I love.

My Gods experience intense emotions and have complicated relationships full of passion. Examples include Odin’s seduction of Gunnlod or His political relationship with His wife Frigga who is the only deity to ever successfully trick Him. I will be discussing these relationships and others (Frey’s falling madly in love with a Jotun, Gerda, Freya’s weeping for Her wandering husband Odr, and Loki’s transformation into a female horse to seduce the stead of a Jotun for the benefit of the Aesir).

Not only will I be sharing what we know of these stories from lore as well as various personal and group gnosis but also what we can glean from these tales for our lives and magical practice. As a Polytheist and Witch – I view the myths and gnosis of others to be very insightful for my practice. I know some of you do as well and want to welcome you to join me on Wyrd Wednesday – comment or share on social media or create your own blog posts about the lessons you’ve learned from the Divine for your own path.

Add More Lube

When in Doubt, Add More Lube! There are no rules as to the amount of lube you can or should use but, you really can’t use too much lube. I’ve even seen adult lube wrestling (it’s really fun, you should check it out if there are any matches in your area).

Whether it’s sticky, slick, warming, cooling, or strawberry flavored, lube should be everyone’s best friend. It is definitely the most versatile and beneficial tool in the sex toy box. Not only can lube be fun it also helps us to have safer, more comfortable sex.
Masturbating, having the most vanilla sex ever, or are experimenting with contortionist positions – lube it up!

Check out my full article, Why Everyone Needs Lube, over at Spices of Lust. While You’re there also check out 6 Best Lubes for 2020 to get some ideas.

Add More Lube
“I’ll Bring The Lube Hun”

My favorite lube? It all depends on the play but the one I reach for most is Good Clean Love – check out my review here.

A Blessed Valentines Day

I know a lot of people dislike Valentines Day because of things like consumerism or connection to a saint and Catholicism that they don’t relate to. Others switch the day up with Pagan holy days like the Roman Lupercalia or the modern Heathen’s Vali’s Blot. I enjoy this day as a time to give praise to the Deities of Love and Sex like Freya, Frigga, Aphrodite, Dionysos, and others.

Its a time to look to the skies and remind ourselves why we were made, our connection to others and to the macrocosm (a time to astrologically check in to Venus and Mercury and Mars), and to dive deep into our capacity to love and where its directed.

For Valentines Day this year I made a meal for the two people I love most – my son and my husband. My son’s I kept simple – his favorite healthy snacks rather than trying to get a young one to sit down to a full meal he has no interest in. I followed that up with chocolates, fruit, and a favorite movie (Mary and the Witch’s Flower).

My husband and I enjoyed venison stew (heirloom recipe thanks to Galina Krasskova and her adopted mother) with rosemary garlic bread, aphrodisiac truffles (recipe available for free here), and chocolate covered strawberries.

Cooking is my love language. When I make food and see my loved ones enjoy it…well I cant imagine a better heart warming sensation (its akin to how I felt when I breastfed my son).

The next day we enjoyed a relaxing holiday aftermath with order in pizza, discount boxes of candy, and family movies. The love is still there, days later. The holiday isn’t for short term love but like any holy day, a time to set aside and remind ourselves to take a moment for love and give praise to each other and the Gods for this feeling and all that comes with it.

I am grateful that such a day not only exists but is internationally acknowledged even if not everyone believes or appreciates it. I don’t need their validation but its nice to have so much available and accessible including energetically.

Spring Lubrication

After some sex magic and ritual work last night for the Venus Lilith Conjunction Full Moon, I woke up feeling sore but energized with focus. I hope you did too, darling.

Its raining today – an undulation between a drizzle and a downpour, flooding the yard with pools. Going out, it felt like spring despite what the calendar said (I don’t know if its because of global warming or just south-eastern USA climate or both). It felt like spring rain and it got me to thinking about spring.

I danced in the rain a little, swaying my hips in a figure 8 to loosen those joints that are the epicenter of most of my chronic pain. The rain made rattle rhythm on the roof, doves in the cherry tree and crows in the beech added their cacophony, and the splashing all around me was good dance music.

Spring is lubrication season. Its the time when warmth stirs and the sap rises in nature. Earths deep ache begins to grow and She becomes wet in preparation of the hot thrusts of summer that lead to the drenching orgasm of autumn.

How does this relate to our own sexual rhythms? Our dry seasons, our wet seasons. Embrace them. The Earth doesn’t worry about wanting to rest instead of produce orgasmic quivers of wet need. We shouldn’t either. Rest, when you want to. If you want to do more than rest but your body is stuck or dry or constricted and wont loosen with moist readiness – make some choices to help your body out. Drink a relaxing nervine infusion (oat straw and chamomile is a great option), eat an aphrodisiac truffle (recipe here), and grab your favorite lube.

Enjoy the Spring Lubrication

Dance in the rain, take a bath with rain water, tree water (birch if you can get it), express gratitude for the transition from the pillow talk snuggles of winter into the foreplay of the coming season. Do some foreplay with yourself – get yourself good and hot and wet before masturbation or sex (or both).

Whats your favorite lube? Comment below