Bend Over Fan Girl

Content Notice: This piece of erotica is entirely fiction despite references to real events like Free Comic Book Day. Any similarities to real people or places are entirely accidental.
Both characters are of the age of consent despite pet names like “little girl” and neither are related despite the use of the term “Daddy.” Here “Daddy” is not related to the character’s gender but part of their Dominant/submissive roleplay. All actions described are meant to be understood as done with consent. Please enjoy

“I just love your blog.”
Raleigh looked up and forced a smile. It was rare when a guy recognized her from her blog and cam modeling work online but when it did, she tried not to be a nervous wreck. Being at her day job didn’t help. “Thanks,” she said, glancing at the customers milling about the comic books and games behind him. She hoped not too many would overhear the conversation. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of being a cam model, but there were kids in the store.
“I’m your biggest fan,” the guy went on. He was tall and decent looking though not Raleigh’s type. His Captain America shirt filled her field of vision as he moved closer to the display counter she was rearranging. “I was wondering -”
“I think you’re wrong there, chief,” a familiar voice interrupted from behind Raleigh. “I’m her biggest fan.”

Turning, Raleigh couldn’t hide her open mouthed surprise. “Canis! What are you doing here?”
Standing just at the end of the L shaped counter was a tall platinum blonde woman in leather pants and jacket looking ready for a rock concert, not a comics event despite the “Han Shot First” statement on her black t-shirt. “Well, I couldn’t miss free comic book day, now could I? I hear there’s a free Vampirella.” She gave her girlfriend a cocky grin before opening her arms.
Raleigh plunged into Canis’ hug and sighed. It had been a few weeks since they last saw each other. Despite loving that Canis was able to pursue her musical dreams, Raleigh hated being apart. “I missed you,” she murmured against the black leather.
“Take a break,” Canis said, a gleam in her dark eyes.
Raleigh looked across the main room to Eric, her business partner. He gave her a smile and waved towards the back storeroom as if shooing the couple off. Before she could excuse herself from the customer still watching them with a sullen look, Canis grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, “Come on. I got a present for my girl.”

The way Canis said my girl made Raleigh weak in the knees. She nodded and led Canis towards the back of the store towards the door with an Employees Only sign. Shutting it behind her she moved past the office as employee bathroom and on to the larger, quieter stock room.
The room was dimly lit with fluorescent lights that needed new rods more than a month ago. Raleigh pushed some of the half empty boxes out of their way and looked around to see if there were any chairs. Before she could rethink going to the office, Canis moved behind her and ran her hands down Raleigh’s waist.

Bend Over Fan Girl
Star Wars Silicon Buttplug by Kinky Penguines (no affiliation)

“Doesn’t my girl want her present?”
Canis’ tone, a low almost growl, told Raleigh what her dominant lover had in mind. “Yes, Daddy,” she murmured softly.
One of Canis’ hands left Raleigh’s body, leaving a remnant of heat through the thin “Come to the Dark Side” tank top.
From her pocket, Canis pulled Raleigh’s present and held it out so she could see it.
Raleigh flushed as she eyed the black silicone butt plug. It was bigger than the beginner size she was used to. Canis turned it to show her that instead of a crystal base this one had the Alliance Starbird logo.
Thank you…” Raleigh whispered and went to take it from Canis’ hand. Her girlfriend closed her hand and held it away from her instead.

Masturbation Monday Week 244 Image by Floss Liddell and sponsorted by Hot Octopuss

“Bend over,” Canis ordered, her grin almost audible.
While Raleigh hesitated, she did as she was told. The hem of her pleated skirt brushed the back of her plump thighs as she bent. Canis’ free hand followed the hem and pushed the skirt up over Raleigh’s ass and settling it on her hip.
“Mmm hello there,” Canis murmured, running her palm over Raleigh’s R2D2 panties. “Planning on showing off what a good little fan girl you are today?”
While Raleigh had planned to take a few impromptu pics for her cam modeling account, she was hardly thinking of that right now. Instead her attention was twisted between how nervous she was about the size of that plug and how good it felt to have Canis touching her again after weeks apart.
Slowly, Canis pulled Raleigh’s panties down to reveal her luscious ass. Once over the tops of her thighs, Raleigh’s panties fell easily around her ankles, making her feel wonderfully vulnerable.
Raleigh focused on keeping calm as Canis moved around behind her. Despite taking soft, slow, deep breaths, she yelped when the cold drip of lube hit her ass hole.

“Hush now, little girl. Do you want your fan boys out there to hear you? Perhaps you’d like to come give them a show?” Canis’ slick, lube-covered finger ran over her tight opening. She knew she was working Raleigh up by appealing to her exhibitionism fetish. “Want them to see you bare and forced open? See what a good girl you are for me?”
Canis slid one finger inside Raleigh and watched as the red head trembled and took her inch by inch. Pulling it out she added more lube to press in two fingers this time, stretching her. “Relax sweetness. We don’t have much time before you have to get back out there.” Two fingers to the second knuckle before scissoring them ever so slightly. “Don’t want you walking funny because I had to ram your present in you too soon.”

Raleigh whimpered. “Daddy, please.”
“Please what?” Canis asked, her tone harsh but her expression that of wolfish glee.
“May I touch myself?” Raleigh spread her legs and bent forward a little more to show Canis just how needy she was.
“Is my little girl’s pussy wet?”
Raleigh nodded, her red ponytail bobbing.
“Spread it and show me.” Canis didn’t let up from stretching and stroking Raleigh’s ass as she watched.
Raleigh used two fingers to stroke her wet labia before spreading them wide, revealing every wet hole to her beloved.
“Mmm that’s a good girl.”

Canis pulled her fingers from Raleigh’s ass and took the butt plug from her pocket. She ran the silicone toy over Raleigh’s wet cunt, teasing her sensitive clit and needy hole. “Want it, baby?”
“Yes, Daddy,” Raleigh whimpered, rocking her hips back to try and coax the plug into her pussy.
“No no,” Canis chided and pulled the toy away. She coated it liberally with lube and ran the tip over Raleigh’s prepped anus. “Tell me you want it.”
“I want it, Daddy. Please, I want it.” Raleigh panted, aching to be filled.
Slowly, Canis pushed the plug into her little girl’s needy ass.
Raleigh whimpered, wiggled, and stamped her sneakers but her lover was insistent. Finally, a silent pop and the plug was in. Her anus closed over the plug, stoppered by the Alliance decal base.

“There, that wasn’t so bad,” Canis said, looking over her work.
Raleigh poured as she tried to adjust to the feeling. “For you, maybe.”
A loud smack filled the air and Raleigh’s ass cheek burned from the reprimand.
“Check yourself, little girl,” Daddy Canis said icily.
“Sorry, Daddy. Thank you.” Raleigh swallowed down any other bratty remarks she had.
Silently, Canis pulled her phone from her back pocket and shot a few photos of the wet scene before here. She directed Raleigh to look back over her shoulder so she could capture the wanton expression and red cheeks along with the lubed and filled ass and flush pussy. She sent these to Raleigh’s phone and directed the girl to take her panties the rest of the way off and hand them to her.

“Very pretty,” Canis said as she wiped a little lube off of Raleigh’s ass cheek with her panties. “Time to get back to work.” She pocketed the panties and pulled the door open.
Brushing her skirt back over her ass, Raleigh straightened and turned. She could feel the thick, heavy presence of the plug in her ass as she moved. “Oh no, Canis…I can’t leave this in…” Her voice faltered as her dominant gave her a cold glance.
After a moment, Canis smirked. “Take it out of it gets to be too much but if you’re a good girl for me and keep it in, I’ll make sure it’s not the only wet hole that’s filled tonight.”
With that, Canis turned and left, letting Raleigh decide her own fate.

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  1. Ohh working with a butt plug in and no undies, I would be a mess, an absolute mess. Love the play off of this and the absolute shut down of Fanboy.

  2. Oh, what a way to say hello after a week away…that would drive me crazy and I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything for the rest of the day…

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