Can Journaling Change You?

How can sincere introspection and consideration do anything but change you?
Whole philosophies, religions, and ways of life have been formed from such introspection and the writing from it.

Now, I’m not asking you to become a guru from writing your thoughts. Instead, all that is asked is that you take these prompts as they are and actually sit and think about them. Feeling stumped? There are further questions and suggestions with each prompt given to help brainstorm sentences to write. Be honest with yourself, be creative if you like. All you need to do is write and give it time and reflection. No one else needs to see what you’ve written so do not let fear or worry hold you back.

Think on it. Write it. And, if you need to, hide it, burn it, bury it.

Prompt 2: What Do You Believe?

Get serious here. Don’t just write a sentence or two as if you were creating a blurb for your online dating profile. Dig into your beliefs and excavate them like jewels.

  • Do you believe in a God or Gods?
  • What experiences have you had that have shaped this belief or lack of?
  • If you believe, is Deity active or inactive in your life and in the in the lives of others?
  • Is the Divine omnipotent or does He/She/It/Them have limited power?
  • How do you think the Divine feels about violence/illness/pain in the world we live in?
  • If you believe, how do you communicate with God/s? Do you pray? How?
  • Do you believe in magick?
  • Do you believe in or use forms of divination such as tarot or scrying?
  • What ethical guidelines create the boundaries of your life and belief system?
  • Where did these come from and why do you adhere to those boundaries?
  • Do you believe in an Afterlife? What happens when we die?
  • Does your belief in an afterlife affect what you do or don’t do in this life daily?
  • Have you ever had any experiences that affect this belief such as seeing a ghost or experienced a past life regression?
  • How have your beliefs changed since you were young?
  • How has your belief changed you?
  • How does it affect others around you?
  • Do you see any growth from your beliefs?
  • How do you see it changing you or others in the years ahead?

Prompt 3: Are You Destined?

Do you believe in Destiny? Yea I know this is another belief question but I thought it deserved its own section.

  • Is your path in this life already written?
  • Did you choose this path (in this life? in a previous life? before you were born?) or did a Higher Power?
  • Do you have a Purpose? What is it? How did you find out?
  • Are you searching for a Purpose?
  • What are some ways you intend to find it (ideas include getting a divination reading, shamanic journeying, experimenting, asking the Divine, etc)?
  • Can Free Will and Destiny co-exist?
  • What happens if we choose not to fulfill our destiny?
  • What about horrors in life (abuse, violence, illness, etc) – do they have a purpose?
  • Are we as a species destined to suffer pains? For what purpose?
  • Do the actions of our Ancestors directly effect our life path/Destiny/purpose?

Enough with the deep and heavy shit? Keep going. Don’t forget this is part of a series and there is more. Click here to get the first post and a list of the series links.

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