EdenFantasys Emoji Review

EdenFantasys Emoji vibrator is a cute edition to any sexting geek’s toy box.

EdenFantasys Emoji Design

The Emoji is is a purple and green bullet vibrator made from silicone covered plastic with single push button control.

Length: 4 1/4″
Insertable length: 3 1/4″
Circumference: 3 1/2″
Diameter: 1 1/4″

This toy requires 1 AAA battery. I use rechargeable and recommend other toy enthusiasts do the same.

Pros and Cons

Adorable! How cute is this?
Small and handy – easy to stick in a purse, sock drawer, or other hiding place.
Body-safe silicone cover.

Somewhat weak in the vibration department.
A Bit Noisy.
Only 1 button to switch through 7 settings in order to turn off.

My Experience

I loved receiving this lil vibrator. What a cute piece to add to my collection! A vibrator styled after the often eroticized eggplant emoji was right up my geeky ally. By this alone, I feel this is a fantastic addition to anyone’s toy drawer. What is more fun than sending an emoji alone to a sex partner letting them know what you’re up to?

When I had a moment alone, I tried this cutie out. Unfortunately it is not the private moment I needed. The Emoji is the noisiest vibrator I own. Also, heaven forbid, you are interrupted by a knock at the door, this thing does not turn off quickly. The Emoji boasts single button simplicity with 7 “dynamic vibration patterns” but, unfortunately, you have to click through ALL 7 patterns to turn it off.

The great experience we had was that this Emoji is small enough to slip against my clit and press between our connected bodies during sex. This is something we cannot comfortably do with larger toys. This makes sex all the more stimulating for both of us, of course.

Care and Maintenance

EdenFantasys says the Emoji is dishwasher, soap and water, toy cleaner safe.
I clean mine with soap and water or toy cleaner wipes if I’m in a hurry. It is a smooth textured toy and very easy to quickly clean and wipe off.
If you use a dishwasher, of course take it apart and take the battery out.


I received EdenFantasys Emoji for free in exchange for a review. I did not let this exchange color my review and all words here are my honest opinion of the toy.

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