Glass Delight Kit Review – The Joy of Glass Sex Toys!

I recently received the EdenFantasys Glass Delight Kit for review and was very pleased with the products. This was my first kit from EdenFantasys and I loved how thoughtfully it was put together – each toy selected for a purpose, carefully bagged, cutely packaged, and now in my hot little hands to be enjoyed.

Glass Delight Kit Unboxing Video

I am always happy to receive a package from EdenFantasys. Their labels are ALWAYS discrete. I do think they could use smaller, more eco-friendly packaging products but otherwise I think they do great.

The Glass Delight Kit Details

Glass Delight Kit

“Classy and stylish selection of shapes, colors and glass material – a genuine must-have for fans of both aesthetic pleasure and versatile functionality. A kit like no other – one that is eye-catching, well-thought out and exquisite in all the right ways.” EdenFantasys says it all and I have to agree with them here.

The kit contains:

  • 1 cute gift bag
  • Deep Water G glass dildo
  • Emerald Explorer probe
  • Pink Rotator

Each toy is made from borosilicate glass – often called Pyrex, which is a brand name of this type of glass. This glass is food grade, body safe, and nonporous. What makes them so safe is that the glass molecular structure is not crystalized – so it doesn’t shatter or sliver off.

Deep Water G

A sexy curved and nubbed glass dildo in a beautiful sapphire blue tone. It is a double ended dildo, making it a great choice for experimenting alone with the different textures or with a partner for a variety of shared deep water adventures.

Design / Shape / Size:

Length: 7 3/4″
Insertable length: 6 1/2″
Circumference: 4 1/2″
Diameter: 1 3/8″
Weight: 11 oz

Emerald Explorer

This bumpy probe is super fun to look at and play with. EdenFanasys described it best: “the texture is subtle but noticeable with an effect like growing speed bumps as you insert more of it.” It comes in Emerald Green and a lavender Purple.

Design / Shape / Size

Length: 6 1/2″
Insertable length: 4 1/2″
Circumference: 4″
Diameter: 1 1/4″
Weight: 9 oz

Pink Rotator

Years ago, I thought it would be super fun to have a dildo that looked like a juicer but had no idea how to give voice to this idea or what it would look like in regards to a body safe, comfortable product. I’m so glad someone else thought this was a good idea and created the Pink Rotator!

Design / Shape / Size:

Length: 5 3/4″
Insertable length: 3 3/4″
Circumference: 4 3/4″
Diameter: 1 1/2″
Weight: 9 oz

Similar Product: Blue Spiral (essentially the same thing only it has a blue accent spiral instead of all clear).

My Glass Delight Kit Experience

If you’ve read my review of the French Kiss, you will know that I am drawn to the beauty of glass dildos. As you can see, they are just so gorgeous! Probably the classiest group of sex toys. However, I did have issues with the French Kiss being awkwardly shaped for solo use (it hurt my wrist). So I was on the hunt for a glass dildo that rubbed me the right way without twisting my arm. I was so excited when not only did I find one but it came in a kit with two other fancy toys to play with!

First, I want to say that if you decide you want to try all of the toys in one evening, I suggest starting with the Pink Rotator and going up to the Deep Water G. I first tried the Deep Water G then the Rotator and I was so overstimulated from the dildo that the juicer did nothing for me.

Second, if you are into temperature play, glass dildos are perfect for you. They get icy cold and heat up with ease. However, if you are like me, and cold is not your thing, I highly recommend warming the toys up with your body (or if you’re lucky your partner’s body). They are pretty cold at room temperature, or that was my experience anyways.

Each Glass Toy was Truly a Delight

Mr. Faust and I have been discussing trying to get me to squirt (female/vulva ejaculate) and I truly believe if any particular toy was going to get me to do that, the Deep Water G is it. The g-spot curve and perfectly placed nubs stroke my g-spot in just the right way to keep me cumming.

The Pink Rotator is just plain fun. It looks like a juicer and it certainly gets the liquids flowing. I’m not sure who had more giggles using it, me or Mr. Faust who had fun rotating it once I had it in. The best part about this toy is when I used it solo combined with my Naughty Kisser vibrator – it was the best masturbation orgasm I’ve had in a long time.

I though the Emerald Explorer was going to be smaller. For some reason I had it in my mind that it would be a narrow glass version of beginner anal beads. To my surprise, these numbs are pretty thick and I was a little anxious. I’m still a bit of an anal newb despite giving it a few tries over the years.
This toy was perfect! Its non-porous, sleek design made it easy to lube up and insert without friction. Each nub was just like a speed bump. You can play it slow and steady, helping the bottom to take each one or you can up the speed for an intense experience.

All three toys get 5 Stars in my book!

Packaging Note

I couldn’t finish this review without commenting on the adorable EdenFantasys gift bag. This gift bag is sturdy, durable, and has a velcro closure. It also is discrete – no one would guess it came from a sex shop. You can reuse this bag again and again – I wish more companies used gift bags like this!


I received the Glass Delight Kit free from EdenFantasys for review. The review given is my honest opinion and experience of these toys.
The links given are affiliate links. This means if you purchase toys via these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you, this money helps me keep SmutGeek running.

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