Herbalist Consultation

Would you like me to hold space and give you the information for you to heal and find wellness?

In the United States, where I practice, herbalists are not a federally licensed. This means that I cannot diagnose or cure any malady you might be suffering. Instead, I work with you to support your health goals. I recommend you take all treatment plants for your health into account, whether they are from your doctor or natural health practitioners – focusing on what is best for you.

At this time, my consultations are via video conferencing, call, or email. I offer these three methods because I know my clients have varying communication needs.

To schedule a session, email me at TeaAndPumpkins@gmail.com

Before Our Session

Download, Print, and Fill out the following intake form before our first session. This will cover the basics that I will need to make sure that I provide you the clearest and most appropriate service.


I am currently building up my case studies to obtain professional membership with the American Herbalist Guild. Since you would be doing me a favor by becoming my client and helping me reach this goal, my services as an herbalist are currently on a donation basis.

Make a Donation

Suggested donations (the following are just suggestions, please do not feel discouraged by budget and please do not let inability to pay prevent you from contacting me)

  • $75 for the first session – this session is 60-90 minutes and will cover your needs, history, and goals.
  • $50 for follow up sessions – these range from 30-60 minutes covering any progress you might be making, changes, and if you have any new goals.
  • $30 for drop ins – these are around 30 minutes and usually focused on acute conditions that have sprung up (colds, flu, yeast infections, etc).

The sessions do not include price of herbs or formulas. I can provide most but you are welcome to shop around or make your own, of course. I can recommend some bulk herb shops or herbal formula makers if I do not have what you need in stock.