How I Read the Tarot for Online Clients

How do I read the In-Depth Tarot Readings that Clients Order?

In-depth Tarot Readings are one of my favorite ways to connect with clients. The readings are intimate, juicy, and always educational. I take these readings very seriously and dedicate quite a bit of time and attention to ensuring that when you receive your reading it is not only clear and full of advice but that it touches the core of your inquiry.
For me, it’s super important that each and every client I work with has a great experience. So that’s why I have created a list of literally ALL the steps I go through with each and every client- from the second they book me to the very last e-mail after the reading and beyond.

When You Place an Order

I receive a request for a reading
Check Paypal to see that they did indeed pay.
*If they did not, respond to the request with explanation of how the tarot reading works and the payment process via Paypal.
Payment received
Check the email to make sure I have a clear idea of what the tarot reading will be focused on (what is their question or what area of their life do they want to focus on).
*If there is no question or the question is unclear, respond asking for clarification or focus.
Question/Focus of the Reading is Clear
Respond to the request, letting them know you received their order and will have their reading to them within the next 3 days.

As soon as I have uninterrupted time to do the reading, I start collecting the tools I need. The tools include a variety of items including:

  • Tarot deck
  • reading cloth
  • pendulum and/or oracle deck (used for clarification)
  • candle/incense with holder and matches (I usually make my own candles and incense blends for this purpose)
  • crystals to help with focus and connection
  • Notebook and pen
  • a glass of water or cup of tea

The deck is selected by intuition or relation to the querent’s reading focus. For example: I’ll use XIII for clients that are into BDSM or have a question regarding their sexual relationships, for clients looking for information about their spiritual journey I like to use Thoth, and for business questions I often use Tarot of the Old Path. At times, I’ll use 2 decks such as a tarot deck and an oracle deck from which I will draw a card to guide the energy of the reading.
This is also the time when I make it clear that I will be busy for the next hour for the actual reading.

Setting up for the reading

I message Damon to let him know I won’t be answering the phone then I turn the phone on silent. I turn off all distractions like tv and computer though I might turn on some low music depending on my mood. I also schedule these readings during a time of the day when I’m least likely to be interrupted by any visitors like the land lady or delivery men or Jehovahs Witnesses, hah!

I lay out the reading cloth with the crystals in the corner, set out my cards (and pendulum if used), make sure my tea/water as well as my notebook and pen are near at hand and light my candle/incense.

Beginning with Prayer

My divination protocol was taught to me by Galina Krasskova in her divination course and you can see a similar protocol on Raven Kaldera’s website here. Its very simple:

  • Cleanse and clear space
  • Ask for the Gates to be opened (I pray to the Norse Goddess Syn for this)
  • Ask for a blessing from a patron deity (I pray to Odin and Frigga)
  • Ask for the blessing of Diviners that have walked this road before me (witchcraft teachers, Saint Agabus, and others)
  • Ask for the blessing of my beloved Ancestors
  • Bless the client
  • Bless the tools I am using
  • Formally and ritually ask for clarity

Connecting with the Online Client

Connecting with the querent in spirit and energy begins the actual reading. Some clients are very confused about this particular part of the reading and I get more questions about this than almost anything else about tarot readings. Since the reading is done without the client present, some feel that there is no possible way for me to connect with them or for the cards to answer their questions because their energy isn’t physically present. What I would love to easily get across is that energy isn’t caged in by such boundaries as time, space, physical barriers, etc however that usually leads to a discussion bordering on Quantum Physics and I’ve yet to work out an easy answer, sorry. In the end, I just try and help them understand I can just as easy tap into a client’s reading when their half way across the world as I can if they were a foot away from me and that, no, they don’t need to touch the cards in order to have an accurate reading – in fact, many readers are very picky about not letting anyone at all touch their cards ever and yet give excellent readings each time.

A tool that really helps me in connecting with clients across long distances is angelite which is a throat chakra stone that opens up communication. The particular stone I use is also imbued with the Reiki symbol for distance connection for this particular use.

Choosing a Spread

Each question, querent, and energy dictates what spread I use for a reading. Some spreads work particularly well for business and finance situations while others work well for when querents want to focus on bringing something in particular into their lives and just need guidance as to how. Sometimes the spread will shift and change during a reading, when I feel drawn to pull another card for clarification. At other times I may be drawn by spirit to simply lay out the cards without a spread and read the situation intuitively. No matter what situation I am in or what spread I use, I always make a note of it and explain to the client why I laid out the cards in the manner that I did.

Reading the Shuffle

While shuffling the cards, I take deep breaths and focus on the client and their question. The shuffle itself can often give me clues as to how this reading will go. If the cards have a lot of friction and the shuffle feels forces, I can guess that there are some barriers that the client or the situation has up that I might have to work through when reading the cards. If the cards shuffle together smoothly and evenly, I foresee that the reading and the client’s situation will also be smooth. If the beginning of the shuffle is smooth but then there is a bump, pause, or friction later in the blending of the cards then I foresee that there will be a bump in the road ahead for the client. I make a mental note of the shuffle to mark down later, set the cards on the altar, repeat the client’s inquiry, and cut the cards.

*Did a card fall out?
Sometimes during a shuffle or even cutting and laying out the cards a card will fall out. I ALWAYS read this card in the reading. I take these random cards as messages from the Divine that need to be taken into account for the client and the entire situation.

The Tarot Layout

Laying out the cards happens pretty quickly and without incident (this was not the case when I had a cat who wanted to snuggle the altar and tarot every time I had a client reading). I lay all the cards out at once. I know some readers lay out a card at a time and read that way but I find doing this task all at once allows me to see both the big picture and the details – no forest is lost for the trees this way.

Reading the Cards

Sitting with, soaking in, and reading the cards

During this time while the cards are out, I look at the entire reading, taking the image in like a painting at a museum. The entire reading tells a story just like each individual card does. I consider what the story looks like – is it a romance or a thriller? A drama? I then go row by row, card by card and read into the details with my client and their question in mind.

I have to admit, I often talk while I do this as if the client is there, mumbling over the cards and saying things like “Oh I see here that you’ve not be sleeping well…” and them nodding as if they’ve answered back. I often think back to myself, cradling my tea, squinting at tarot cards, and muttering away that most people would think I was absolutely nuts – but I know you don’t dear client because we understand each other, right?

Taking Notes

I take notes the whole process of the reading. If anyone looked at my notes their initial idea that I might be nuts might very well be justified. My handwriting is scratchy and nearly illegible. The topic seems broken and all over the place. Short hand, symbols, and little sentences in the margins like “It’ll be in the Fall. Probably close to Thanksgiving” fill pages. These odd bits of paper and writing will transform later, after another cup of tea and a long look over the tarot table, into your reading email. 

Your Reading

After I’ve digested the advice and messages of the cards, I take my notes to the computer. I begin typing up a comprehensive explanation of the reading with symbol explanations, broad stroke explanations, and, most importantly, what the cards say is in store for you and what you should do about it. This all adds up to 1000+ words that I combine with at least 2-3 photos of your reading. 
Before I send out the email, I re-read it and check in with myself. It is my biggest desire to make sure each client is getting as much information and advice as I can give. 
I then send out the reading with blessings and a welcome to each client to feel free to ask any questions about the cards I’ve laid out. 

Follow Up

After the client receives the reading I like to do a small check in, especially if I don’t hear back from them in the next few days. I want to make sure the reading went through as it should, that the messages were understandable, and that the images were easy to view.

If the client has questions I take my time to review the reading and we work on where things might not be clear. However, if their questions range outside of the reading, we discuss either 1 or 2 more card draws for an additional charge or purchasing another reading if the topic is separate from the last one.

Lastly, after reading is received and questions are answered, I send a thank you to the client for being such a great customer.  A month or so down the road I often check in with my clients. A month is a great amount of time to have between in-depth readings. I’ve found that this gives clients enough time to really process and implement the advice of the previous reading, they are ready to take the next steps in their life and might be interested in seeing what the cards have to say now.

I also love to see how clients are doing and how my reading has benefited their lives since we last spoke. This really reminds me of why I love my job – the results. 

I welcome all of our clients, and those considering becoming clients to read my Privacy Policy and the Tarot Reading page’s FAQ’s. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Me. 

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