The Sacred, Sensual Act of Journal Keeping

Oh my magical, sexy readers, lets talk journaling. Before I get into it, yes this is gonna be all kinds of woo woo but know that I also plan to throw in some practical, sexy tips in this blog series as well. This is for all you who are collecting journals but afraid to use them, who have no idea what to write about but have the itch to pick up a pen, and who love journal keeping and want to go deeper.

Journaling has been accredited many amazing benefits ranging from stress reduction and strengthening IQ to achieving major life goals and attaining spiritual awareness. I can personally say that journaling does 2 things for sure:


Journaling can cause you to take a hard look at your life. When we put our daily lives, thoughts, and ideas on paper and look at it, we gain new perspective. This isn’t just the perspective of becoming an outsider looking in and pointing out what went right and what went wrong like a critic at a play. This is the perspective of the engineer looking at the schematics and figuring out how to make things better for the whole machine.


Journaling can also create a legacy. When we write in a book, we create an heirloom for our future family. They can physically see our lives, our handwriting and doodles, our thoughts and feelings. These things are relatable to all people so long as we as a species have hands to create and souls to inspire. Things that might seem mundane to us might be the cause for smiles, tears, and enjoyment for our great-grandchildren because they can relate.

Purposeful Pages

With both of these results in mind, is it enough to create pages of what we did every day and who we met like unending shopping lists? Would it not be more enriching and enjoyable to take these moments to really dig deep and pour out our deepest hearts and souls and minds and guts (metaphorically) on the pages? 
I know some of you might cringe at the idea – fearful that anyone might read what we only just dare to feel (barely). The fact is, this fear is detrimental to our holistic well-being. 

Rx: Journal

One of the best prescriptions for wellness I ever received was from a friend of mine who had diagnosed me with a throat chakra problem. He pointed out that I was always writing but I also was always terrified of sharing it. Not only that, I was scared of saying much of anything to anyone. I wanted to be liked and I wanted to avoid conflict at all costs – so I didn’t say what I thought, felt, or knew as my truth.

He told me to write it – write it in a journal that no one would ever read. Hide it, burn it, bury it if I had to but write it. This is the first step to seeing what it was that I was really thinking and feeling and finding out if it was worthy for anyone to know. If I didn’t like it once I wrote it, I wouldn’t share it. But if I kept writing it, kept feeling it and knowing it – then I could consider the next steps in sharing these words with others. 

It was simple. It was profound. It saved my life. 

So I share this advice with you. I write you a prescription for health, wealth, love, sex, power, and happiness. Get a journal and a good pen. Mark out a time in your day. Sneak and scour those minutes if you must like a lover in an affair. Curl up and write what is deep within you. Hide it, burn it, bury it if you must, but write it first. Get it out so that you can decide if it is worthy to continue to dwell on. If it is, then you can figure out how to share that with others. But first, you have to write it. 

Journal Keeping Blog Series

Over the next week I will be sharing tips, prompts, and ways to inspire your journaling. We will desecrate pages, pour our juices through the pen, and open up to this silent partner. While I’m all about y’all checking in on the regular, if you want to book mark this page and come back to it, I’ll link the series posts below. Enjoy

Sex, Love, and Journaling

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The Right to Journal

Journal Resources

Some witchy, kinky, stationary inspo porn for yall.

Submissive Guide not only shares why having a journal is so damn important but also has a 31 Day journaling challenge with prompts.
Dom Sub Living has a free printable submissives journal in case you don’t already have a blank book and want something for your kinky, sub side.

Bitchslap Journaling: 100 Prompts to Kick Your Spiritual Ass by Gwynne Michele. I fucking love this book. Its worth the few bucks for a refreshing ebook on journaling and self care. Also this is an affiliate link so if you buy it I get a few pennies to help keep my site going at no additional cost to you, thanks.

If you have a Grimoire or Book of Shadows or like to combine some witchy stuff in your journaling, I really like Witch of Lupine Hollow’s 100 Prompts.

I haven’t found a really good journaling as a polytheist/heathen resource yet – let me know if you have one.

I know some of you already have or are going to ask what journal do I use. I have a bunch of them, as I tend to hoard up neat looking notebooks. I can’t recommend any particular type of notebook as it really just depends on my mood and what I’m writing. Go with what is comfortable for you. I like a book I can shove in my purse/tote/backpack along with all my other crap and it won’t get too messed up and is easy to write in. Play around with different styles – lined, sketchbook, dotted, graph, paperback or hard cover, spiral bound, etc. See what you like.
I will say I really love Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pens. Since finding them it almost pains me to use anything else – they just glide and as someone with chronic pain and joint issues its the little things that keep me going. Another affiliate link btw, thank you.

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