Journal Writing: Defile the Page

I am a journal addict.
I was an addict long before I received the prescription for writing in a journal. I loved the pretty books, big and small, leather and paper and plastic all with pristine blank pages. It felt holy to hold these books in their blankness. I collected them on shelves and would pull them out, look at the blank page, breathe in deep the possibilities for what would go on them, and then shut them and put them back on the shelf. That’s it.

Journal Writing

Why on earth would anyone collect blank books!? Thing is, I didn’t want them to stay blank but I was scared. I didn’t want to tarnish them with an unworthy thought. Even if no one else read them, I felt my writing was messy, silly, inadequate. I had no idea what to write on them.
When I finally started using these journals, it was always difficult to tarnish that first page. Once I did, with whatever drivel I deigned to put on it (usually my name and the year I began writing in that book, perhaps a quote I liked at the time) I was free. I no longer felt ill at the idea of putting pen to paper. I’d already sinned against the cleanness of the blank page and nothing I could do would make that book blank again – even tearing that page out would leave a mark. So what could I do but keep writing and worry about dirtying another book when the time came.

I encourage you to do the same. Buy a book that inspires you – it can be beautiful, cool, hold quotes of favorite leaders or authors, or just be a picture of a cat on the cover of a sheaf of paper. I love leatherbound books for their witchy appeal. I also love gilded edged paper and hard covers. However, that all being said, some of my best journaling where I really dug deep and gave my all, was in cheap spiral notebooks I bought at back-to-school sales at the local superstore. So don’t worry about getting the best journal or defiling that first blank page. The most important thing is the writing itself. (At the time of this writing my journaling is spread between a spiral bound book, a blank book with a hard cover embossed with the word IDEAS, and the computer.)

Some of you might be asking – what about just keeping a journal on a computer and typing it. If that is all you can do – go for it (especially if a disability or chronic pain keeps you from writing, of course!) That said, there is something magickal about the written word. Whether you believe in automatic writing (wherein a spirit takes over your hand and writes messages through you) or kinetic inspiration – the physical act can produce enchantment on the page. It turns your journal into a talisman. Another thing writing does is draws things into being. Many manifesting masters I know insist that affirmations and goals be physically written with pen and paper. This is like pulling a fishing line in, dragging it to lure in the desired goal.
There is also something permanent and created about writing with pen and paper. When typing or even when writing with pencil, the words can be changed or deleted. There is no commitment when things can be erased and without commitment there is a tendency for manifestation and change to fail.

So grab a book, a bunch of paper, or open a blank document on your screen and get to writing. Stop being scared and stop collecting blank books without filling them with your juicy bullshit – write!

Prompt 1: How You Feeling?

How Do You Feel Right Now?
Not only is this prompt a way to check in with yourself, it is a reminder to live in the moment. So much of the time we are in our heads, thinking of what has happened or what we have to do or what could happen, or daydreaming about completely fictional topics unrelated to our lives, or “zoned out.”
This is also a great prompt for people who are Highly Sensitive or Empaths who are unsure if what they are feeling is from them or those around them. Check in on why you feel the way that you do. Are you Acting on your own beliefs, dreams, convictions or are you Reacting to the actions, words, or emotions of others.

  • How do you feel in your own skin?
  • Are you comfortable or happy with how you look?
  • Are you comfortable with your physical health?
  • What would you change if you could?
  • How do you feel with phrases like:
    “Keeping up Appearances”
    “Appearances can be Deceiving”
    “Appearance isn’t everything”
  • How is your breathing?
  • How is your posture?
  • Are you relaxed or tense?
  • What, if anything, is causing you physical distress?
  • How do you feel about where you are physically?
  • Does it smell nice where you are?
  • Can you lay eyes on things that uplift or inspire or turn you on?


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