KotW: Foot Fetish Info

The Kink of the Week is Foot Fetish! I have a little bit of experience with this particular kink though it is not one of my own turn ons. You can see my blog post with the photo collection of my feet all lubed up for a couple of feet-loving submissives here. Because I don’t have this kink I thought I’d share my own cute feetsies and a little bit of info about those I know who do and what kinks I have that do involve feet.

SmutGeek’s Foot Fetish Info

Foot Fetish

Mr. Faust has a slight foot fetish. I asked him about this as he kissed and sucked on my freshly washed toes and he said he was interested in having every inch of me in his mouth, followed by one of those grins that makes me melt.

Zado Ankle Cuffs with black glitter tights

For me, feet look best in tights, stockings, cute socks, or freshly pedicured. My kinks around feet mostly revolve around dressing or beating or tickling feet. I’m not apposed to foot massage either.

Lubed feet

In the end, I’m happy to accommodate partners with a foot fetish. I’ve showed off my feet for friends who have it and it always feels good to have them compliment parts of my body I might not always love.

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