Make Me a Superhero: Kinkly Top Sex Blog Voting

When I started SmutGeek in 2018, it was during Top Sex Blog voting season. Kinkly was in the process of announcing their Sex Blog Superheros – those top 100 popular blogs readers nominated and voted for with love. I read the list with heart eyes. Now is my chance to try for it. Please click here for the Top Sex Blog Voting opportunity.

Top Sex Blog Voting - kinkly sex blog super heroes call to vote please click to vote for me

What is a Top Sex Blogger List?

Its a listing of blogs that are sex positive nominated and voted on by fans. These blogs are then evaluated based on the Kinkly criteria of writing quality, frequency of posts, sex and body positivity, over all design, active social media, overall impression, and number of votes.
I need at least 5 votes to be considered. If each person that has seen my blog this month votes that would be well over 200 people rooting for me. If each person that follows me on Twitter votes, that would be over 1700 fans cheering me on!

What does it mean to make it on the top 100 list and when will they announce the winners?
“On November 4th, we’ll announce the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2019. We’ll also break out and crown a few winners in key categories – and hand out some prizes from the Kinkly Shop. We can’t wait!”

Kinkly explains how their bloggers are listed, and that they are going with an unranked list for fairness, which I think is cool.

Why Do These Top Sex Blog Lists Matter?

Remember that its not a perfect system. No matter the results of the final list, whether I make it in the top 100 or not, its not a direct representation of how good my site is.

Kayla Lords shared on Smutlancer “If you’re a sex blogger hoping to one day make at least enough money to pay your hosting fees, you should be asking – do these things matter?” She went on to explain:

Its validation of the hard work we writers do. Its a chance to feel supported in your hobby/biz choice and see enthusiasm for the work you do.

More views of my site equals more chances for the work I love doing. Bloggers on the list are more likely for companies to email them and say “We saw you made the list – congratulations! Would you like to work with us?” This is the dream, y’all.

Please Vote For Me

It only takes a second to click the link, tap the button, and, if you want emails on the results, type in your email address. Thank you!

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