#MasturbationMonday: Mouths Only Mistletoe

M is for Mistletoe by Molly Moore

Masturbation Monday week 222 kicks off my holiday season with the blog. Curling up with a cup of eggnog, listening to Christmas carols, browsing for gifts like butt plugs and floggers…ah, tis the season.

Mouths Only

Moira stood in the arch way, as sublime as any statue of Venus. The ropes tying her in place were festive in green, red, and gold. Decorative braiding, twists and knots laced around her body similar to the garlands on the tree behind her. Killian admired his work, tracing his fingers over the ties that held her large breast up and the braid that trailed over her plump belly to her hips where it disappeared between her thighs. He smiled at the whimper that escaped her lips, such a sweet noise. “Now for the final touch,” he cooed, turning away from her.

The decoration was handmade by a friend that had a wood crafting hobby. Killian hung it up in the archway, just above Moira, on the same hook that held the ends of her ropes and tethered her in place.
Stepping back he smiled at the scene. His submissive trussed up deliciously would be the first thing his guests saw when they entered their home for the holiday party. His sign, decorated with mistletoe, would direct them – Mistletoe Kisses: No Hands, Use Mouth Only.

Guests trickled in slowly and all loved Killian’s decorations. Some offered friendly-yet-chaste pecks in Moira’s wet mouth and red cheeks. Others were playful with a lick and a nip in her taught nipples or dimpled curves. Still others were naughty, exploring the folds of her pussy with their tongues before kissing her on the mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. All wished her a happy holiday greeting before passing on towards the center of the house to enjoy the party.

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