Venus Lilith Conjunction

Blessed Full Moon! This one is especially powerful and grand as not only is it a Super Moon but also during the conjunction of Venus in Aries and Lilith in Pisces. I’ll share what these amazing energies mean in a moment but know that I’ll end the post with something practical you can do for those of you reading this and going “That’s great and all but what do with this information?” Been there, understand, bear with me.

Venus in Aries

Venus, the Goddess of Love and Sensuality and, yes, Magic is in fiery and aggressive sign of Aries. A great time for lust, being spontaneous (one night stand?), and enjoying yourself (hot baths are a must). Fantastic for Valentines Day/Lupercalia!

Lilith in Pisces

Lilith, aka the Dark Moon, in Pisces is all about intuition, integrating the shadow self, and not hiding your psychic abilities behind a mask of normalcy. Dive deep into the dark waters of the soul complex, don’t turn away from the skeletons lurking there but move forward to find the real treasure. Don’t give a fuck about what anyone else says about this self exploration – you don’t need their input right now.

Venus and Lilith

Independent, sexual, and soul-full Goddesses coming together in partnership. I like to imagine Venus in her spicy Aries, going out and taking no prisoners, outfit complete with the perfect wingtip eyeliner and rose-gold highlights – Lilith in psychic chic with culottes and piercings, her black hair side shaved and the rest braided in a long rope to bind the unwary and her manicure razor sharp.

In the light of the Full Super Moon in Leo – bring all those manifestations and desires and goals and dreams into the light. Show them to the Goddesses like counting beads or presenting jewels or laying out clothes to decide what to wear for a night on the town. Let them see and help you cut through the bullshit and focus on the steps to take.

Whether you see them as besties, sisters, or lovers tonight – these Goddesses demand an honoring of the femme, of independence, of empowerment, of activism with a heavy dose of self-work and growth and doing it with flare.

Now is a good time for femme activism. Think WITCH.

Make a Venus Lilith Conjunction Talisman

On a piece of paper, draw the sigils for Venus and Lilith. You can do this however you like or that looks aesthetically pleasing to you. I will be painting Venus in Inca gold and Lilith in black with acrylic paints that I have on hand.

Venus Lilith Conjunction

Wrap this paper around a piece of onyx, garnet, or hematite for Lilith and a piece of copper, rose quartz, or emerald for Venus. This can also be a piece of jewelry containing these stones/minerals.

Add to the stones some dried red rose petals and mugwort. You can also burn these herbs and bath the stones in the smoke OR make an infusion of the herbs and spritz the stones and yourself with them (or add them to a bath before your working or all of the above and more depending on how elaborate you want to make the working).

Invoke Venus and Lilith. You can use whatever invocations you like. I am personally a fan of the Orphic Hymn to Venus and inspired by this ritual to Lilith for my invocations.

Wrap the stones and herbs in the bundle and leave it so that it is present before the Full Moon. (If you have bad weather, settle for in front of a window.)


I don’t have those stones or minerals or herbs! What do I do? – Draw the sigil on paper, clay, whatever object you can keep (this type of sigil won’t keep as long but still usable in future workings). Paint it on a jar and fill with distilled or spring water and set out in the moon light. Paint it on yourself and embody those energies.

I don’t honor Venus or Lilith specifically in my practice – can I still do this? Sure. If you would like, call upon the Gods and spirits you do honor and ask them who would like to be called upon for this working such as Freya, Gullveig, Inanna, Hekate, Baphomet, and the list goes on. What femme deity with a dark side that works with love, lust, magic, etc do you connect with?

What do I do with the talisman tomorrow/in the future? Use it like a battery filled with the charge of the Venus Lilith Conjunction. Add it to activism spells, lust and glamor spells, spells and ritual for independence and empowerment, etc. If it needs a splash of strong femme energy of this nature, use it.

The Right to Journal, and other things

Today is the last journal prompt post for the series. Up to this point we’ve been largely thinking about ourselves or how others relate to us. Today we’re gonna stretch things out a little in our head and think more about others (and yea, ourselves since journaling is wonderfully selfish and subjective art form).

A reminder that these prompts are just for you and there’s no right or wrong answer for your journal. Just think and write what you like. Take care of yourself as some of these questions can be hard for processing.

Prompt: What are Your Beliefs Regarding Basic Human Rights?

  • What do you believe we all as humans have the right to?
  • In the US, many pride themselves on a constitution that claims all men have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do you believe this to be true of all mankind?
  • Today so many are arguing what our basic human rights are whether it is the right to clean water to the right to access an education. Why do you think its so hard for people to get together on this topic?
  • Then there are artists and writers like Shakti Gawain and Elizabeth Gilbert claim that we have the right to creativity, to be channels to inspiration and ideas. What are your thoughts about rights beyond basic needs of food, water, health, and shelter.
  • Are there rights or privileges of those born under circumstances such as particular race, culture, financial standing, ability, citizenship, sexuality, gender, religion, etc?
  • What is a way that you can participate in making sure we all have ways to act on and access to these rights?

Journaling, Work, and Money

Getting into those base chakra, basic needs topics today but also some self esteem, self image, and power prompts. We in the US especially tend to have a toxic relationship with work and money so getting right in our heads/on paper about how we view the green and gold can help us in our interactions with it.

Prompt: What is Your Relationship With Money?

  • Do you feel a part of a specified money class (upper, middle, lower)?
  • What was/is your family’s relationship to money?
  • What has been your family’s reaction when a relative comes into money or raises themselves up financially?
  • What has been your family’s reaction when someone is in need or asks for money?
  • Is Money the “root of all evil” or is it “just energy exchanged?”
  • What are your thoughts on barter and trade?
  • Do you believe in saving for a rainy day?
  • Do you believe in or desire to have an Emergency Fund?
  • How do you feel about paying taxes?
  • How do you feel about Tithing (giving a percentage to a church, religious organization)?
  • How do you feel about giving money to charity?
  • Do you give money to the homeless? How do you feel about homeless who pan-handle?
  • Do you prefer to purchase items or pay for experiences or are they equal to you?
  • What is your favorite thing/experience you’ve ever spent money on?

Prompt: What Do You Do?

  • When strangers ask what do you do, how do you respond?
  • Are you confident or passionate about your response? Do you feel self-conscious and unsure?
  • What is the usual response to your answer?
  • Do you follow your passions? Do you spend the majority of your time doing something you love?
  • Do you enjoy your job?
  • Is it your desired career?
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up?
  • When you were a teen, what did you want to do?
  • Are you doing any of those things now?
  • What would Younger You think about yourself today?
  • Is it better to earn $10 million through work or to win $10 million in the lottery? Why?
  • How do you feel about current hourly wages?
  • Is it fair pay for fair work or spending hours of your life to pay for other hours that you cannot enjoy?
  • What are your thoughts regarding sex work and sex workers?
  • What are your thoughts about stay at home partners/homemakers while another partner works?

Sex Love and Journaling

What is Love? (Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more… #sorryNotsorry) Today’s prompts are all about love, sex, and sensuality. Did you think journaling was just gonna be this mental jog through paper? We are whole human beings and the way to really get into and get a lot out of journaling is to do it holistically – whole body including your heart and genitals.

Prompt 4: What is Love?

  • Have you ever been in love?
  • For my Aro peeps, dig into how being aromantic effects your relationships in a world that is very love, sex, and romance focused. I know this can be hard to make sure you’re going at your own pace.
  • Do you believe in Love or is it merely a chemical reaction in our primal brain to encourage procreation and the survival of the species?
  • Is there only one person out there for you such as a Soul Mate or Twin Flame?
  • If you believe in it, have you found your Soul Mate? How do you know?
  • Are there omens or signs you believe can guides you to “the one”?
  • Do you believe non-monogamy can work?
  • Is romantic love tied to sexuality for you?
  • Can you love someone without having sex or have sex without loving someone? (This prompt is for you personally since we know that this is of course possible)
  • How do you feel about jealousy? Unnecessary or a natural part of a relationship?
  • Is it ethical to cast love spells?
  • Do you believe in astrological or numerological compatibility?
  • Have you ever had your astrology chart compared to someone else’s to find out if you are compatible? Would it change how you felt about someone if you did?

Prompt 5: Lets Talk About Sex

  • What is sex worth to you? Do you value it?
  • How do you view Consent?
  • What do you think of when presented with the term Healthy Sex?
  • What are your Hard limits and why are they limits?
  • What do you most enjoy?
  • Write out your most explicit sexual fantasy.
  • Do you feel shame about sex?
  • Most of these prompts are for people who are sexual. If you are Asexual, feel free to spend some time exploring how you feel about your sexuality in a sexualized world. Do you think that the world around you portrays sex in healthy ways?
  • Have you looked at your genitalia? How does its appearance make you feel? (feel free to skip any prompt that makes you uncomfortable – this is for you, no right way to journal, remember)

For Kink and BDSM themed Sex Love and Journaling Check Out:

Submissive Guide not only shares why having a journal is so damn important but also has a 31 Day journaling challenge with prompts.
Dom Sub Living has a free printable submissives journal in case you don’t already have a blank book and want something for your kinky, sub side.

Can Journaling Change You?

How can sincere introspection and consideration do anything but change you?
Whole philosophies, religions, and ways of life have been formed from such introspection and the writing from it.

Now, I’m not asking you to become a guru from writing your thoughts. Instead, all that is asked is that you take these prompts as they are and actually sit and think about them. Feeling stumped? There are further questions and suggestions with each prompt given to help brainstorm sentences to write. Be honest with yourself, be creative if you like. All you need to do is write and give it time and reflection. No one else needs to see what you’ve written so do not let fear or worry hold you back.

Think on it. Write it. And, if you need to, hide it, burn it, bury it.

Prompt 2: What Do You Believe?

Get serious here. Don’t just write a sentence or two as if you were creating a blurb for your online dating profile. Dig into your beliefs and excavate them like jewels.

  • Do you believe in a God or Gods?
  • What experiences have you had that have shaped this belief or lack of?
  • If you believe, is Deity active or inactive in your life and in the in the lives of others?
  • Is the Divine omnipotent or does He/She/It/Them have limited power?
  • How do you think the Divine feels about violence/illness/pain in the world we live in?
  • If you believe, how do you communicate with God/s? Do you pray? How?
  • Do you believe in magick?
  • Do you believe in or use forms of divination such as tarot or scrying?
  • What ethical guidelines create the boundaries of your life and belief system?
  • Where did these come from and why do you adhere to those boundaries?
  • Do you believe in an Afterlife? What happens when we die?
  • Does your belief in an afterlife affect what you do or don’t do in this life daily?
  • Have you ever had any experiences that affect this belief such as seeing a ghost or experienced a past life regression?
  • How have your beliefs changed since you were young?
  • How has your belief changed you?
  • How does it affect others around you?
  • Do you see any growth from your beliefs?
  • How do you see it changing you or others in the years ahead?

Prompt 3: Are You Destined?

Do you believe in Destiny? Yea I know this is another belief question but I thought it deserved its own section.

  • Is your path in this life already written?
  • Did you choose this path (in this life? in a previous life? before you were born?) or did a Higher Power?
  • Do you have a Purpose? What is it? How did you find out?
  • Are you searching for a Purpose?
  • What are some ways you intend to find it (ideas include getting a divination reading, shamanic journeying, experimenting, asking the Divine, etc)?
  • Can Free Will and Destiny co-exist?
  • What happens if we choose not to fulfill our destiny?
  • What about horrors in life (abuse, violence, illness, etc) – do they have a purpose?
  • Are we as a species destined to suffer pains? For what purpose?
  • Do the actions of our Ancestors directly effect our life path/Destiny/purpose?

Enough with the deep and heavy shit? Keep going. Don’t forget this is part of a series and there is more. Click here to get the first post and a list of the series links.

Journal Writing: Defile the Page

I am a journal addict.
I was an addict long before I received the prescription for writing in a journal. I loved the pretty books, big and small, leather and paper and plastic all with pristine blank pages. It felt holy to hold these books in their blankness. I collected them on shelves and would pull them out, look at the blank page, breathe in deep the possibilities for what would go on them, and then shut them and put them back on the shelf. That’s it.

Journal Writing

Why on earth would anyone collect blank books!? Thing is, I didn’t want them to stay blank but I was scared. I didn’t want to tarnish them with an unworthy thought. Even if no one else read them, I felt my writing was messy, silly, inadequate. I had no idea what to write on them.
When I finally started using these journals, it was always difficult to tarnish that first page. Once I did, with whatever drivel I deigned to put on it (usually my name and the year I began writing in that book, perhaps a quote I liked at the time) I was free. I no longer felt ill at the idea of putting pen to paper. I’d already sinned against the cleanness of the blank page and nothing I could do would make that book blank again – even tearing that page out would leave a mark. So what could I do but keep writing and worry about dirtying another book when the time came.

I encourage you to do the same. Buy a book that inspires you – it can be beautiful, cool, hold quotes of favorite leaders or authors, or just be a picture of a cat on the cover of a sheaf of paper. I love leatherbound books for their witchy appeal. I also love gilded edged paper and hard covers. However, that all being said, some of my best journaling where I really dug deep and gave my all, was in cheap spiral notebooks I bought at back-to-school sales at the local superstore. So don’t worry about getting the best journal or defiling that first blank page. The most important thing is the writing itself. (At the time of this writing my journaling is spread between a spiral bound book, a blank book with a hard cover embossed with the word IDEAS, and the computer.)

Some of you might be asking – what about just keeping a journal on a computer and typing it. If that is all you can do – go for it (especially if a disability or chronic pain keeps you from writing, of course!) That said, there is something magickal about the written word. Whether you believe in automatic writing (wherein a spirit takes over your hand and writes messages through you) or kinetic inspiration – the physical act can produce enchantment on the page. It turns your journal into a talisman. Another thing writing does is draws things into being. Many manifesting masters I know insist that affirmations and goals be physically written with pen and paper. This is like pulling a fishing line in, dragging it to lure in the desired goal.
There is also something permanent and created about writing with pen and paper. When typing or even when writing with pencil, the words can be changed or deleted. There is no commitment when things can be erased and without commitment there is a tendency for manifestation and change to fail.

So grab a book, a bunch of paper, or open a blank document on your screen and get to writing. Stop being scared and stop collecting blank books without filling them with your juicy bullshit – write!

Prompt 1: How You Feeling?

How Do You Feel Right Now?
Not only is this prompt a way to check in with yourself, it is a reminder to live in the moment. So much of the time we are in our heads, thinking of what has happened or what we have to do or what could happen, or daydreaming about completely fictional topics unrelated to our lives, or “zoned out.”
This is also a great prompt for people who are Highly Sensitive or Empaths who are unsure if what they are feeling is from them or those around them. Check in on why you feel the way that you do. Are you Acting on your own beliefs, dreams, convictions or are you Reacting to the actions, words, or emotions of others.

  • How do you feel in your own skin?
  • Are you comfortable or happy with how you look?
  • Are you comfortable with your physical health?
  • What would you change if you could?
  • How do you feel with phrases like:
    “Keeping up Appearances”
    “Appearances can be Deceiving”
    “Appearance isn’t everything”
  • How is your breathing?
  • How is your posture?
  • Are you relaxed or tense?
  • What, if anything, is causing you physical distress?
  • How do you feel about where you are physically?
  • Does it smell nice where you are?
  • Can you lay eyes on things that uplift or inspire or turn you on?


Journal Keeping Series

This blog post is part of a series on journaling. You can see the first post and get links to the other posts by clicking here.

The Sacred, Sensual Act of Journal Keeping

Oh my magical, sexy readers, lets talk journaling. Before I get into it, yes this is gonna be all kinds of woo woo but know that I also plan to throw in some practical, sexy tips in this blog series as well. This is for all you who are collecting journals but afraid to use them, who have no idea what to write about but have the itch to pick up a pen, and who love journal keeping and want to go deeper.

Journaling has been accredited many amazing benefits ranging from stress reduction and strengthening IQ to achieving major life goals and attaining spiritual awareness. I can personally say that journaling does 2 things for sure:


Journaling can cause you to take a hard look at your life. When we put our daily lives, thoughts, and ideas on paper and look at it, we gain new perspective. This isn’t just the perspective of becoming an outsider looking in and pointing out what went right and what went wrong like a critic at a play. This is the perspective of the engineer looking at the schematics and figuring out how to make things better for the whole machine.


Journaling can also create a legacy. When we write in a book, we create an heirloom for our future family. They can physically see our lives, our handwriting and doodles, our thoughts and feelings. These things are relatable to all people so long as we as a species have hands to create and souls to inspire. Things that might seem mundane to us might be the cause for smiles, tears, and enjoyment for our great-grandchildren because they can relate.

Purposeful Pages

With both of these results in mind, is it enough to create pages of what we did every day and who we met like unending shopping lists? Would it not be more enriching and enjoyable to take these moments to really dig deep and pour out our deepest hearts and souls and minds and guts (metaphorically) on the pages? 
I know some of you might cringe at the idea – fearful that anyone might read what we only just dare to feel (barely). The fact is, this fear is detrimental to our holistic well-being. 

Rx: Journal

One of the best prescriptions for wellness I ever received was from a friend of mine who had diagnosed me with a throat chakra problem. He pointed out that I was always writing but I also was always terrified of sharing it. Not only that, I was scared of saying much of anything to anyone. I wanted to be liked and I wanted to avoid conflict at all costs – so I didn’t say what I thought, felt, or knew as my truth.

He told me to write it – write it in a journal that no one would ever read. Hide it, burn it, bury it if I had to but write it. This is the first step to seeing what it was that I was really thinking and feeling and finding out if it was worthy for anyone to know. If I didn’t like it once I wrote it, I wouldn’t share it. But if I kept writing it, kept feeling it and knowing it – then I could consider the next steps in sharing these words with others. 

It was simple. It was profound. It saved my life. 

So I share this advice with you. I write you a prescription for health, wealth, love, sex, power, and happiness. Get a journal and a good pen. Mark out a time in your day. Sneak and scour those minutes if you must like a lover in an affair. Curl up and write what is deep within you. Hide it, burn it, bury it if you must, but write it first. Get it out so that you can decide if it is worthy to continue to dwell on. If it is, then you can figure out how to share that with others. But first, you have to write it. 

Journal Keeping Blog Series

Over the next week I will be sharing tips, prompts, and ways to inspire your journaling. We will desecrate pages, pour our juices through the pen, and open up to this silent partner. While I’m all about y’all checking in on the regular, if you want to book mark this page and come back to it, I’ll link the series posts below. Enjoy

Sex, Love, and Journaling

Journaling, Work, and Money

The Right to Journal

Journal Resources

Some witchy, kinky, stationary inspo porn for yall.

Submissive Guide not only shares why having a journal is so damn important but also has a 31 Day journaling challenge with prompts.
Dom Sub Living has a free printable submissives journal in case you don’t already have a blank book and want something for your kinky, sub side.

Bitchslap Journaling: 100 Prompts to Kick Your Spiritual Ass by Gwynne Michele. I fucking love this book. Its worth the few bucks for a refreshing ebook on journaling and self care. Also this is an affiliate link so if you buy it I get a few pennies to help keep my site going at no additional cost to you, thanks.

If you have a Grimoire or Book of Shadows or like to combine some witchy stuff in your journaling, I really like Witch of Lupine Hollow’s 100 Prompts.

I haven’t found a really good journaling as a polytheist/heathen resource yet – let me know if you have one.

I know some of you already have or are going to ask what journal do I use. I have a bunch of them, as I tend to hoard up neat looking notebooks. I can’t recommend any particular type of notebook as it really just depends on my mood and what I’m writing. Go with what is comfortable for you. I like a book I can shove in my purse/tote/backpack along with all my other crap and it won’t get too messed up and is easy to write in. Play around with different styles – lined, sketchbook, dotted, graph, paperback or hard cover, spiral bound, etc. See what you like.
I will say I really love Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pens. Since finding them it almost pains me to use anything else – they just glide and as someone with chronic pain and joint issues its the little things that keep me going. Another affiliate link btw, thank you.

Rune Incense – Runic Kyphi

I mentioned in my post about making an Anglo Saxon Rune Set that I am also making incense. I did look up to see what Rune Incense was available to purchase online and found very little. So, as usual, when I can’t find a tool I need, I make it instead.

When I set out on connecting with the Rune spirits, there was an emphasis on giving offerings to open that channel of communication and in exchange for information. Offerings range from person to person – blood, alcohol, deeds, etc. For Berkana, I gave some of my own breastmilk, just to give you an idea of how varied they can get.

I knew that when making this set I’d want to give an offering to each rune. I also knew I wanted an incense offering for when I do rune readings. This all led to the decision to make an incense blend that contained an herb for each rune. Somewhere from the dusty corners of the back of my mind, a memory bubbled up of a video I watched years ago of a witch making Kyphi. All this formed into a plan.

Runes Incense and Kyphi

Kyphi is a Greek work for Kapet, an Egyptian word meaning incense or, perhaps, specifically ritual or temple incense. What we have from history is a variety of recipes likely inspired by the Kapet used in the temple of Ra. From what I understand about the history of Kyphi, is the priests that made this incense didn’t write down the recipe. Instead, it was part of their training.

Today, Kyphi is a term generally referring to pellet incense that has a base of fruit and honey and is heavy on the resins. Some recipes use only resins while others use herbs. Some use raisins, dates, or figs in the base while others rely mostly on honey.

Kyphi was an offertory incense to the Gods as well as a fumigation formula for healing and a luxury buried with Pharaohs. The resins and herbs used were the most luxurious that could be obtained, usually through importations – frankincense, myrrh, cedar, etc.

Now, some Norse lore hounds will be rolling their eyes and asking what does this have to do with Heathenry, Runes, Northern Tradition, etc. Well, mostly nothing.
MAJOR UPG DISCLAIMER for the most part.

That being said, our ancestors did trade with Egypt and, being human, were fond of nice things. Luxury items like beads, silk, gold, etc were all valued. Being one of the most luxurious items shared among the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, one could say that if the Northern European ancestors ever did come into contact with Kyphi, they’d be into it.

Also, the ancient north people did use fumigation for spiritual, healing, and mundane use. We have bundles of herbs in tombs, neighboring peoples using herbs in ritual, etc. Incense would not have been too foreign a concept to them.

Lastly, we are modern peoples with access to the trade of ideas as part of our living religion and spiritual traditions. Many rune readers and Northern tradition spirit workers use incense and fumigation in their practice, making their own blends with what they have.

Making Kyphi is a long process full of intention and uses luxurious items. I think this sounds like a great offering to the Rune spirits.

Making Runic Kyphi

The base of this pellet incense is made of 3 ingredients – fruit, honey, and wine. For mine I am using local honey, mead that I made and dedicated to Odin (with permission from Him), and I chose to use a blend of cherries, cranberries, and prunes rather than raisins.

Chop or mince the fruit, mix with honey, and cover with wine. The amount varies depending on how much dry ingredient you have or plan to have. This will be a large batch so I’m making about 3 cups of fruit, mixing a cup of honey, and eyeballing the amount of wine. Have some honey for the end process as well just in case the batch is too dry as you can always add honey to make it stickier.

Let the wet mix set at cool room temp or in the fridge while you process your dry ingredients (this could be a few weeks so I will be making my wet blend when I get to the run Mannaz). Check it periodically and if it starts getting dry from the fruit soaking up with wine, top it off.

For the dry ingredients – process one herb a night into a fine powder. If you have the time and ability, do this in a mortar and pestle while galdring or singing the rune poem associated with that rune herb. I neither have the time nor the hand strength for some of these herbs. So, I will be breaking some down in a herb grinder and then processing in my mortar and pestle while galdring/singing.

That’s one rune/herb a night. Once the herb is a fine powder, give a pinch or so as an offering to that rune – burning it on some charcoal and galdr or sing again as well as requesting that rune bless your working and give you insight as to its nature in your work/readings. Sit with it and let that rune teach you with visions, omens, dreams, etc. Add the powdered herb into a jar and mix them together.

Repeat for each rune. Once all the 33 ingredients are processed and blended, on the last night you will blend the dry and wet ingredients, galdring the runes in a row. Also galdr and praise Odin for His trials upon the Hanga-Tree to snatch up the runes and share them with the worlds He created all with blood and passion.

Form the mix into pellets no bigger than the tip of your thumb – there will be many. If you are doing outdoors readings and rituals you can make some larger pellets about the size of a walnut. Heads up this is a rich, fragrant, and smokey incense so a little goes a long way.

Cure the pellets until dry. I plan to do this in the dehydrator. Others leave them out for 2 weeks or so. Roll in benzoin or remaining powder OR roll individually in parchment paper to prevent sticking. Store in an air tight container for future use.

Kyphi can mold – there’s a lot of honey and wine and plant material in there. So keep in a cool, dry place OR refrigerate/freeze OR put in a vacuum seal bag.

Runes and Herbs

The following list of Runes and Herbal associations was developed using intuition and some research regarding the energetics of each rune and the plants. If you feel a plant doesn’t relate to a rune listed and prefer a different plant, go for it. Follow what the Gods, Spirits, and Your Intuition tells you.

Fehu – Frankincense

Ur – Red Clover
Alternative: Maple

Thurisaz – Thistle
Alternative: Thorned plants like Blackthorn/Sloe tree, Honey Locust, etc.

Aesc/Ansuz – Ash

Raidho – Plantain

Kenaz – Tobacco

Gebo – Holly

Wunjo – Lavender

Hagal – Hellebore
Alternative: Henbane

Nauthiz – Pine Pitch

Isa – Reindeer Lichen

Jera – Straw
Alternative: Sweet Grass

Eoh – Sumbul aka Musk Root

Peorth – Mugwort

Algiz – Rosemary

Sowilu – Copal
Alternative: Daffodils, Saffron

Tiewaz – Cloves
Alternative: Wood Avens, Solomons Seal

Berkana – Oats
Alternative: Yeast

Ehwaz – Nettles

Mannaz – Rose and Hathorn

Laguz – Catnip

Ing – Patchouli

Daeg – Bay

Othala – Cedar

Ear – St Johns Wort

Ac – Oak

Ior – Water Vine
Alternative: Snake skin, Willow

Os – Mint

Yr – Sage
Alternative: Arnica

Cweorth – Marigold/Calendula

Chalc – Peony Root
Alternative: Lily, Lotus

Stan – Comfrey

Gar – Garlic

Anglo Saxon Rune Set Creation

I recently shared on Twitter that I was in the midst of a Younger Futhorc or Anglo Saxon Rune Set Creation. The responses I got were surprising and inspiring so I decided to share my experience with the creation process here.

I began my rune journey years ago, but I didn’t come by them with any natural talent. I struggled with the runes despite other forms of divination, like tarot and scrying, coming so easily to me.
I’d been reading tarot professionally for years when I took a course in divination with Galina Krasskova in 2015. I mentioned there that I struggled with the runes – something just wasn’t clicking with me. She told me I was going about it wrong – instead of trying to memorize the runes as symbols with key word meanings, I needed to see them as Spirits and honor them in that way. Once I did that, I would be in a better position to learn who They are and Their messages.
This clicked and I’ve been loving runes ever since.

Why Anglo Saxon Runes?

I began my rune journey, like many others, with the Elder Futhark Runes. They felt good and I could eventually read for myself and others. However, when I met the Younger Futhorc runes in Raven Kaldera’s books, The Pathwalker’s Guide to the Nine Worlds, I knew immediately that I needed to work with these “extra” runes as well. They just felt right in my gut.

Why Make My Own?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Anglo Saxon runes in my rune set. I looked for a set but none of the ones I saw online resonated with me. I was also feeling a push to go deeper – Odin’s hand on my shoulder, adding weight, and reminding me of His own difficult and harrowing rune journey. Thankfully He hasn’t asked me to suspend or hang for the runes but I needed to put more work into them.

Do you know how to carve? Do you know how to stain?
The questions from the rune poem kept repeating in my head. So I knew what I had to do – I had to make my own set.

Anglo Saxon Rune Set Creation – Materials

Initially, I thought I would make the runes from some fallen trees from our back yard – I have my pick of storm-fallen pecan, pine, beech, peach, and cedar. Nothing felt right and every time I tried to push ahead with them, something happened. Branches I’d planned to cut from went missing, chunks were accidentally acquired for firewood, I’d cut and the inside would be hallow and bug-eaten, etc. You get the point, and so did I.

Next I thought bone would work. I traded an old oracle deck and book for a goat hide and some coyote bones. The bones didn’t arrive with hide because there was a mix up, the bones we initially thought would work turned out not to yield only 31, and the coyote toe bones were too small to carve comfortable (these will be repurposed for a headdress).

Getting a little upset and annoyed by the road blocks, I thought about giving up and trying to buy a set again. I looked at Raven’s set on Mengloth’s Market and inspiration struck – or rather, Odin laughed and I got my shit together. Raven’s set is gorgeous, btw, and I would have bought if it wasn’t for this itching need to carve my own – I highly recommend this set if you are open to buying.

So stone it is. Damon has a dremel and taught me how to use it on rocks. I collected a different stone or crystal for each rune based on intuition and research. Most I had in my collection from when I was learning crystal healing (if this is something you are into, I highly recommend the work of Katrina Raphaell).

Anglo Saxon Rune Set Creation

Stones and Crystals for Each Rune

The following list is based on UPG. I connected the stones according to intuition mostly and many, I was happily surprised, had some connections with mutual key words and vibes. If you disagree or have a different stone association, go with it.

Fehu – Citrine
I had a gem quality citrine piece from back when I made jewelry. It had amazing clarity and would look beautiful in a gold necklace. It felt perfect that Fehu, the spirit of trade who loves luxury, would get one of my finest stones. Once craved and stained, I intend to paint the carved rune with gold.

Ur – Onyx
When I was learning about the runes. Ur was one that resonated strongly with me. A spirit of determination, hard labor, and primal. I loved the dark strength of onyx for this rune and when going through my collection I found a piece I could already see shaped a little like this rune.

Thurisaz – Dragons Blood Jasper
Thor is strong in this rune as well as the Thurses. This is the Berserker, the chaotic warrior that is more animal than man in action. I chose Dragons Blood Jasper, a nature green splashed with bloody red.

Aesc – Sodalite
This is one of the runes that I had a hard time finding a stone for. I went to a local shope and stood in a rune of crystals and stones. Thankfully, I was alone, and could softly galdr the rune until something jumped at me. Sodalite – specifically a piece that was part sodalite, part pyrite. I grabbed it. Later I learned that Aesc is a rune of deep rooted determination, the shielded warrior facing the oncoming hoard, a volatile spirit, the height of the World Tree with its Eagle. Sodalite grounded with Pyrite is perfect for me.

Raidho – Jade
Luck and wisdom and cleverness are needed when you are a wanderer, going wherever your feet take you. Jade lends this.

Kenaz – Golden Tiger Eye
To me this rune speaks of Illumination – a torch shining light into the dark recesses, the lamp of the psychopomp, the Duergar blacksmith that discerns what lies within the metal and with flame can bring it forward. There is nowhere to hide when this light filled eye shines upon you or your darkness. It is bright and keen.

Gebo – Emerald
I initially thought of using Chiastolite but my piece went missing and I couldn’t find another at the nearby rock shop. I chose instead an emerald that was gifted to me and felt that it being a gift and a stone of the heart and relationships and trade for many centuries made it the best choice.

Wunjo – Lepidolite
I struggled with this stone as Wunjo is not a rune I have a strong connection with. I looked at Galina’s book, Living the Runes, and saw she associates it with Lepidolite. Intrigued, I looked at my lepidolite stones and galdred the rune. It rang true – this rune of joy and ecstasy resonating with the lithium rich, mica filled stone.

Hagal – Black Labradorite Skull
When I gathered all the stones I had that could fit in my hands (not my larger pieces that would have been to big for runes) one of them was a black labradorite skull. I initially got this for my husband and it sat in a collection beneath our altar to Odin. In the charcoal colors rainbows glint. The storms of Hagal clearing the path, down to the foundations, with the blessing of What does not kill you will make you strong. Her affinity with Helheim and the stormy rainbows of labradorite were perfect even if it means I’m a little nervous about carving this one.

Nauthiz – Flint
This rune is Need-Fire. It is the bow drill bringing forth the sparks when alone in the wilderness. It is survival and what our ancestors did to ensure the species would continue. Do what you have to do, she says. Flint is much easier to add to a rune set than a bow drill.

Isa – Clear Quartz
Quartz is the ice and snow of the gemstone world. I chose a piece that looks more like it came from the arctic than any other.

Jera – Topaz
I wanted something bright for this rune that feels at home among the Lossalfheim, yet something that speaks to its cyclical nature and connection to the earth and harvest, but without the darkness of Ing. My clear-yellow topaz felt perfect.

Eoh – Amethyst
While amethyst in general didn’t feel particularly right with Eoh, this particular stone did. My husband bought it from a witch at an event we attended years ago. It was blessed and meant to be part of a power-drawing talisman, like a reservoir or battery to be used at a later date. We never did find the right piece of jewelry or altar tool to add it to. When I went over my crystals and galdred Eoh, this one jumped out loudly.

Peorth – Dumortierite
The lot cup, the connection with the Nornir, and the association with mysteries makes this one of my favorite runes to meditate on. Dumoritierite boosts psychic abilities, increases patience, aids in self mastery, and, perhaps most importantly,helps you to listen to the voices of the Divine.

Algiz – Rainbow Labradorite
Yes, I already used labradorite in another rune, one unrelated to this one sort of. Thing is Algiz is protection but also the stone I related to bridges, specifically Bifrost – the rainbow bridge, that I associate with Aurora Borealis…which I associate with Labradorite. Labradorite is a shamans stone that is protective for psychics, diviners, journeyers, and spirit workers.

Sowilu – Sunstone
I feel like this one might be a given…

Teiwaz – Tiger Iron
I have a tiger iron point in my collection that I was given in a beginner rock collection when I was a child. It looks like a large canine tooth or a bodkin arrow. It was my first pick for this rune.

Berkana – Chalcedony
I wanted something related to nurturing, nourishment, and breast health. Blue Chalcedony was the first stone to pop up in my research and it just felt perfect.

Ehwaz – Ametrine
Ametrine is the combination of Amethyst and Citrine – the piece I have looks like one dropping into the other. This rune is of the Horse – taking care of, long journeys with a destination in mind and well mapped, and more but one aspect of it is also Horsing – being ridden by a spirit or God. This combination of Horse and Rider with a stone that is 2 at once felt perfect.

Mannaz – Garnet
Initially I wanted Amegreen for this rune, but it was harder to come by a piece I resonated with.
This is the stone of mankind, relationships, two Wunjo runes kissing, mediation, marriages, and all those inter-human relationships. Garnet with its blood, passion, groundedness, and more felt perfect.

Laguz – Coral
Another one I think is a bit of a given.

Ing – Carnelion
I have piece of carnelian that just felt perfect – it is bitten all over with golden lines marking the deep red of it. It felt very strong of the Sacrifice, Blood, Offering, Sex, Seed, and Kingship related to this rune.

Daeg – Blue Goldstone
This one threw me off. When I pulled out my stones, this particular piece of dark blue flecked all over with glittery gold demanded inclusion. When I galdred Daeg, it spoke up. But it was so dark! I thought, surely I was wrong – shouldn’t Daeg be something yellow, sunny…no. this was the transformation from night to day – and, the stone said, those transformations usually include a dark night of the soul first. I’ll paint this rune with gold once I carve it so that it is better seen.

Othala – Hearth Stone
So, some of the runes demanded a bit more care in where they came from. I couldn’t just go buy a crystal and carve it. Othala was one of them. She wanted a stone that was from the home, preferably the heart. I had a piece already that would work – white granite from when the people who built this house created the exterior and parts of the interior. She was satisfied with my choice.

Ear – Gravestone
Another I couldn’t just buy. I ended up dealing with a pesky haunting because of collecting this rune – one that I sent packing with relative easy but unnerving all the same so here is your reminder to leave offerings and cleanse heavily before coming home after doing cemetery work. (Before you ask, I didn’t cleanse as early as I should have).

Ac – Petrified Wood
Ac is the Oak tree, the Forest Jotun, Angrboda is her friend. If petrified wood cannot be found – iron wood, oak, or other very strong wood should be used. A piece of a wooden weapon or a bo staff is also good.

Ior – Serpentine
This rune so closely related to the Midgard Serpent Jormangandr needed to be something snake related. I initially wanted snakeskin jasper but the piece of serpentine that I found was perfect.

Os – Laps Lazuli
I connect this rune with Odin, lips wet with the mead of poetry, as well as Bragi with his rune carved tongue dripping honeyed apple wine and blood. For such divine communication, I chose regal Lapis Lazuli.

Yr – Bog Iron
This is the rune of the craftsman and archer so I chose Iron. Initially I planned on perhaps a piece of blacksmithed iron from my husband’s workings or perhaps a bodkin arrow that’s been dulled down. Instead I got something closer to home – marsh iron from near where I live. The kind of iron our ancestors would have pulled from to make some of their weapons.

Cweorth – Basalt
Fiery lava rock that speaks of fire and ashes is perfect for the rune of the funeral pyre.

Chalc – Moonstone
The fae like chalice matched up with my milky-white moonstone well.

Stan – Keystone or Cornerstone
Another piece of pretty gray granite, this one taken from a foundation stone of the house we live in.

Gar – Arrowhead or Spearhead
A piece of napped stone too large to be an arrow head but too broken to confirm it was a spear. Speaks of handmade weapons, former sharpness, slicing through the membrane separating us from the Gods.

Where Do I Go From Here?

I’ve picked and gathered my stones. Now I will carve them while galdring and make an offering to each one. The offerings will include home brewed mead or mugwort ale (depending on how it turns out), blood, and an herb associated with each rune. The herbs will then be combined into a pellet incense (similar to and inspired by kyphi which is a pellet incense with a honey, fruit, and wine base). I will share my herb associations and incense recipe in a later post.

Have you made your own rune set? How did you choose the material?
What is your favorite Anglo Saxon Rune Set resource?
Please comment below!

Sunwait: A Heathen Advent

I first heard of Sunwait from a fellow Heathen friend. I saw her post her FUTHARK candles and asked what this was all about. She directed me to Vantljusstaken’s page. There I learned about Sunwait and became inspired by this modern idea of Heathen Advent.

Why Heathen Advent?

I can’t speak for everyone but my kid is in a holiday frenzy so I need a count down. Not only does it allow him to feel like we’re already celebrating, it also helps me bring in our faith and stories during times when he is inundated with secular and religious Christmas concepts.

This helps me too. Yule is a big deal in our home. Not only does it give us a chance to celebrate and give thanks and offerings to our Gods, Ancestors, and Wights, but it helps us balance our lives in Christian family/culture. Leading up to Yule, a Heathen Advent allows me to prepare that Northern Tradition mindset, get into the spirit of the thing, and make me feel less overwhelmed by all the secular commercial hubbub.

But There’s No Lore

I’ve seen a little bit of backlash about Sunwait. A bunch of Heathen Recons saying that the concept of a Heathen Advent is preposterous and demanding that those of us celebrating conjure up some lore to explain ourselves.

I’m not a reconstructionist. I love reading lore, archeological findings, poetry, etc but its not the foundation of my beliefs. The Gods, the spirits, and my ancestors are the foundation of my beliefs. In that vein, setting aside some time weekly during a season when things get hectic in order to celebrate what truly matters – I am certain our ancestors would be proud and I know my Gods don’t mind. Honoring the Gods, spirits, and Ancestors is DEFINITELY in the lore.

Besides – since when is stagnation something to be admired? Why not create new traditions so long as they are founded in piety?

How We Celebrate Sunwait

I saw that many celebrants of Sunwait were focusing on weekly rituals, most of them on Thursdays (Thor’s Day). These usually involve a lighting of one of six candles. Each of the candles are often marked with one of the first 6 FUTHARK runes (Feoh, Urux, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raidho, Kenaz).

I chose to celebrate on Friday (Frigga’s Day). This would end my Sunwait celebration on Mother’s Night (December 20th), which also happens to be my birthday. I’ve been told I’m not the only person to do it on this night.

Each Friday I have/am lighting 1 candle. 1 chose 5 black tea lights and 1 white taper. These I am anointing with flax seed oil and setting individual intentions. I admit now, I’m playing this all a little by ear since, as I’ve said, there’s no lore around it.

The First Night of Sunwait

The first night, last Friday, I did a deep and thorough cleaning of my Ancestor and Frigga (and Her handmaidens) altars. That night, I lit a candle for the Ancestors, specifically the Disir as well as left offerings to them and to Frigga. Over the weekend, I did some genealogy work in offering to them and my descendants. I also did some bone throwing asking for some aid in that work – specifically regarding a branch of the family I have a difficult time connecting with.

This past week has been very interesting. Both my husband and myself have received a lot of messages, synchronicity, and inspiration that we both attribute to our Sunwait focus.

The Second Night and Onward

Tonight I light the 2nd candle and am focusing on Frigga and Her handmaidens – especially Fulla, Vor, Eir, Hlin, and Saga. Odin has also elbowed His way into much of my thoughts today so I am also honoring Him. My son and I baked some eggnog loaf that we are leaving slices of in offering.

In the weeks to come, I will likely do some more bone throwing, offerings, and Yule preparations. I will say that I feel more excited and grounded since starting this new tradition. This opposed to feeling grouchy about family Christmas and being inundated by the holidays whenever I leave the house.