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The Kink of the Week is all about Roleplay and Roleplaying. This is right up my ally as a kinky geek. I began roleplaying long before I had sex for the first time – it was part of my first experiences in BDSM online.

Does roleplaying have a place in your kink, either play or relationships? If so, is there one particular type of roleplay you do, or many?
Roleplay has a huge place in my kink/play/relationships – all together. I started out in the BDSM scene online in roleplaying forums and chatrooms. From there I found my space in vampire, furry, littlegirl/DaddyDom roleplay arenas and later even started out as a Domme/Switch in the same sites.

Do you roleplay online or in the flesh, or both?

Mr. Faust and I playing on IMVU

Do you roleplay with certain people and not others, or only in a certain kind of scene?
Offline- I am very particular about who I play with. The play can be intense (Bondage, impact play, sex) and I only play with people I am in a relationship of some sort with.
Online- the anonymity of online play and the lack of physical connection frees me up to play with others a little more. Even then, though, I am very particular – I won’t cybersex with men, the use of proper spelling and grammar is a must, and I won’t do certain rp scenes like incest or anything that breeches my hard-limits.

What role(s) do you enjoy, and are there roles you’d like to explore?
I am a Switch and the roles I enjoy most vary depending on mood and partner:
With Mr. Faust I am his good girl, his slave, his pet, etc
I like being a Dominant Little Girl – usually a big sister to a bad little boy or girl
I also love Vampire roleplaying
Recently I was introduced to the idea of being Little Red Riding Hood to a Big Bad Wolf

How does roleplaying fit in with your dynamic, and what do you get out of it?
What I get out of it and how it fits depends on the rp scene and my role.
If I am a bottom and the scene involves some sort of BDSM or sex, I get gratification of pleasing my top and of being thoroughly used.
If I’m a Top and say the scene is a nurturing or teaching one, I get the gratification of taking care of someone else.
The Top and bottom scenarios can be in any setting from Age Play to Vampire.

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