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I was quoted on Fatherly in an article about Best Sex Positions for older people. I saw the request for quotes in HARO (help a reporter out) and thought it would be a good follow up after my blog post about best sex positions for fat people.

Of course my full quote I emailed wasn’t used so I thought I would share here:

I think that as we get older we are more aware of our body’s limitations. As someone who not only has chronic hip pain but also has a partner with joint pain, we have had many experiences of working around these situations as well as those of fatigue, fibromyalgia, and more with other partners.
The best thing we recommend is no matter the position – make sure you have open communication with your partner about what feels good, what doesn’t, and be open to switching things up even in the middle of sex. Experimenting not only with positions but kinds of sex can really help.
Doggy style really helps when my hip pain flairs up but isn’t necessarily great for someone with knee problems.
Consider investing in a sex pillow or incline pillow to help with support during sex.
Mutual masturbation is a fabulous way to enjoy sex with a partner when one or more are having any sort of fatigue or pain problems. This way, you body get off, know what feels good, can turn each other on with a show, and can concentrate on connecting without pressure physically or mentally. Next month
(May) is Masturbation Month, btw, so perhaps this method will help celebrate.

It was really awesome being quoted alongside Kayla Lords, a sex blogger I look up to.

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