Spring Lubrication

Spring Lubrication Rain Pools the garden

After some sex magic and ritual work last night for the Venus Lilith Conjunction Full Moon, I woke up feeling sore but energized with focus. I hope you did too, darling.

Its raining today – an undulation between a drizzle and a downpour, flooding the yard with pools. Going out, it felt like spring despite what the calendar said (I don’t know if its because of global warming or just south-eastern USA climate or both). It felt like spring rain and it got me to thinking about spring.

I danced in the rain a little, swaying my hips in a figure 8 to loosen those joints that are the epicenter of most of my chronic pain. The rain made rattle rhythm on the roof, doves in the cherry tree and crows in the beech added their cacophony, and the splashing all around me was good dance music.

Spring is lubrication season. Its the time when warmth stirs and the sap rises in nature. Earths deep ache begins to grow and She becomes wet in preparation of the hot thrusts of summer that lead to the drenching orgasm of autumn.

How does this relate to our own sexual rhythms? Our dry seasons, our wet seasons. Embrace them. The Earth doesn’t worry about wanting to rest instead of produce orgasmic quivers of wet need. We shouldn’t either. Rest, when you want to. If you want to do more than rest but your body is stuck or dry or constricted and wont loosen with moist readiness – make some choices to help your body out. Drink a relaxing nervine infusion (oat straw and chamomile is a great option), eat an aphrodisiac truffle (recipe here), and grab your favorite lube.

Enjoy the Spring Lubrication

Dance in the rain, take a bath with rain water, tree water (birch if you can get it), express gratitude for the transition from the pillow talk snuggles of winter into the foreplay of the coming season. Do some foreplay with yourself – get yourself good and hot and wet before masturbation or sex (or both).

Whats your favorite lube? Comment below

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