Add More Lube

When in Doubt, Add More Lube! There are no rules as to the amount of lube you can or should use but, you really can’t use too much lube. I’ve even seen adult lube wrestling (it’s really fun, you should check it out if there are any matches in your area).

Whether it’s sticky, slick, warming, cooling, or strawberry flavored, lube should be everyone’s best friend. It is definitely the most versatile and beneficial tool in the sex toy box. Not only can lube be fun it also helps us to have safer, more comfortable sex.
Masturbating, having the most vanilla sex ever, or are experimenting with contortionist positions – lube it up!

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Add More Lube
“I’ll Bring The Lube Hun”

My favorite lube? It all depends on the play but the one I reach for most is Good Clean Love – check out my review here.