Venus Lilith Conjunction

Blessed Full Moon! This one is especially powerful and grand as not only is it a Super Moon but also during the conjunction of Venus in Aries and Lilith in Pisces. I’ll share what these amazing energies mean in a moment but know that I’ll end the post with something practical you can do for those of you reading this and going “That’s great and all but what do with this information?” Been there, understand, bear with me.

Venus in Aries

Venus, the Goddess of Love and Sensuality and, yes, Magic is in fiery and aggressive sign of Aries. A great time for lust, being spontaneous (one night stand?), and enjoying yourself (hot baths are a must). Fantastic for Valentines Day/Lupercalia!

Lilith in Pisces

Lilith, aka the Dark Moon, in Pisces is all about intuition, integrating the shadow self, and not hiding your psychic abilities behind a mask of normalcy. Dive deep into the dark waters of the soul complex, don’t turn away from the skeletons lurking there but move forward to find the real treasure. Don’t give a fuck about what anyone else says about this self exploration – you don’t need their input right now.

Venus and Lilith

Independent, sexual, and soul-full Goddesses coming together in partnership. I like to imagine Venus in her spicy Aries, going out and taking no prisoners, outfit complete with the perfect wingtip eyeliner and rose-gold highlights – Lilith in psychic chic with culottes and piercings, her black hair side shaved and the rest braided in a long rope to bind the unwary and her manicure razor sharp.

In the light of the Full Super Moon in Leo – bring all those manifestations and desires and goals and dreams into the light. Show them to the Goddesses like counting beads or presenting jewels or laying out clothes to decide what to wear for a night on the town. Let them see and help you cut through the bullshit and focus on the steps to take.

Whether you see them as besties, sisters, or lovers tonight – these Goddesses demand an honoring of the femme, of independence, of empowerment, of activism with a heavy dose of self-work and growth and doing it with flare.

Now is a good time for femme activism. Think WITCH.

Make a Venus Lilith Conjunction Talisman

On a piece of paper, draw the sigils for Venus and Lilith. You can do this however you like or that looks aesthetically pleasing to you. I will be painting Venus in Inca gold and Lilith in black with acrylic paints that I have on hand.

Venus Lilith Conjunction

Wrap this paper around a piece of onyx, garnet, or hematite for Lilith and a piece of copper, rose quartz, or emerald for Venus. This can also be a piece of jewelry containing these stones/minerals.

Add to the stones some dried red rose petals and mugwort. You can also burn these herbs and bath the stones in the smoke OR make an infusion of the herbs and spritz the stones and yourself with them (or add them to a bath before your working or all of the above and more depending on how elaborate you want to make the working).

Invoke Venus and Lilith. You can use whatever invocations you like. I am personally a fan of the Orphic Hymn to Venus and inspired by this ritual to Lilith for my invocations.

Wrap the stones and herbs in the bundle and leave it so that it is present before the Full Moon. (If you have bad weather, settle for in front of a window.)


I don’t have those stones or minerals or herbs! What do I do? – Draw the sigil on paper, clay, whatever object you can keep (this type of sigil won’t keep as long but still usable in future workings). Paint it on a jar and fill with distilled or spring water and set out in the moon light. Paint it on yourself and embody those energies.

I don’t honor Venus or Lilith specifically in my practice – can I still do this? Sure. If you would like, call upon the Gods and spirits you do honor and ask them who would like to be called upon for this working such as Freya, Gullveig, Inanna, Hekate, Baphomet, and the list goes on. What femme deity with a dark side that works with love, lust, magic, etc do you connect with?

What do I do with the talisman tomorrow/in the future? Use it like a battery filled with the charge of the Venus Lilith Conjunction. Add it to activism spells, lust and glamor spells, spells and ritual for independence and empowerment, etc. If it needs a splash of strong femme energy of this nature, use it.

Discovery Astrology Scholarship: Sagittarius Sun Sign

The following is my short essay on my sun sign, Sagittarius, that I submitted for a chance to get a scholarship to Aeolian Heart’s astrology course Discovery. I am proud to say that I landed one of the coveted scholarship spots and am looking forward to starting the course!

Discovery: Sagittarius

This scholarship opportunity and topic came up for me at the same time as a series of posts on social media regarding Sagittarius that, to be blunt, pissed me off. As a believer in signs, synchronicity, and guides – I have no delusions, this happened for a reason. 

Most of my life, I haven’t related well to my sun sign. I blamed it on being born on the cusp of Capricorn, on my Taurus moon, or on how as we get older we tend to take on more traits of our rising sign (Gemini in my case). The fact is, I simply didn’t fit some of the stereotypes of Sagittarius portrayed in pop-astrology and, those that I did fit, often initially showed up in the shadow parts of my psyche. 

The most common descriptions of Sagittarius I’ve read is regarding our physicality and romantic partnerships. This makes sense in pop-astrology as these are two areas people focus on the most – how we look and who we’re in bed with. The problem is, other than being fuller in the hips and thighs, I don’t exactly follow a lot of the Sagittarius traits. I’m not an athlete (I hate sports) and my short, curvy physique is far from the tall, muscular builds so many astrologers try and claim I should carry. In fact, the only place I’ve read about Sagittarius gaining weight is that it happens when we’ve aged and do less of our athletic work – I’ve been one of the fat kids since I can remember. I’ve also read I am supposed to have thick hair, an open smile/face, and that I am graceful. None of these things are true. 

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarians are often portrayed as being incapable of commitment, incompatible with gentler signs, and unable to express interest in anything that is unrelated to them and their goals. While I agree with our obsessive nature and tendencies to jump from project to project head first, I don’t believe this to be related to our hearts. 

I often read about how I am incompatible with my Piscean partner. I can see how this might be with my fiery, get-it-done personality versus his dreamy procrastination. However, after ten years of commitment and helping him in his goals of becoming both a computer tech and a wood carver, I can’t possibly imagine judging our relationship as anything but compatible, balanced, and built to last. 

The part about Sagittarius being dominant and the varying levels of intimacy between Sag and Pisces has proven to be true. At first I didn’t want to admit to it. It wasn’t until after a lot of emotional and sexual exploring with my partner that we were able to figure out how to ride those waves between fire and water. I think the misunderstanding in pop culture regarding Sagittarius and Pisces is from the concept that commitment and trust are linked to monogamy and vanilla lifestyle (which has proven to not be a necessary connection with us and other “incompatible” partners we know). 

The one area I’ve always loved that is associated with Sagittarius is our near obsession with religion and philosophy. Sadly, this trait was so often portrayed to me as being part of two extremes: fanatic evangelical of any religion we choose or flaky, starry-eyed spiritualist who can barely hold a conversation. In the place of choosing between being part of a cult or the real-world version of Firenze, the sighing centaur from Harry Potter, I chose to opt out. I simply didn’t identify with this form of spirituality.

Much like with other aspects of Sagittarius, I was better able to understand this train by looking at it in a different way. Our culture so often associates religion and philosophy with old men mumbling over scrolls and tomes in a patriarchal, droning boy’s club. I found my love for philosophy, religion, and spirituality flourished instead in the feminine aspects of turning inward in darkness, seeking answers of life and rebirth by looking at the natural order of birth and death, and seeking the truth in areas that were socially unacceptable (though this could be more my Pluto in House 6 talking). 

Yes, I love old books on religion and studying various beliefs and practices but my enthusiasm is far more vibrant than the mustiness of cathedrals. My discussions on philosophy tend to be more breathless and excitable than lecturing professors in tweed. I might look at the stars like Firenze but I do so with my root chakra grounded and one eye on how I intend to use the information I learn.  

While it took time for me to embrace my fiery Sagittarian personality, I understand that this is simply part of the the very Sagittarius goal of finding balance. The centaur’s desire to balance primal and spiritual and the archer’s balance between the pull and the release. In my case, the balance of the cultural, surface understanding and the deeper meanings behind my sun sign. I might take issue with some of the shallower pools of astrological detail but, like a Sag, my questioning mind and primal instincts both carry me deeper. 

Write for Mercury's Sake!

It is that time again – Mercury in Retrograde! For many this time means communication disorganization, technology failures, and grumpy goblins possessing normally happy and chipper people.
Books and websites and blogs on astrology and magic often notes that this is a time to avoid new endeavors, important paperwork, and communication and technology in general. If Mercury in Retrograde was a tarot card I’d name it The Hermit in reverse – forced solitude and the crotchety bastard next door.

Of course during this time period, I got the urge to do everything I was advised against! I don’t know if this is because I love Mercury’s trickster side or if its because of my ornery Sagittarian nature. So, instead of avoiding communication and technology, I cling to it. I created a website, work on my social media accounts, call my mom long distance, and sit on my stack of pillows, cradling my laptop against my pregnant belly and WRITE!

Today I spent the morning tending my herb garden, sunbathing while making notes in one of my aromatherapy books and journaling. I texted and called Damon, my mom, and my sister in law over nonsense things like “remember to buy sponges” and “how goes the house cleaning?” Then I ate a quart of strawberries and wrote 2000 words on the book I’m currently working on. I pulled out one of my favorite writing inspirations – SARK’s Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper and read for an hour to avoid cleaning house. Between chapters I grabbed some water, cleaned up a little, lit a lavender candle, then grabbed my laptop to write yet another book idea up along with some notes. After exhausting that idea, and procrastinating further on cleaning, I returned to SARK’s book. Here I read a wonderful note about writing is part creating words to write and part moving the tools (actual writing). SARK said something about a pen with wings and this triggered an idea…

Often Mercury or Hermes is depicted with or just as the symbol of a staff with wings – the caduceus. What if Mercury’s symbol for me was not the medical staff but the tool of communication – a pen with wings!
So I doodled in my journal a bit, drawing the pen my midwife gave me in my birth center swag bag, which is a wonderful peaceful and communicative blue and added some wings to it. I drew this, of course, with the pen that I was depicting.

As I drew, and breathed in the lovely aromatherapy of my lavender candle and listened to the cranes bicker outside my window, I wondered what Mercury would think of me during this crazy time of retrograde. would he think I’m too bold and is preparing some crazy computer crash or miscommunication to knock me off my course? Or does he like my brash nature and grin down at me from his winged heights as I type away on this blog post that is already too long to be allowed. (I hope it is the latter)

Another thing SARK says in her book is that writing is a Daring process. It is preposterous that we put our words out there with the audacious idea that someone might actually want to read them!
What is mischievous Mercury but DARING! He is the god of thieves and tricksters! He dares to fly when others walk or crawl. He dares to be the message bearer even when the message doesn’t want to be heard! So perhaps, retrograde is a great time to dare a little with communication…

I think about how daring I must be to write a book…much less a book about a topic on which other books have already been written! I think about what my lil baby in my womb might think and even ask “Lil Caleb, is your mommy crazy to be writing?” I wonder what he will think about his paper and ink sibling when he emerges into this wild world. I wonder what he will think of Mercury in Retrograde; if he will be a grumpy goblin or daring the insanity like his momma. I think about how daring it is to write about writing here on this blog post. Little voices ask “what if you never publish?” or “what if they hate your book?” and here I’m writing about this book as if it is set in stone that it will be created. I dare to dream that it is already in my hands, created and published and being read my hundreds.

I can’t help but smile a little when I write and I light my candles and send up a little prayer to the god of communication, thieves, business, and trickery. Ease my self-doubts about writing. Let me be bold and brash like you and wave my freak flag merrily as I send my words out to the world. Give me many many winged pens that I may move my tools without care of criticism. May I keep my grin even when others are grumpy. Give me aid as I risk the stars and reach forward to communicate. So may it be.