Package Preparations

This is the beginning of the next installation of the Nerdy, Dirty, and Curvy series I’ve been working on. Originally published this glimpse during Smutathon. Despite the dubious ending here, the longer short story had definite happily ever after vibes.

Elodie opened her toy chest and looked over her options. If she was doing a video she would have chosen a newer, showier piece – a huge tentacle dildo or a lightsaber vibrator. But it was just her tonight and the point was to get off not show off. She pushed a few brightly colored items aside and reached for her favorite vibrator. It was one of the first she ever bought but still going strong – a pink, silicone tongue shape about the length of her hand.
Pulling off her shorts, she went to the dresser where she laid out the panties she needed to wear. They were simple white bikini cut with a tiny satin bow in the front. She’d bought them as part of a pack and took pictures for her site but that was the only time she’d worn them. A client was requesting them now, well used.
Taking off the rest of her clothes, she pulled the panties on and plopped onto her bed. It squeaked a little under her – the benefit or take away of having an old fashioned brass bed, depending on how you looked at it. Her cam clients loved the bed. It had a blend of nostalgia and added audio sensory to her porn. Each squeak let them know of her thrusts and movements.
Sprawling out comfortably, she pushed the single button on her vibrator twice to put it on the medium speed setting. Bringing it between her legs, she teased her pussy lips through the crotch of her white panties. It didn’t take long to tease her clit and labia into tingling attention.

Closing her eyes, Elodie brought up an old memory. It was from years ago, but the first time she fooled around with a girl was still a memory that got her off even now.
Circling, her clit with the vibe she let herself relax into it.

It was the year before she started college. Newly adults, she and her best friend were doing the things they enjoyed most – gaming, watching anime, and chilling out in Vanna’s basement. Vanna was butch, nerdy, and adorable in a way that sadly few people seemed to noticed. Few people other than Elodie, that is.
Vanna was playing a video game, a new one that she was eager to beat but years later Elodie would forget the name of. Elodie was sprawled on the old sofa, drinking Mountain Dew and watching her friend. Both were avoiding the conversation that was on their minds – soon they would be splitting up. Vanna was accepted into MIT and Elodie was going to Berkley. A nation between them after years of being practically inseparable.

Sliding off the couch, Elodie joined Vanna in the floor, sitting close enough their knees and elbows touched. “Anything you wanna do before you leave for school?”
Vanna pushed her glasses up and ran a hand through her chin-length hair that always looked like it needed brushed. “I dunno. Might hit Jay’s shop a last time and give him shit for not letting me see his Suspense Comics number 3 he claims he has but everyone knows he doesn’t.”
Biting her lip, Elodie leaned in so their shoulders touched.
“Why, what about you?” Vanna asked, glancing at her with a raised brow.

If it had gone down years later, when Elodie was more immersed in consent culture as a sex worker, she would have asked first. As it was, she was too scared to think twice when she kissed her best friend.
Vanna’s lips were chapped and she tasted like orange soda. These were the things Elodie remembered vividly as she stroked her vibrator against her dampening panties.
At first, Vanna sat their stunned. When Elodie pulled back, barely an inch, they stared at each other and Vanna’s glasses fogged slightly with their breath.
Before Elodie could apologize for her impulsiveness, Vanna leaned in and did the unthinkable – she kissed Elodie back.

The first kisses were hesitant and exploratory. It wasn’t Elodie’s first kiss. That had been Tommy Kemp behind the bleachers in junior high. Tommy’s kiss was open mouth and slobbery. Vanna’s was softer than that.
When Elodie opened her mouth, Vanna responded with nipping her bottom lip. She pulled back and looked Elodie’s face over as to make sure the tiny bite was ok before leaning in to kiss her again. Slowly, Vanna reached up to cradle Elodie’s face in her hand, rubbing her jaw with the pad of her thumb.
Taking a silent queue, Elodie raised her hands to Vanna’s shoulders and neck. She could feel her friend’s pulse in her neck, thrumming harder and faster than the video game sound effects in the background.
Out of breath, Elodie pulled back and smiled.

“How long?” Vanna asked, her voice raspy as she pushed her glasses up from where they’d slid down her nose.
Shrugging, Elodie couldn’t recall a specific time that she knew she wanted her best friend. “Always maybe? Definitely at my sixteenth birthday party.”
Vanna blushed and looked down at her lap.
No one else had showed up to Elodie’s sweet sixteen because that bitch Brittany Marsh told the class Elodie was a slut. Vanna came though. She insisted Elodie have the best night and said they could do whatever she wanted. They ended up sneaking out of Elodie’s house and went skinny dipping in the neighbor’s pool. Vanna had been too shy to take off her underwear but Elodie remembered well how her friend had looked in the dim light from the nearby street lamps.

Package Preparations - Masturbation Monday - underwater pool image of a femme body in a bikini
Masturbation Monday week 265 image by Haiku

“You?” Elodie asked, feeling her nervousness return.
Vanna had shrugged and laughed hoarsely. “Always. Since we were kids.” She had looked so small and vulnerable then. She opened her mouth a few times as if to tell Elodie something else but ended up only shaking her head.
Unwilling to let this go, Elodie leaned in and kissed Vanna’s lips softly. She feathered kisses along Vanna’s jaw to her earlobe. Teasing Vanna’s ear with her teeth, she moved her mouth down along her friend’s neck, making Vanna shiver.
“Elodie,” Vanna had whispered and the memory of her name said so softly with need made Elodie buck her hips towards her vibrator and moan.
Vanna’s hands came up and Elodie half expected her friend to push her away. Instead, they ran over her back, up to her shoulders and down along her collar bone.

“I…can I touch you?”
Sitting up, Elodie had been surprised by the request but definitely not opposed. She smiled and, as she nodded her consent, she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it quickly up over her head. Shaking out her dark curls, she looked at Vanna questioningly.
Vanna only stared at her a moment. Her eyes went down to Elodie’s breasts cupped in her plain white bra. It would be another year before Elodie discovered the fun of lingerie and cute underwear but Vanna didn’t seem to mind the plainness when she raised her fingers up to the edge of the cup.
Raising her hand, Elodie caressed her tits as she recalled how Vanna had touched her – first through the barely padded bra then pulled it down to cup her fully and run her thumbs over her nipples.

“Do you wanna see more?” Elodie asked when she decided to discard her bra.
Wide eyed, Vanna nodded. Elodie stood up and pulled off her jeans and socks then her panties. She remembered already being wet, wetter than she was now, teasing her pussy on her bed. She didn’t shave or wax then but, again, Vanna didn’t seem to mind.
Sitting back down, Elodie leaned in and kissed Vanna again. Their kisses were harder this time, needy. Vanna played with her breasts and, tentatively, Elodie took one hand and brought it down to her inner thigh. Taking the lead from there, Vanna reached between her legs and stroked Elodie’s wet pussy. Like their first kisses, the touch was a gentle exploration of labia and clit. Slowly, she slipped two fingers into Elodie and made her gasp.
“Did I hurt you?” Vanna asked, pulling her fingers out.
Shaking her head, Elodie pushed Vanna’s hand back. “No. It feels good.” It had felt so much better than when Elodie masturbated. She hadn’t expected that.
Vanna’s hands weren’t skilled like Elodie’s later lovers. She didn’t know how to find Elodie’s g-spot or stroke her until she came. But those tentative touches were enough to make Elodie soak her panties with an orgasm years later.
Shaking and arching against her vibrator, Elodie moaned her former friend’s name. The crotch of her panties soaked with cum, making the tip of her vibrator wet as well.

As she came down from her orgasm, Elodie pushed the vibe’s button until it switched off. It was then, in the shaky aftermath, that the rest of the memory came to her.
“Can I?” Elodie had asked, wanting to do the same to Vanna. She pulled at Vanna’s t-shirt, wanting to see her naked too.
Vanna pulled her hands back and looked away as if ashamed. She hesitated and shook her head finally. “I don’t think I can get naked in front of you.”
Elodie hadn’t understood. Suddenly aware and embarrassed of her nakedness, she crossed her arms and covered herself. It made no sense to her. Vanna was skinnier and cute as hell even with the tomboy clothes, bad haircut, and thick glasses.
Before Vanna could find a way to speak up, Elodie pulled her clothes on. She made some excuse, something about needing to meet up with her mom.

Package Preparations - a mailbox with side of a house lawn and driveway in backgroun

Thinking back, she wished she’d tried to make Vanna explain. Why had they kissed? Why had Vanna touched her if she didn’t want her? It was one of only a handful of regrets Elodie had. Like student loans, however, there was nothing she could do about it now.
Sliding her sticky panties off, Elodie slid her fingers over her bare, wet cunt with a sigh. It was just a memory.
Tossing the panties into a pink gift bag, she added a business card with her site info, some logo stickers, and a handwritten note thanking her client for buying and wishing him wet daydreams. This she put into a plain brown box with the discreet return address: ELLO.
Pulling in her ragged shorts and an of t-shirt, she put the small package in her mailbox, lifted the flag and smiled at her morning’s work completed.

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Bend Over Fan Girl

Content Notice: This piece of erotica is entirely fiction despite references to real events like Free Comic Book Day. Any similarities to real people or places are entirely accidental.
Both characters are of the age of consent despite pet names like “little girl” and neither are related despite the use of the term “Daddy.” Here “Daddy” is not related to the character’s gender but part of their Dominant/submissive roleplay. All actions described are meant to be understood as done with consent. Please enjoy

“I just love your blog.”
Raleigh looked up and forced a smile. It was rare when a guy recognized her from her blog and cam modeling work online but when it did, she tried not to be a nervous wreck. Being at her day job didn’t help. “Thanks,” she said, glancing at the customers milling about the comic books and games behind him. She hoped not too many would overhear the conversation. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of being a cam model, but there were kids in the store.
“I’m your biggest fan,” the guy went on. He was tall and decent looking though not Raleigh’s type. His Captain America shirt filled her field of vision as he moved closer to the display counter she was rearranging. “I was wondering -”
“I think you’re wrong there, chief,” a familiar voice interrupted from behind Raleigh. “I’m her biggest fan.”

Turning, Raleigh couldn’t hide her open mouthed surprise. “Canis! What are you doing here?”
Standing just at the end of the L shaped counter was a tall platinum blonde woman in leather pants and jacket looking ready for a rock concert, not a comics event despite the “Han Shot First” statement on her black t-shirt. “Well, I couldn’t miss free comic book day, now could I? I hear there’s a free Vampirella.” She gave her girlfriend a cocky grin before opening her arms.
Raleigh plunged into Canis’ hug and sighed. It had been a few weeks since they last saw each other. Despite loving that Canis was able to pursue her musical dreams, Raleigh hated being apart. “I missed you,” she murmured against the black leather.
“Take a break,” Canis said, a gleam in her dark eyes.
Raleigh looked across the main room to Eric, her business partner. He gave her a smile and waved towards the back storeroom as if shooing the couple off. Before she could excuse herself from the customer still watching them with a sullen look, Canis grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear, “Come on. I got a present for my girl.”

The way Canis said my girl made Raleigh weak in the knees. She nodded and led Canis towards the back of the store towards the door with an Employees Only sign. Shutting it behind her she moved past the office as employee bathroom and on to the larger, quieter stock room.
The room was dimly lit with fluorescent lights that needed new rods more than a month ago. Raleigh pushed some of the half empty boxes out of their way and looked around to see if there were any chairs. Before she could rethink going to the office, Canis moved behind her and ran her hands down Raleigh’s waist.

Bend Over Fan Girl
Star Wars Silicon Buttplug by Kinky Penguines (no affiliation)

“Doesn’t my girl want her present?”
Canis’ tone, a low almost growl, told Raleigh what her dominant lover had in mind. “Yes, Daddy,” she murmured softly.
One of Canis’ hands left Raleigh’s body, leaving a remnant of heat through the thin “Come to the Dark Side” tank top.
From her pocket, Canis pulled Raleigh’s present and held it out so she could see it.
Raleigh flushed as she eyed the black silicone butt plug. It was bigger than the beginner size she was used to. Canis turned it to show her that instead of a crystal base this one had the Alliance Starbird logo.
Thank you…” Raleigh whispered and went to take it from Canis’ hand. Her girlfriend closed her hand and held it away from her instead.

Masturbation Monday Week 244 Image by Floss Liddell and sponsorted by Hot Octopuss

“Bend over,” Canis ordered, her grin almost audible.
While Raleigh hesitated, she did as she was told. The hem of her pleated skirt brushed the back of her plump thighs as she bent. Canis’ free hand followed the hem and pushed the skirt up over Raleigh’s ass and settling it on her hip.
“Mmm hello there,” Canis murmured, running her palm over Raleigh’s R2D2 panties. “Planning on showing off what a good little fan girl you are today?”
While Raleigh had planned to take a few impromptu pics for her cam modeling account, she was hardly thinking of that right now. Instead her attention was twisted between how nervous she was about the size of that plug and how good it felt to have Canis touching her again after weeks apart.
Slowly, Canis pulled Raleigh’s panties down to reveal her luscious ass. Once over the tops of her thighs, Raleigh’s panties fell easily around her ankles, making her feel wonderfully vulnerable.
Raleigh focused on keeping calm as Canis moved around behind her. Despite taking soft, slow, deep breaths, she yelped when the cold drip of lube hit her ass hole.

“Hush now, little girl. Do you want your fan boys out there to hear you? Perhaps you’d like to come give them a show?” Canis’ slick, lube-covered finger ran over her tight opening. She knew she was working Raleigh up by appealing to her exhibitionism fetish. “Want them to see you bare and forced open? See what a good girl you are for me?”
Canis slid one finger inside Raleigh and watched as the red head trembled and took her inch by inch. Pulling it out she added more lube to press in two fingers this time, stretching her. “Relax sweetness. We don’t have much time before you have to get back out there.” Two fingers to the second knuckle before scissoring them ever so slightly. “Don’t want you walking funny because I had to ram your present in you too soon.”

Raleigh whimpered. “Daddy, please.”
“Please what?” Canis asked, her tone harsh but her expression that of wolfish glee.
“May I touch myself?” Raleigh spread her legs and bent forward a little more to show Canis just how needy she was.
“Is my little girl’s pussy wet?”
Raleigh nodded, her red ponytail bobbing.
“Spread it and show me.” Canis didn’t let up from stretching and stroking Raleigh’s ass as she watched.
Raleigh used two fingers to stroke her wet labia before spreading them wide, revealing every wet hole to her beloved.
“Mmm that’s a good girl.”

Canis pulled her fingers from Raleigh’s ass and took the butt plug from her pocket. She ran the silicone toy over Raleigh’s wet cunt, teasing her sensitive clit and needy hole. “Want it, baby?”
“Yes, Daddy,” Raleigh whimpered, rocking her hips back to try and coax the plug into her pussy.
“No no,” Canis chided and pulled the toy away. She coated it liberally with lube and ran the tip over Raleigh’s prepped anus. “Tell me you want it.”
“I want it, Daddy. Please, I want it.” Raleigh panted, aching to be filled.
Slowly, Canis pushed the plug into her little girl’s needy ass.
Raleigh whimpered, wiggled, and stamped her sneakers but her lover was insistent. Finally, a silent pop and the plug was in. Her anus closed over the plug, stoppered by the Alliance decal base.

“There, that wasn’t so bad,” Canis said, looking over her work.
Raleigh poured as she tried to adjust to the feeling. “For you, maybe.”
A loud smack filled the air and Raleigh’s ass cheek burned from the reprimand.
“Check yourself, little girl,” Daddy Canis said icily.
“Sorry, Daddy. Thank you.” Raleigh swallowed down any other bratty remarks she had.
Silently, Canis pulled her phone from her back pocket and shot a few photos of the wet scene before here. She directed Raleigh to look back over her shoulder so she could capture the wanton expression and red cheeks along with the lubed and filled ass and flush pussy. She sent these to Raleigh’s phone and directed the girl to take her panties the rest of the way off and hand them to her.

“Very pretty,” Canis said as she wiped a little lube off of Raleigh’s ass cheek with her panties. “Time to get back to work.” She pocketed the panties and pulled the door open.
Brushing her skirt back over her ass, Raleigh straightened and turned. She could feel the thick, heavy presence of the plug in her ass as she moved. “Oh no, Canis…I can’t leave this in…” Her voice faltered as her dominant gave her a cold glance.
After a moment, Canis smirked. “Take it out of it gets to be too much but if you’re a good girl for me and keep it in, I’ll make sure it’s not the only wet hole that’s filled tonight.”
With that, Canis turned and left, letting Raleigh decide her own fate.

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#MasturbationMonday: Trying Something Different

Trying Something Different for Masturbation Monday. Short, sweet, and a lil unlike my usual stories. Hope you enjoy.

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful by sub-Bee

Gregory answered the door and greeted the newest member of the local kink community. They’d chatted at the coffee meet ups and more online, late night messenger sessions discussing their kinks, smut they read, masturbating to each other’s words. Now Lydia was here.
He knew it was cliche – he was older and she was so fresh in her black leather skirt that hugged her thick thighs, her black sweater plunging at the collar to reveal her ample cleavage. Her black leather boots with the high heels that he requested she wear clicked on the hard wood when she entered.
Turning he put her coat up and gestured to the living room. There, before the Christmas tree, was the leather spanking bench and on the couch his toys. “As we discussed,” he said with a smile.
He watched Lydia take it all in, the holiday lights sparkling in her wide eyes. There was something so enchanting about seeing someone new get excited about this world – it made Gregory feel both jaded and rejuvenated.

“I don’t promise to be very good at this,” Lydia said softly.
He nodded and smiled with understanding. “I know. I do promise to be a very good boy though.”
She smiled then and turned to step away. From her coat pocket she retrieved the last thing to make this all perfect. “I brought you a present,” she hesitated by the tree. “I didn’t have time to wrap it though.” Looking the decorations over she made a decision and plucked a silver ball from the branches.
When she reached the spanking bench, she showed him his gift – a cock ring with the ornament strung onto it, hanging from its velvet ribbon.
Gregory laughed as he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to reveal he was commando and hard.
She looped the leather cock ring around his base and smiled at the hanging ornament resting on his sack. “Merry Christmas, boy.”
“Merry Christmas, Mistress”

#MasturbationMonday: Mouths Only Mistletoe

M is for Mistletoe by Molly Moore

Masturbation Monday week 222 kicks off my holiday season with the blog. Curling up with a cup of eggnog, listening to Christmas carols, browsing for gifts like butt plugs and floggers…ah, tis the season.

Mouths Only

Moira stood in the arch way, as sublime as any statue of Venus. The ropes tying her in place were festive in green, red, and gold. Decorative braiding, twists and knots laced around her body similar to the garlands on the tree behind her. Killian admired his work, tracing his fingers over the ties that held her large breast up and the braid that trailed over her plump belly to her hips where it disappeared between her thighs. He smiled at the whimper that escaped her lips, such a sweet noise. “Now for the final touch,” he cooed, turning away from her.

The decoration was handmade by a friend that had a wood crafting hobby. Killian hung it up in the archway, just above Moira, on the same hook that held the ends of her ropes and tethered her in place.
Stepping back he smiled at the scene. His submissive trussed up deliciously would be the first thing his guests saw when they entered their home for the holiday party. His sign, decorated with mistletoe, would direct them – Mistletoe Kisses: No Hands, Use Mouth Only.

Guests trickled in slowly and all loved Killian’s decorations. Some offered friendly-yet-chaste pecks in Moira’s wet mouth and red cheeks. Others were playful with a lick and a nip in her taught nipples or dimpled curves. Still others were naughty, exploring the folds of her pussy with their tongues before kissing her on the mouth to give her a taste of her own arousal. All wished her a happy holiday greeting before passing on towards the center of the house to enjoy the party.

#Masturbation Monday: Cutting Clothes Off

Welcome to my 2nd Masturbation Monday entry. If you missed my first one, you can find My First Strapon Experience here. I’m excited about week 221 because it inspired me to share about the time we played with Cutting Clothes Off.

Masturbation Monday

The prompt image this Masturbation Monday is from May More. I love teaser photos like this one, they probably get me going faster than most hardcore porn, tbh. What caught me the most was the rip in her tights. Immediately my mind went back to a play party I was working at and how a tear or two in my fishnets and tights inspired some knife play that left me bare and wet.

Cutting Clothes Off

February 2013 Mr. Faust and I were asked to help set up a rented cabin for a play party. The party was for the attendees to a series of classes taught by Jim Duval and PhoenixB. We didn’t attend the classes as our schedules wouldn’t allow for it, but we were happy to help set up and attend the party.
I made baked goods, something I love doing, helped direct the DJ in setting up, and cleaned up a bit. Mr. Faust put his muscled to work helping set up dungeon equipment including St. Andrew’s Cross, spanking benches, suspension rack, a whipping post and more.

The highlight of the night was a hook pulling involving labia as well as some needle play and plastic wrap mummification. I only got to play once however (being a voyeur was more than enough otherwise).

During the night I tore my tights. These are old tights, I should say. They saw a lot of action including my days as a go-go dancing at a cyber punk club. So tearing this wasn’t particularly painful, just annoying enough for me to mention to Mr. Faust.
As he looked at the tear and run along my inner thighs, I could see the gears working in his head. Without much need for discussion, my Dominant directed me to the nearby horse bench and positioned me to his liking.

Mr. Faust keeps sever pocket knives handy – a habit from boyhood. He took a couple of these out and sat them down where I could see them. As I gazed at these everyday items that had suddenly transformed into instruments of torture, he pulled up my skirt and ran his hand over my ass and thighs, getting a good feel of the texture of my tights and fishnets.
One of our play partners got permission and took a few photos. I barely noticed them as Mr. Faust got to work. He teased my bare back with the open blades, hissing at me to keep perfectly still. He pointed out the dim lighting, the way I trembled, and how sharp his knives wore. Each word escalated my fear and excitement. He could slice me open and as I slipped into sub-space I might have let him.

He began with the fishnets, making holes here and there, where he felt was the most fun, where I would feel it on ticklish areas and erogenous zones. My tights did little to buffer the sensation of cold, sharp steel on my ass and legs, behind the knee, along my feet, up my inner thighs to my pussy that I was certain was making a huge wet spot in my tights.

Tried as I might to conceal my anxiety and thrill – I whimpered openly as Mr. Faust began to slice and tear into my clothes. Cutting clothes off became a primal act the further we went. I don’t know how he was able to restrain himself once my tights were a mess of fabric at our feet. I was yanked up to standing position, told to kiss his blades before he closed them, each one slowly, and put them in his pockets. He then sent me to get some water and barely touched me after. Like some infernal edgeplay, I went the rest of the night without release until we got home.

Once home, Mr. Faust and our play partner had their way with me, telling me how turned on they were with each cut and each whimper. I had no way of expressing how much I ached during that scene for one of them to touch me roughly or sweetly but only received cold steel and low warnings.

#MasturbationMonday: My First Strapon Experience


Week 219 of Masturbation Monday is inspired by this beautiful photo from Petra Pan. The moment I saw it I was excited as this is my first #masturbationmonday story and what better way to start than with another first – the first time I used a strap on. 
The following story is a telling from my perspective of a real event. I have changed my ex’s name for privacy, I am also using the they/them pronoun for my ex as they have since decided to transition and it is their current preference. 

Groaning, I flopped over onto my side and did my best to quell my frustration. Jay stared up at the ceiling, their annoyance also evident.
“Porn makes this shit look easy,” Jay said, running their fingers through their mussed red hair. I could only agree as I glared at the harness around their hips and the glittering white unicorn dildo that sprung up from the center. There was nothing sweet or gentle about that damn unicorn, my bruised cervix was evidence.

Damien (Mr. Faust), watched the two of us with barely concealed amusement. He sat at the other end of the king size bed, shirtless and relaxed as a lion watching his pride wrestle without him. “Do you want my help, now?” He asked, his tone smug.
We’d already told him we had this, with the self assurance of two perverts who had been fucking dildos for a few years now. Having dated and fucked each other for a couple months, we figured, how hard could it be to do this hands free? Damn him and his smug face.

I looked from Damien to Jay and sighed. “What do you think?”
Jay looked at me, cupping my cheek in their hand. “I think I would really like to get you off but I don’t think I can do it with this,” they grabbed the dildo with their free hand and yanked it roughly, “without help.”

Without further permission, Damien crawled up the bed beside us. He smacked my thigh and told me to climb back on Jay. “Don’t mount it yet,” he said.
I did as told, holding myself above Jay with my hands on either side of their head. My own black demon falls fell forward and tickled their cheeks, making Jaw smirk up at me. “Once we figure this out, you are in so much trouble,” Jay teased. I only rolled my eyes at their bravado.

Damien moved behind me, his knees between Jay’s. With one hand he held the dildo and the other he placed on my hip. “Now, slide on slowly. We should probably start with you riding Jay rather than Jay fucking you. This will keep you from getting hurt and give you,” he now spoke to Jay, “a sense of how to move in her.”

We nodded as I lowered myself onto Jay’s cock. I felt the unicorn horn’s swirled girth spread me open again and winced at how sore I was already.
“Do you need lube?” Damien asked behind me but  shook my head. I was wet, just achy as I lowered myself down to the base.
“Good girl,” Damien said. “Now sit up on it.”

I frowned down at Jay, my worried about being too heavy for them returning. Damien was much bigger than both of us so riding him never worried me but Jay was smaller than me and the last thing I wanted was for them to only feel like I was crushing them under my weight.
Jay could read my worries all over my face – I never was one that could hide a damn thing. They rubbed my thick thighs then up over my belly to my breasts. I was the only one fully naked as Jay wore their sports bra and the harness covered most of their pelvis. “Its ok, baby. Ride me.”
With that encouragement, I slowly sat up. My back pressed against Damien’s chest and his hands settled on my waist.

I ride the dildo slowly, not wanting to put all my weight on Jay even then. It felt weird, like I was using Jay as a sex toy altogether rather than having sex with them. Jay didn’t seem to mind and smiled up at my, talking to Damien as they both watched me get off.
Jay groaned on about how hot it was to watch me ride them and Damien agreed.

Their hands on my thighs and hips urged me to ride Jay harder. “That’s it baby, bounce on my cock,” Jay urged as Damien ground his jean-covered hips against my bare ass. “That’s it, ride ’em,” Damien urged, his voice deep and causing his chest to vibrate against my back.

I got off, loudly, having to rely on Damien to help hold me up at the end. Jay almost applauded and was ready to fuck me rather than me just fucking the dildo.
With Damien’s help, I lay on my back and Jay returned the unicorn horn between my legs. We kept in full missionary, Damien explained that moving my legs up to Jay’s shoulders like they originally wanted to would only make the dildo ram me deeper and that wasn’t the goal right now.
Like before, Damien directed from behind but was now unbuttoning his pants and pulling his cock out. The harness around Jay’s hips was made up of nylon straps that chaffed my inner thighs and left the underside bare and open – giving Damien a good view of Jay’s ass and pussy as they bent over me.

Jay fucked me slowly, moaning into my ear as my tits bounced and brushed against their gray cotton bra.
Damien fucked Jay’s pussy doggy style, slowly so that by the time we got into it, he was directing each thrust – him into Jay, Jay into me. It was the first time we all felt like we were fucking together at the same time.

Afterwards, my inner thighs were raw. Jay and Damien helped me put salve on the marks and discussed what worked and what didn’t with that strap on. Jay was working at a sex toy store at the time and said they would look for a better option while kissing my thighs all better.