I was Roofied.

Last night I went to the Silver Fox Inn with my husband and girlfriend to celebrate the number of nice things that have happened to us this month including my girlfriend passing her Roller Derby assessments from Fresh Meat into Rookie and Sir’s getting a job that will pay for him to go to school for certification.
I don’t remember much but from what I was told we were having a great time, and I had made the statement that I was having a lot of fun because we hadn’t been out on a date in so long.

I hadn’t been drinking. I did order a Guiness but after a couple of sips I decided on a ginger ale instead with my burger. I didn’t think about my ginger ale being behind me while I watched Sir and Pup play pool. It wasn’t an alcoholic drink so I figured naively that no one would bother it.
I was wrong.

I started to feel queasy and a little dizzy. At first I wondered if I had somehow eaten something I was allergic to. Then my tongue began to go numb and I felt out-of-it and tired.
It was the blunt honesty that I have with Sir that saved me. I told him how I felt and he recognized the signs immediately from the days he was a bouncer and an EMT.

The rest of this telling is what was relayed to me as I do not remember.
Once in the car Damon checked my eyes and the dilation was off. He then instructed Pup to keep me awake while he ran to the store and then took us home. He carried me up the 3 flights of stairs to our apartment, changed my clothes, and kept to the arduous task of keeping me awake for the next few hours to ensure that I wouldn’t fall asleep and either 1. choke on my own vomit or 2. not be able to wake up…

What I do remember after that is waking up on the couch to Sir and Pup watching over me and telling them how tired I was. I honestly thought I had suffered some sort of allergic reaction to food or food poisoning and taken a benadryl and just didn’t remember passing out on the couch. I asked Pup how work went and later learned that me asking and continuing a conversation we’d had 6 hours prior scared her badly.

I told Sir how tired I was and after he made me drink some water, he took me to bed. It wasn’t until he woke me up because he was holding me so tight it was uncomfortable that I knew something was very wrong.
Finally he told me I had been roofied and I slowly pieced my night back together.
Sir blamed himself. He said as my husband and Dom he should have been more aware of my safety.
I blamed myself, I should have been smart enough to watch my drink.
My dear friend Leeanne pointed out the falacy in these beliefs. Its the fault of asshole who drugged me. I shouldn’t HAVE to watch my drink. I shouldn’t HAVE to be worried about being drugged.

I thought as a married woman, with people she was openly and obviously in a relationship with, and not drinking alcohol, I was safe. I wasn’t
Sir explained that he had seen it happen many times that some people put drugs in other people’s drinks because they think its funny to watch them afterward – not necessarily to date rape them.

I share this story because its scary to know someone is out there doing this to another woman…or man.

The following is an article for teens, but it pertains to all people. I wasn’t date-raped but I do sympathize with one of the girls interviewed, Jada, who was drinking water and thought because it wasn’t an alcoholic beverage there was no need to watch it.
What it Feels Like to be Drugged

My plea to all people going out – be careful. Watch your drinks, watch your friends – be clear of the warning signs of someone who has been drugged. That’s what kept me from getting hurt is the care and awareness of my loved ones.

P.s. Roofie jokes are no longer funny