Primal Tentacles #FantasySmutFriday

When my friend Charlton Todd shared that this Fantasy Smut Friday prompt was Tentacled Lover, I’m sure he knew he had me hooked. I have a tentacle fetish, as mentioned in my recent toy review. I’m also into Primal play (and I know Charlton is too) so I thought I’d combine these fetishes in my story: Primal Tentacles.
There’s just something about the idea of an appendage filling and wriggling around that I find arousing. Apparently I am not alone as tentacle erotica and hentai are a big seller in the monster sex subgenre of erotica.

Tentacle Lover

Primal Tentacles

Primal Tentacles

Misha tried to muffle her heavy breathing behind her hands as she stared out at the open field. Her erratic heartbeat pounded in her ears like a war drum, making it impossible to tell if any noises in the woods behind her were footsteps or her own imagination.

She knew going out into the open was a foolish idea, but she couldn’t see in the woods. The moon directly above her was barely half full and its light made everything grayscale despite the autumnal rage of colors that painted the woods during the day. If she lingered on the edge of the field, she might be able to rely on the moonlight a little longer.

How long? That was certainly the question but as adrenaline coursed through her, making her shake more than the cool breeze on her naked flesh, she couldn’t think clearly. All she could focus on was the knowledge that he was hunting her and he would surely find her.

That’s what his kind do, wasn’t it? Sorcerers of dark forests and wild hedgerows that hunt village maidens, fledgeling witches, and lone shifters. They could hunt them like their prey’s very skin sang to them through the shadows. For all Misha knew it did. The same way her body sang in achey tones when she first met him, the Sorcerer Alec.

A snap behind her, clear as a church bell, sent all thoughts flying from her head and her feet running. She didn’t worry about being in the open now, he’d found her.

It took Alec seconds to snatch Misha as she made her way into the open field. His words floated through the still night, a strange language sounded more like the growls and hisses of strange animals than any human man. They summoned dark shapes from the shadows that writhed and twisted, ready to do his bidding as his hands took hold of Misha’s flesh and threw her to the earth.

Misha struggled against Alec mindlessly as he pinned her down. His own bare body felt hard and cool as stone against her hot flesh. She wondered if she would somehow simply melt beneath him, every inch he touch felt like it would dissolve into a pool of need even as she fought against it.

Her nails found his arms, scratching at his flesh and reminding her that despite his power he was a man. As if to drive this knowledge home, his hips bucked against hers, sliding his hard cock against her ass.

His hand pressed against the back of her neck, grabbing a handful of her dreads as he pressed her upper body to the meadow floor. She tried to push back up but something stopped her. His shadows, minions of dark power, slithering up from the earth and over her body like cool, dry eels. The wrapped around her ankles, climbed up her thighs and their strength was his own, binding her.

Realizing that her chance of escape was now dismal, Misha let out one last attempt to break his hold. She arched and threw her weight up against him but only managed to shove her breasts against his arm and press the head of his cock between her ass cheeks.

Alec groaned against her neck and hissed, “Submit,” as he shoved her back down with his whole body. The moment her body relaxed beneath his, Alec bit her neck and made his claim. She whimpered and the sound alone seemed to sent the shadows into a frenzy against her body. Misha was his, was theirs, fully.

Pulling back, Alec looked down on his capture. Her skin shone in the moonlight, a darker gray than his own, sweat making her glisten. His night eyes made out the outline of his bite mark and a few bruises just beginning to show. A flick of his wrist and the tentacles he’d summoned wriggled over her, yanking her arms and gathering her dreads into a firm hold.

He took his time sliding off of her, enjoying her warmth and the scent of her all too much to rush this. With a simple movement of his hand, the tentacles stretched his prey out before him. No matter how she tried, she could not curl in on herself and hid any part from him or the moonlight. She couldn’t hide her heaving breasts with her dark nipples taught, or the tell-tale glisten between her legs.

The tentacles wriggled along her limbs, covering them even as they revealed by stretching her out completely. Misha whimpered at both the exhibition she’d become as well as the feel of those cool creatures that were moving against her skin. Looking Alec over, she hoped to find some sort of compassion but none was found. He stood still as the night itself, watching her with a menacing glint in his eye. A coil of tentacles wound its way up his own legs, stroking his engorged cock as another disappeared behind him.

Misha quickly developed an idea of what the other tentacle was doing when one made its way up her thigh and caressing the cleft of her ass. She cried out as she felt the cool limb press into her and, without lube, opening her and filling her. It didn’t hurt but that did not ease the violating, full sensation it gave her.

Before she could get used to the feeling of being fucked by the inhuman limb, Alec captured her attention again. He moved against her faster than she expected. His hands roamed roughly, scratching and grasping at the folds of her flesh, the fullness of her breasts and hips. She could feel each abrasion and bruise under his aggressive claiming hands. A scream was muffled by another tentacle, winding through her dreads and up her jaw to her mouth. It was tasteless and cold but caused her jaw to ache as it fought her own tongue. She didn’t dare bite, for fear it would sympathetically harm its summoner. Looking past its shadow, she saw Alec’s face a mere inch from her own. It was scratched and sweaty and fierce.

The tentacle around Alec’s cock fell away as he took it in hand. Slowly, he ran the tip over the slick folds of her pussy before thrusting into her. He didn’t prepare her anymore than that. He fucked her hard and fast, with no mercy. He watched her between bites on her breasts and collar, reveling in the soft submission in her eye and the whimpers and cries from her beautiful mouth. Tears fell and he licked these away, tasting all of her. 

Misha knew, somewhere in the distant back of her mind that could think past her over-sensitized and overstuffed pussy and ass, she would spend hours in the morning rubbing her healing hearth-witch salve on herself and Alec to alleviate the soreness from their chase and fucking. That was a million years away, long after the beast within her lover-captor was sated.

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