Sensual Wicca Tarot Review

I recently purchased the Sensual Wicca Tarot after lusting after it for months. I loved the few images I’d seen, the artwork, the representation, and, of course, the sensuality made it a deck I knew would really help my work.

What I Love

Its purple! No really, purple is one of my favorite colors. To me it speaks of power, magick, passion, and luxury.

The art by Elissa Poggese and edited Pietro Alligo is excellent. Its illustrated and artistic without feeling cartoonish. Its soft and whimsical without feeling like a joke. The people feel real without being photographic or digitized.

It is sensual. It doesn’t hide from sexuality and nudity – exactly what I need in a sex magick deck. It also doesn’t get particularly crude (no cum, heavy kink) – good for readings with people that are still a little uncertain of sex witchery. Don’t want to scare them off too soon.

It has POC and Queer rep. Women and men of color – 1 Asian looking woman, a few black men, and Native Americans. There’s women kissing women, and men kissing men. I love seeing this as a bi-demisexual woman and as someone with marginalized clients and students. The world is diverse and the tarot, as a mirror of the world, should be too.

What is Lacking

I’m not Wiccan so that part of the deck isn’t particularly appealing. That said, other than the triple moon on the back and a few terms, it isn’t overt. If you are Wiccan, you might enjoy this but there are other decks out there that are more high key in that placement.

Trans rep. While there are gay, lesbian, and bi figures in the deck, there aren’t any that are obviously trans. I have seen some indie decks approach this with figures in various stages of transition and would have loved to see at least a card or two show that here.

There were a few cards that felt like a cop out like 5 of Swords which contains 2 banners – one with 5 swords and the other with a smaller image of the Emperor. The Empress could have been more sensual and luxurious – as Taurus rep – but instead is a mom in a field holding a kid’s hand and very pregnant. I didn’t feel the Empress vibe, just the fertility part.

The book is minimal. Just basic keywords or the cards in various languages. I wish it had come with a book that went into detail about the figures. Like why was Joan of Arc chosen? Is that Boudicca? Why were certain ethnicities chosen for certain cards? And so on. I would love the artist input.

Interviewing the Deck

One of the methods I use to bond with a new tarot deck is an interview spread. It is a way for me to see how well we will mesh and to dive into reading these cards. I enjoy using the interview tarot spread by Beth over at Little Red Tarot. It has 6 questions that give a good look at what the relationship between the cards and reader will be like.

  1. What is your most important characteristic?
  2. What are your strengths as a deck?
  3. What are your limits as a deck?
  4. What are you here to teach me?
  5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you?
  6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

The spread doesn’t have a particular layout, you can use whatever shape or formation you like. In the past I have even looked at each card in my hand and put them at the bottom of the stack before pulling a new card – this works when you don’t have a flat, clean space to lay the cards out on. For the Sensual Wicca Tarot, I used the same layout as Beth – 1,2,3 on top and 4,5,6 on bottom.

Sensual Wicca Tarot Interview

Most Important Characteristic – The Magician

This card symbolizes that the querent has all the tools they need to create powerful magic. Its a card of Hermeticism and masculine manifestation. The deck says it will be a tool for my purpose, to direct my will in the planes of existence. It is a method, not magick itself.

Strengths – 7 of Swords

The deck is sly and witty here. it says I give you many options – I have a hoard of them to offer. Each one is sound advice though some are double-edged. This is a character that is devious but this card is one of strategy. Its gonna make me think.

Limits – 6 of Pentacles

Nothing here is free. This deck can’t give me everything I desire and it certainly isn’t charitable. I’m gonna have to do the work no matter the card I pull.

The Lesson – 2 of Pentacles

Making decisions. Getting priorities straightened out. Taking a breath in order to move between this task and that project with wisdom.

Collaboration – Maiden of Wands

Embrace the experience itself – try new things. Discovery and adventure await. Accessing new levels of consciousness. Ready for a catalyst.

Potential Outcome – Ace of Pentacles

Good business. Manifestation into the Physical Plane. Abundance.

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Shedding Shame Like Snakeskin

Inspired somewhat by last Wyrd Wednesday’s discussion of seduction and Odin, I was contemplating shame and snakes. In the Seduction of Gunnlod, Odin transforms into a snake or serpent to wriggle through the mountain down to where Gunnlod and the Mead was hidden. Snake symbols are powerful and filled with more mythology than almost any other symbol. I don’t have the time, energy, or space to cover all of that today, or even all the serpentine symbolism regarding Odin’s seducing actions. I, instead, want to chat about Snake Skin and Shedding Shame.

Have you ever watched a snake shed its skin? The video below is not mine but shows footage of a gorgeous green snake shedding its skin on what seems to be a tree branch. Everything but the vibrant snake is grayscale. To me, its mesmerizing.

Some snakes shed skin easier than others, some times snakes have a hard time sloughing the skin off. I’ve seen friends help their snakes out or give them baths, etc to encourage easier skin removal. Its a process snakes go through again and again. While, from what I understand, it doesn’t hurt the snake to shed it can be uncomfortable, itchy, and probably is a pain in the ass to stop and focus on this when they’d rather be doing…other snake things.

It made me think of menstruating. Sloughing off the lining of my uterus to renew it – releasing what it no longer could use or needed for better, fertile ground. Some months hurt worse than others, some months my period lasts longer. Sometimes I need aids like herbs, pills, heat, baths, massages, sex, etc to get me through it.


Shame is like old skin or uterine lining. It has its purpose, its time and place. Once we’ve felt it and learned from it, its time to shed it for our own health.

When is Shame necessary? When we need it to point out that we have done something inappropriate. One could argue that there are many people in this world that should feel ashamed of the things they do and whether they do or not we will probably never know. I’m certain reading this a number of names and faces came to mind.

However, what about shame that is unnecessary or inappropriate? That is shame that is not helping us out. Shame that hinders our growth, forward movement, and betterment is not needed. Like any tool, if it is causing nothing but problems, get rid of that shit.

Shedding Shame

Like snakeskin, it can be uncomfortable to shed shame. The very act of recognizing your shame exists is fucking hard because it requires the acknowledgement that you did something you (or someone who’s opinion you value) thought was shameful. It requires a hard look in the places of our lives and minds and souls that we’d rather not look at too hard and yanking uncomfortable things out to look and decide if they are helping or hindering.

Realize it needs to be shed and do the work to release it. That work looks different for each of us. For some, that shame was assigned to us and we need to release it along with values that never were ours to begin with – let the owners of that shame bear the burden and let our gorgeous shoulders go on to find better adornment. For others of us, we’ve done shit that perhaps we need to atone for – forgive ourselves, ask for forgiveness but don’t expect it (others forgive and heal in their own time), atone however we may need to, and step on letting that shame sit with our recovery actions in our past.

Shedding Shame is Shadow Love

Some of you in the witchy and psychology world will recognize shadow. Those that don’t you should look into the work of Carl Jung and one of my fav witches Carolyn Elliott. Its some good stuff to pack into your magical practice if you’re tired of the 101 books.

Shame is a nickname of our Shadow. Its a way that rascal tries to get our attention and get some love out of us. Its self manipulation at its finest. Integrate your Shadow and Shame will rear its head and ask for you to pet it like a cat…or a snake. Give it the love you want for yourself and then, send it out in the world by means of better purpose. Release the bullshit and use the energy you spent hiding it to make something amazing for yourself.

Shed Without Shame

Here’s the important part, shed without shame. Release that shit without assigning an emotional value to it. As soon as you assign emotional value to it, it remains stuck to you, clinging to your psyche like those flecks of snakeskin that don’t want to come off with the rest. Its ugly and problematic and itchy.

Let that shit go and move on without looking back and wallowing in it. When a snake sheds its skin it doesn’t say the skin is bad – it says the skin served it well but is no longer needed and the snake MOVES ON. We don’t see snakes come back to shed skin days, weeks, months later to wallow in it. Those of us who menstruate don’t hoard our tampons and pads for reflection. We toss that shit (or mail it to politicians who try and police it). Let it go like a damn ice princess.

Remember, we all have shame. You’re no more or less special because of it so don’t worry about releasing it. Let that energy transmute into something amazing.

Sex Magic: Female Domination

So I’ve been working a little on a project involving Sex Magic and I might share my project in total in the form of a paper or e-book later down the line but for now you may just have to put up with me posting some tidbits here and there as I get the notion to do so.

When looking at some hoodoo and voodoo articles I came across a Female Domination Spell and it was just too interesting not to share.

Lucky Mojo is a site/shop run by Catherine Yronwood. I’ve met several people who have read her book and taken her class and are very impressed. I might one day take her class myself but that’ll be after I finish paying for the umpteen different things that still demand my money and time…-sighs-

According to Yronwood, the Hoodoo tradition “consider such female domination normal, common, and even necessary to ensure a satisfactory relationship.” I know a few subbies that would agree ^_^

This Female Domination charm is called a Nation Sack and originates from Memphis, TN (not far from where I live now, coincidentally).


A piece of red flannel and red string or a red mojo bag
A small red candle
A dime from each of your birth years (i.e. my dime would be from 1988, the year I was born)
High John the Conqueror Root
Queen Elizabeth root
A saucer or offering plate
Something personal or biological belonging to the man (a scrap of cloth with his sweat on it, his hair or best yet his semen)
Dressing oil such as Follow Me Boy
A scrap of paper with his name written on it 9 times

The day you start your period or during the full moon

Place the paper with the man’s name under the overturned saucer.
Carve his name 9 times on the red candle going in a spiral down the candle (I want to add that doing this clockwise would be best)
Dress (rub down) the candle with your menstrual blood (or vaginal fluid) and the dressing oil
Place the candle on the overturned saucer and say “[Man’s Name] come under my command.”
Light the candle.
Dress the dime of your birth year with your mentrual blood (vaginal fluid) and say “This is [Your Name]” and the dime from his with the dressing oil saying “This is [Man’s Name]” and set them before the candle.
Dress the High John the Conqueror Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil and say “This is [Man’s Name]” and set it on his dime.
Dress the Queen Elizabeth Root with your menstrual blood and the dressing oil saying “This is [Your Name]” and set it on your dime.
Set his personal item on the flannel or in the red mojo bag.
Dress the bad with the dressing oil and stroke 9 times saying “[Man’s Name], follow me.”
Pass bag through candle smoke saying “[Man’s Name], come to me.”
Place dimes and roots into the bag saying “[Man’s Name], stay with me.”
When the candle is done burning, take the paper out from under the saucer and fold it towards you saying, “[Man’s Name], follow me.”
Turn it and fold it towards you saying, “[Man’s Name], come to me.”
Place the paper in the bag and say, “[Man’s Name], stay with me.”
Dispose of left over candle wax at a crossroads, throwing it East over your left shoulder and walk away without looking back.
Wear the bag when you’re with the man or place it in the bedroom where he will not see or touch it.

Yronwood has a few other Female Domination spells on her site that I recommend reading. Even if you don’t believe in this sort of thing, it is certainly interesting to think about dominating men or women through magic.

Dressing oils like Follow Me Boy and other items mentioned in this spell can be found on Yronwood’s website as well as other hoodoo and curio shops like Conjured Cardea on Etsy.

Sex Magic

For those of you who are not aware, I consider myself a type of Pagan. I’m not wiccan but I do participate in magick rites. I wanted to create a brief post about an area of magick I am very interested in and wanted to share.

Sex Magick, especially combined with BDSM is a great way for some people (those who are open to it) to achieve deep self exploration, attain connection with Higher Self and commune with the Divine.
Other terms that are used for this are Erotomancy, Sacred Kink, Quadashti BDSM, Sado-Erotic Ecstasy, Sado-shamanism, and more. I prefer the terms Erotomancy or simply Sex Magick (these, in many practitioner’s opinions are not the same thing as one may connotate that BDSM is used while the other may suggest vanilla sex).

The basic idea behind Sex Magick is that Orgasmic Force = Life Force. This includes the achievement of Orgasm and the fluids involved (semen, vaginal fluid and even menstrual blood). Sex Magick practitioners focus this force towards their desired goal through meditation, spell, or the creation of talismans and potions.

Sex Magic can have 3 forms of participation:

Monofocal: Masturbation with the focus on 1 person. There can be one person involved or multiple people involved in helping the one person achieve this…focus. This is a good use of meditation for self exploration, the achievement of a trance or divination.

Dualfocal: The focus here is on 2 people. Many practitioners believe the 2 involved should love each other for this to work, but this love should not be confused with romantic love as 2 people joined in Sex Magick do not have to be romantic partners or significant others. This focus can be on the combining of opposites such as male and female, Dom and sub, Master and slave. The partners do not have to be male and female for this to work as any sexual orientation or gender can participate and use Sex Magick.
Some practitioners suggest that one person involved should focus on the meditative thought or goal while the other focus on pleasuring, but this, in my opinion, is still Monofocal despite the transition from masturbation to intercourse. It is perfectly possible for 2 people to focus on the goal whilst having sex if they had the meditative mindset

Multi or Polyfocal: Here the focus is on a group, but not an orgy. All involved would have to be able to focus on one goal. Some practitioners suggest the use of a group leader to guide the others during the act with chants, orders, etc. This person may or may not be participating in the sexual act.

I have read about Sex Magick being used for various reasons such as creating a gollum or familiar to do the bidding of the two people involved much like 2 people would create a child during sex. This is done by using the creative energy of sex and sexual fluids and directing them towards a goal of creation that is not a child but another being. I’ve also read about it being used to heal one of the participants. All that Orgasmic Force being sent to 1 body to heal it.

Sex Magick in Ritual can be used to heighten the experience of connecting to the Divine. In the Wiccan Great Rite, the High Priestess acts as the Goddess and the High Priest as the God. By adding Sex Magick to this they can move from joining the Deities together symbolically with Athame (a double-edged knife that represents the phallus) and Chalice (a sacred cup that represents the womb) to actuality with sex between the High Priestess and High Priest.

Sex Magic Resources

Sacred Kink by Lee Harrington
Kink Magic by Taylor Ellwood and Lupa

Raven Kaldera’s site Pagan BDSM
The Arcane Archive has a few articles about Sex Magick and Thelemic Sex Magick
Into the Darkness has a good section about Sex Magick information.

There is also a group called Sex Magick on FetLife for those of you who are on there and want more information.