Anticipation: Smut Marathon Round 1 in Review

So I survived Smut Marathon Round 1. You can read my story below or check it out along with the others here.


The blood on my skin was still warm and my cock so erect it hurt. Looking up from the carnage, I watched the door open. The detective always came to see my artistry. Now she could see the artist. I smiled as she stared up at me, stunned but fearless.

My story got 6 votes from the public. Thank you so much. I also got some votes from the Jury but I have no idea how they go about voting so…thank you those of you who enjoyed this short piece.

I’m working on my piece for round 2 now. I hope that my lovely readers will continue to vote and that my work is enough for me to stay in the game.

In the meantime, if you are looking for more smut by me, check out my books by clicking here!


Smut Marathon Round 1

Woohoo! My first entry to the 2019 Smut Marathon is sent and the polls are open!
While I cannot tell you which piece is mine, I do want you to go to the link and vote on the 3 pieces you like the most.

The theme for round 1 was: Write about the moment when two people first see each other.
We could not use dialogue and we had to write between 30 and 50 words.

I had the hardest time keeping my word count to 50 words. I edited, removed some words, checked, and I was still over like six times! Gah! If I make it at all far in this marathon I have a feeling the max word counts will be my major downfall.

The polls are open until February 15th so you have 5 days to get your vote in and tell your friends! This would be a fantastic Valentines day present to me and my fellow smut marathoners. Please read the entries and vote! Thank you!