Throwback Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States. This year I’m thinking back to a Thanksgiving we had in 2011. It was probably the most unique thanksgiving I’ve ever experienced even now 7 years later.

We visited with family and ate way too much, like most thanksgivings. After, Mr. Faust and I had awesome sex and watched the movie Wall-E for the first time. In the fuzzy aftermath of a long day, we got a text asking “Where are you?”

Apparently, there was a party at the local strip club that we were invited to but everyone had assumed that someone else had already invited us. The party was for strippers and their friends to hang out at the club while it was closed. There was food, beer, wine, and freaks like us just relaxing in good company. I brought absinthe cupcakes with alcoholic frosting that were a hit. For some, this gathering was a way to relax after being with relatives, for others it was the only thanksgiving meal offered to them.

Among the attendees were the DJ and the owner (both good friends of Mr. Faust from his day DJing and bouncing), dancers, bartender, and few friends, and Mr. Faust’s cousins who are closet kinksters. After nibbling and hanging out, we played cards…

Kings: Hell House Rules

I’ll try and explain the rules as I remember:
Shuffle a deck of cards and leave them splayed out among the players. Each person picks a card and it goes on until all the cards are done.

Joker – you get to pick someone in the group to be your slave and they must do whatever you like until the game is over
King – guys drink
Queen – girls drink
Joker – truth or dare
10 – take 2 drinks
9 – Play You Drink (point at someone and say “You Drink” and they drink)
8 – Make a Rule (ex. Everyone must bless themselves before they drink, if they do not they must then bless themselves and take a second drink)
7 – Nose game (the last person who touches their nose has to take a drink)
6 – Never have I ever (everyone holds out 3 fingers and starting with the person who draws the card they say never have I ever (done something) and those who have done it must put down a finger. Person with no fingers left first must take a drink)
5 – Hands down (last person to put hands on the table takes a drink)
4 – Hands up (last person with hands up takes a drink)
3 – Catagories (ask a multiple choice question and it goes around where everyone must give an answer. If they take too long or don’t have an answer, then that person must take a drink)
2 – take a drink
Ace – Everybody drinks

After playing and drinking, our friend turned the music on. Mr. Faust helped a dancer teach a couple people how to pole dance (yes, Mr. Faust is actually an excellent dancer). His cousin’s wife was down to her thong and enjoying playing around in the VIP area. I was fondled by several of the dancers and almost fell asleep on one of the dance couches. I tried to take some pictures but my shitty phone at the time couldn’t do much in the red and black lights.

In the end it was one of the most fun thanksgivings I ever had, not necessarily because of the kinkiness. There was no one to impress. We were all ourselves, no need to wear a mask and act like a normal person in front of judgmental family. I’m grateful for the memories.