The Sacred Circle

The following essay is one I submitted when pursuing clergy status within the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca.

On of the most important symbols for Wicca, the circle represents oneness and the ever-moving wheel of time and life. Wiccans meet in circles, a protected sacred space, to show each member is an important part of the whole, and a part of the magic ultimately created.
~Patricia Telesco, Your Book of Shadows

The First Degree training defines the Magic Circle as an “energy construct that serves to amplify energy and also to confine and thus intensify it.” In layman’s terms, this is a circle that is created either by picturing it in the mind or drawing it out around a space so that, within that circle, energy can be accumulated and focused on a specific magical goal or purpose. 

The reason a circle is drawn, rather than another shape like a square or triangle, is because occult practitioners and those connected with the earth have long regarded the circle as the perfect shape. It is the shape that has no angles or sides, it never ends, and is organic in creation – seen in the joining of hands of people or in the shape of the moon and sun. 

The Purpose of the Sacred Circle

There is a differing of opinion among magical practitioners and community on the purpose of the sacred or magical circle. 

Raven Grimassi, in The Wiccan Mysteries, explains that the purpose of the Circle of the Arts is “to separate the mundane from the sacred…Once established, the ritual circle serves to accumulate energy…allows one to become aligned with the frequency or vibrational rate of the current of energy present within this circle.” 

However, some practitioners believe the circle’s main purpose is to protect. Some use it to protect those within from entities, energies, and people without. Others use it to protect those without from the energies within. The latter is seen in Ceremonial Magic texts wherein the magician will be in one sacred geometrical shape, controlling a demon or spirit within the sacred circle. Today, the protective circle is mostly experienced in television such as shows like Charmed and Secret Circle or movies like Hocus Pocus.

Finally, the Circle as a means of Sacred Space can be used for healing. In Introduction to the Healing Arts, Lesson 5, sacred space is said to do the following to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies:


  • Relaxes muscles and relieves tension 
  • Activates the immune system 
  • Stimulates sexual vitality and the endocrine system 
  • Increases circulation of the blood 
  • Opens nerve pathways 


  • Creates peace and security 
  • Provides comfort and unconditional love 
  • Inspires feelings of belonging and oneness 
  • Releases pain and fear 
  • Relieves guilt and grief 


  • Releases painful memories 
  • Facilitates problem solving 
  • Transforms negative thought patterns 
  • Enhances decision-making capacities 
  • Awakens universal knowledge 


  • Facilitates telepathic communication 
  • Stimulates visionary power 
  • Facilitates healing by spirits 
  • Accentuates awareness of oneness 
  • Activates higher consciousness 

History of the Sacred or Magical Circle

The use of the sacred circle, like many other aspects of magical practice, is purported to have started long before the written record of time. 

Silver RavenWolf in her book on solitary witchcraft explains the use and need of the magic circle by telling the story of Honi the Circle Maker, a Jewish tale that dates back to 65 B.C.E. In the tale Honi is asked to make it rain during a time of drought. He tries and it doesn’t work because he did not make the circle. When he makes the circle, the act works. The tale goes into more depth on the purpose and act of ritual and prayer but the important part for now is the act of circle making and its necessity when performing a magical or spiritual act. 

Casting the Magic Circle

Like all magical undertakings, the erection of the magic circle may involve certain physical actions, but it truly takes place inside the person doing it – on an astral, or energetic, level.
    ~Rev. Don Lewis-Highcorrell, Witch School First Degree

Before casting the circle, as with the casting of any spellwork, decisions must be made. Over time, such decisions become second nature for many magical practitioners. The purpose of the circle, how the circle will be made, what tools will be used in the casting, etc. For some, this is not decided but is set already in ritual practice, tradition, and done the same way every time for that group. 

Each circle can be different. There are many ingredients and tools that can be used, as well as there may be no ingredients or tools might be used at all. 

One big decision that is made is whether the circle will be created with tools or only with energy and whether or not the circle will be visible to the physical eye. 

Judika Illes says, in regards to visibility of the circle, that “visible circles aren’t necessarily more effective, however, their clear boundaries may provide additional peace of mind for the person within as well as security.” I agree with this statement. When we use tools in magical work, all of it is used to shift consciousness. Being able to see the boundaries of the magic circle aids in the shift. When I see the magic circle I am able to think, “It is there, I can see it as well as visualize it. It is right there. It exists.” 

Choosing Sacred Space

Any place can be chosen to create a sacred space. However, a few things should be taken into account before casting a circle:

  • Will you be interrupted? Should a “Do Not Disturb” sign be placed over a door? 
  • Is this a public place? Is the work you are about to do ok for public onlookers?
  • Is it legal? Are you trespassing?
  • Is it safe? Could small children or animals or unknowing passersby be harmed by tripping over a lit candle or crystal or pick up and eat an herb or incense that is poisonous?

For some practitioners, creating sacred space is an automatic thing no matter where they are. If your practice uses little tools, or none at all, and you won’t be working skyclad or in any ritual garb that isn’t out of the norm, doing a circle in the middle of a supermarket is possible. All of it relies on the witch and the nature of their practice. In the examples following, however, space, privacy, and comfort are, in many cases, necessary. 

To Cast the Circle

The tools and actions used to cast the circle are numerous. Each is chosen and used for its protective, sacred, or cleansing properties. 

  • Circle Dance – an ancient form of ritual and casting of the magic circle. According to First Degree lessons, “People joining hands and moving in a circle is a simple, yet as profound, a way to raise energy as one could ask for.” 
  • Visualization – picturing the formation of the circle, its boundaries, color and strength in the mind and feeling it spiritually. This is creating the circle on the astral realm, which is as real as the physical. This may or might not be aided by physical action. 
  • Athame/Wand – another part of visualization is with the use of a tool. While the Athame or Wand (or Sword or Staff) does not necessarily mark the boundary physically (unless it is used to dig or scratch a mark into the ground) it allows the practitioner to focus the line of that visualization while creating the circle. 
  • Holy water, of various sorts ranging from that blessed by Catholic priests to water collected from rain storms or sacred springs or wells. Some simply use the holy water created at the time of ritual by a witch by mixing blessed salt and blessed water. 
  • Salt – a long held tool of purification and protection. 
  • Quartz Crystals – this is a practice that was popularized during the airing of the television show Charmed, wherein the sister-witches would use crystals in a circle to contain spirits and malicious entities.
  • Candles – a circle of fire created by candles certainly has a dramatic effect visually. For this reason, a candle circle is used in many movies from Lo to Hellraiser. Other ways to create a circle of fire include the use of alcohol that is poured in a circle and then lit. The fire does not last long but acts as a purifier and protector. This is one of the more dangerous ways to cast a circle and should only be done with strict attention to fire safety.

Once the purpose and tools are decided upon, then there is the act of circle creating itself. Here tradition or purpose may dictate what is appropriate. Some traditions say to begin in the north, others in the east. In the Correllian tradition, the circle is begun in the east, the realm of beginnings and thought, and by going through the south, west, then north one goes through the phases of creation; from thought or conception through to the realm of the physical and stability in the north. 

The Magical Door

After deciding on where to begin, some circle creators decide to leave a door open and invite in other attendees of the ritual. Others close the circle and then cut a door later, if needed. This door cutting allows for those attending to see the circle opened but still in-tact much like a room might have a door but the opening of which does not make the room any less stable. 

Grimassi advocates creating the door in the northeast as “north is the realm of the power of the gods, and the east is the realm of enlightenment. Thus to enter and exit at this point is to symbolically meet with the gods in power and enlightenment.”

Patricia Telesco offers another use for the doorway in the Dedicant ceremony from her book Advanced Wicca. She says that the circle should be set up “so that the entryway and exit are across from one another. This way, you can go out opposite from where you entered (symbolically denoting a change in your path’s focus.)” I feel this would be a helpful aid during initiatory circles or rites of passage, and, if done so, should be explained aloud so that people can enter and exit with that in mind. 

I have been in two public circles that necessitated a door. The first was a Samhain circle wherein those officiating meditated and created the circle first, then opened the door and blessed each person entering, closing the door behind them. This allowed for each person to enter into sacred space rather than having the officiants struggle to create the circle around so many (there was something like 40 participants). 

The second circle was at Ostara. The circle was created around those present, however, during ritual, the radio that was needed to play the music we would be circle dancing to was plugged up outside of the circle and needed to be turned on. Dedicant Gina obliged by cutting a door where she stood in the northern quarter and then turning the music on for us. She closed the door after she returned. 

Ritual to Cast the Magic Circle

The circle is real, the walls are there, concentrating the power within them and shielding those within it from outside energy influences. ~ An Introduction to the Healing Arts, Lesson 5

To perform this ritual, the tools needed include:

  • A space to perform the act in that will not be interrupted during this act. 
  • A Besom (broom)
  • A bowl or vessel of water (preferably spring, glacier or other clean, purified water)
  • A bowl or vessel of salt (sea salt, Celtic salt, or Fleur de Gris)
  • Chalice or Bowl to mix the salt and water into (you can also use the vessel holding the water)
  • Incense – a cleansing Air blend such as white sage, palo santo, and/or lavender.
  • A lighter or matches (it is important that they work)
  • Athame
  • A paper with chants and blessings written on it for memory aid

Set up all tools within the circle space. Arrange the altar, with all of the tools on or around it, in the center of the circle. 

A way to cast the magic circle is as follows:

Cleanse the sacred space, the space in which the magical working will be done. This will rid the space of negative, non-beneficial, harmful, or simply unfocused energy that could affect the magical work being done. Do this by clearing, releasing and grounding the self. Follow this by physically and/or spiritually cleansing the space with the besom – sweeping the area and its energies in a counter-clockwise motion and towards the door or an opening away from the space. 

Next, create holy water by blessing the water and salt and mixing it. 

Bless the water, then the salt, by holding each, one at a time, and visualizing it being filled with white light. The white light is a purifying visualization that at once has no color and yet contains all colors of the spectrum. 

Asperge the area with the holy water, both continuing to cleanse and also to consecrate or bless the area for magical working. Do this in a clock-wise motion or by walking the circle area clock-wise. 

Return the water to the altar 

May the circle be open, but unbroken. 
May the love of the Goddess be ever in your. 
Merry meet and merry part, and merry meet again.


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The All-Purpose Crystal

The following essay on Quartz Crystal was created as an assignment during my process of becoming a clergy member of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca.

Quartz Crystal

According to Lesson 12, Clear Quartz Crystal amplifies and directs energy; builds energy pathways, and strengthens the energies of anything its put with. In my years of study on metaphysics and Wicca, clear quartz has been my go to stone, my panacea of sorts. I feel that even now, after nearly a decade of study, I am only scratching the surface of this amazing magical tool.

What is Clear Quartz?

Quartz is a six-sided, silicon based crystal. It is the second most abundant mineral on the planet. Clear Quartz looks like solidified water or natural glass and can come in various sizes as well as with an infinite number of figurations within clusters, points, double or multiple terminations, etc. Quartz itself comes in other colors than clear, which I will touch upon later. 

A Brief History of Clear Quartz

Quartz cannot be carbon dated, as it has no carbon being almost pure silicon. However, crystals have been found in grave sites of ancient man and in temples and ruins dating back thousands of years. 

Quartz has been utilized in one way or another since the stone age. In ancient Europe and the Middle East, clear quartz has been used in jewelry and carvings. It was used in these parts of the world similar to the use of Jade in the East. Quartz carvings have been found from as far back as 1500 B.C.E and are on display in museums and private collections. 

Quartz has been scientifically discovered since the age of the ancient philosophers. Pliny the elder believed quartz to be permanently frozen ice, an idea that persisted until the 17th century when the crystal was studied by Nicolas Steno who found that no matter the distortion, quartz crystal point faces were always at a 60 degree angle. 

In the 1800s, quartz resonators were first produced and in 1972 the first quartz oscillator clock was produced. 

Synthesization of quartz began in the 19th century, which paved the way for modern computers and communication systems. 

Today we use quartz crystal in all of our advanced computer and communication technology from computers to smart phones. I recently went to a conference where a gentleman whose background was in engineering but had been brought to the joys of metaphysical crystal meditations through his wife, an herbalist. He said it was easy to make the transition because he knew that quartz was used in so many amazing things and that science today was only just understanding how to utilize it. 

Magical Properties of Clear Quartz

“There are many lists detailing the “meanings” and uses of stones, which may help you to determine the type of stone you need. These lists however do not always agree on the qualities they accord to the stones. This is because stones work on different levels depending on how you access them.” ~ First Degree Lesson 12

According to Judy Hall, Quartz is the most powerful energy amplifier because of its unique helic-spiral crystalline form. 

Cunningham lists the basic magical correspondences of Quartz as follows:

  • Folk Names: Crystal, Witch’s mirror and star stone among others.
  • Energies are both projective and receptive just as its planets are both the Sun and Moon and elements are Fire and Water.
  • Deity is the Great Mother Goddess.
  • Associated metals are Silver, Gold, and Copper
  • Associated herbs are Copal, Mugwort, Chicory, Sage, and Sweetgrass.
  • The Powers Cunningham associates with Quartz are Protection, Healing. Psychism, Power and Lactation. 

In regards to the dual nature that Cunningham associates with Quartz, my explanation comes from my own magical experience with the stone. In my workings with this stone, I have had 2 larger crystals present themselves as allies to my workings. 

The first I called Aysu, a Turkish name meaning Moon Water, which represented the crystal very well in my opinion. Upon meditating with this stone, I received a vision of the crystal growing with other in a cavern where water ran freely and then rose up out of the cavern to a spring in order to see the full moon brightly shining overhead. This crystal had an undoubted nighttime, moon and water feel to it and I honored those elements in using that crystal – bathing and cleansing it in water and moonlight when it needed it and usually only using it at night in general. On the altar it rested in to the left, in the area of West, Water and The Goddess.

The second crystal that presented itself to me I called Araceli, a Spanish name meaning Altar in the Sky. When I received this stone, needing a central crystal for personal crystal grid workings, I received the vision of sitting on the edge of a vast canyon and the vast expanse of sky around me. Also, within this crystal is the small image of an angel rising up from the mists of fragments and plans in the lower part of the crystal. This crystal, unlike Aysu, has a more masculine and Air energy to it. 

In conclusion made by working with these two crystals and others, I have learned that each crystal has its own individual characteristics and elements – making categorizing their correspondences very difficult. 

Magical Formations of Quartz

An important factor in studying crystals, especially Clear Quartz, is the formations they are available to us in. It is through these formations that we can more easily read and connect with these tools and a category that is sadly only thoroughly studied in sadly too few books, in my opinion. Many classes on crystals and their magical uses do not discuss the many formations they come in and, so many, if they do discuss them, usually only point on the man-made forms such as spheres or pyramids and not the natural formations that are oftentimes much more powerful.

Single Generator

Generators are noted by all 6 facets joining together at a sharp tip. Katrina Raphael in Crystal Enlightenment explains the power of generators as, “an example of perfect structure that is pure enough to send a beam of white light onto the physical plane.” She goes on to say that each one is its own entity and has its own teachings and story. 

While I do not own a generator, I have come into contact with them in shops, at homes of other practitioners, etc. These crystals have amazing energy and are great for centerpoints of crystal grids and focus points for group work or projection through crystal. 

Only warning I’ve seen with these crystals is that some shops sell artificially pointed generators, meaning they take a crystal that does not have all 6 points meeting and will cut them down until they do all meet at a point. These are not true generators and many practitioners have found that cutting them in this way, instead of directing the energy through a fine point, causes the energy to be more wide-spread and erratic. 


The first information I ever read regarding Quartz clusters specifically was in regards to cleansing stones and crystals. One of the easiest and most passive ways to cleanse a stone is to leave it to rest on a crystal cluster. This was explained that all the points directing energy and working together in their own crystalline vibrations help raise the vibration of the stone resting there and cleanse it to match its own. 

Clusters also aid in group work where all members have the same focused goal or need. They also help in finding your own group to belong to, your tribe of sorts. 

    Parity Crystals

A Cluster of identically sized crystals also called an Egalitarian Cluster.

These crystals aid in group workings that deal with equality and also work that questions authority. These clusters help us to question the need for hierarchy. 

Abundance Crystals

A crystal generator with many tiny crystals attached at the base. Usually has a mothering and protection energy as the larger crystal cares for and nurtures the smaller and in turn they strengthen the generator’s force. According to Dolphyn, Abundance Crystals foster prosperity, well-being, success, good fortune, blessings and growth as well as being a fantastic crystal to use when drawing upon or aiding Mother Earth. 

Double Terminated Generators

Very simply, this is a crystal that has faceted points on both ends. These points allow for energy to be directed from both ends at the same time. 

These are crystals of balance between the conscious and subconscious; the body, mind and spirit; the mind and heart; the spiritual and the physical. They are also very helpful for spiritual workers, healers and divination practices.

Quantum Crystals

Three or more Double-terminated crystals conjoined. 

These crystals help us make sense of the reality we are in as well as become co-creators of our own reality. 

These crystals are great in magical workings that the statistics or others around you keep telling you is impossible. 

Rainbow Crystals

Quartz crystals that have fractures within that break light into colors or rainbows. 

These crystals are particularly good for healing work around depression, grief, loss of hope, etc.

Rainbows are a symbol of hope and peace, unity, and a link between the earth and the higher planes. 

Pixilated (Enchanted) Crystals

Double-terminated crystal with fractures and inclusions (fairy dust) and rainbows within. 

These crystals work similarly to Devic Crystals as well as in workings that branch between the earth plan and other realms such as the realm of the fae or the astral plane. 

These crystals can be used when working with mythical beings such as fae, Devas, muses, dragons, etc. 

Tantric Twins or Soulmate Crystals

Twinned Crystals are, as the name suggests, two crystals that grow conjoined together. These crystals are perfect for love spells focusing on finding a soulmate on this plane of existence. 

    Twin Flames

Twin Flames vary from Tantric Twins in that they join at the base and then the two points grow outward in a V shape. They are used similarly to Soulmate Crystals but can also draw those who walk similar life and spiritual paths to the practitioner. 

Cathedral Lightbraries

These majestic crystals look like Cathedrals with many points, faces and planes forming one large crystal – a library of light and information gathered over the life and growth of the crystal. These crystals are also reported to be access keys to the Akashic Records. 


Phantom Quartz carries the outline of another crystal within them like a phantom image of the crystal itself. This occurs with the crystal stops growing for a while then proceeds to grow again, around the dust and other particles that have gathered on it, making a phantom outline. 

These popular crystals help with working with the spirit within, internal matters, connecting with the Higher Self, attaining access to the Akashic Records, and gain awareness of past lives. 

Tabular Crystals

Flat crystals with two parallel sides being much larger than the rest, often double terminated and may or may not grow in clusters are Tabular Crystals, so named for their tablet shape. 

These are rare crystals with a very high vibration that make bridging connections between two intended points. Raphaell recommends using such crystals to bridge between chakra points such as heart and throat to speak from the heart and express love. Dolfyn recommends Tabular Crystals as lines of communication and great communication openers between people or the practitioner and the Divine. Because of these bridging and communication abilities, I associate Tabular Crystals with Hermes and, especially, Thoth. 

Milky Quartz

The white color may be caused by minute fluid inclusions of gas, liquid, or both, trapped during the crystal formation. The cloudiness caused by the inclusions effectively bars its use in most optical and quality gemstone applications.

The cloudiness of Milky Quartz represents that which is hidden or clouded by a veil. They are powerful allies for those seeking answers to mysteries and to unlock the secrets within. 

    Snow Quartz

A form of Milky Quartz that is compacted and all-white rather than cloudy. This is a stone especially good for communication on the emotional level and to aid those who feel victimized. 

Mythic Crystals

Double terminated, Milky Quartz combine the abilities of balance and projection of a double-terminator and the abilities to find that which is hidden. 

Dolphyn writes that Mythic Crystals hold within them the collective, subconscious prophecy of the people including their myths and legends and guide us with their archetypes and symbols. 

Candle Quartz

A Milky Quartz that looks like melted wax terminating in a point with all facets joining together. 

This is a crystal that is terrific for shining a light on the subconscious; aids in seeing things hidden; shows your True Path. Hall associates this stone with work in attaining enlightenment due to its high energy and light-bearing quality. 

I recommend it for astral projection when you are trying for the first time or going to a new plane. 

I have a few of these allies, the largest of which is on my staff that I take to formal rites and Medicine Wheel circles (picture attached).

Channeling Crystals

While I have read in most crystal texts that all crystals can be used for channeling and the most common form of a channeling crystal is the stereotypical and useful crystal ball or sphere, Dolphyn writes that there are many claims to a crystal with a 7-sided front facet that is opposite an equilateral triangle is best for channeling. 

    7-sided Facets

According to Dolfyn, these types of Channeling Crystals enhance truthfulness and cosmic consciousness as well as containing a calming, inspirational and intuitive energy. 

Artemis Crystals

Long, thin, sharp, undamaged crystal points that aid in drawing upon and focusing on the goddess Artemis and all of her properties and associations. Artemis is a protector of women, a maiden or virgin goddess of freedom and wild creatures and places. Artemis and these crystals are for championing independence of all kinds. According to Dolphyn, these crystals aid prayers, visualizations, and thoughtforms sent through them and send them flying with the speed of a released arrow straight to their mark. 

Devic Crystals

Crystals with many fractures and inclusions (sometimes called fairy frost). 

Devas, also associated with the fae, are earth spirits that aid in nature. Such crystals can aid in communication, work with, and seeing these spirits. 

Multi-Terminator or E.T. Crystals

These crystals are generators with one point at one end and multiple points at the other end. 

Dolphyn calls these crystals Extra-terrestrial or E.T. Crystals and relays their import in channeling celestial beings such as deities, angels, and aliens. 

Self Healed or Hera Crystals

Self Healed crystals show a fracture that have grown over very similar to scarring in humans.

Dolphyn calls these crystals Hera crystals because of that particular Goddess’ association with immortality, rebirth and renewal. He explains that she acts as a wounded healer that teaches us to use our own self-healing powers. 

Inner Child Crystals

A crystal with another, smaller crystal embedded and growing from the larger. 

These can be used to tap into our own inner child or even heal ourselves if we had childhoods that were difficult or damaging. 

Receiving Crystals

A crystal having one large facet, with the other five facets much smaller. It is through this large facet that the crystal receives energies by drawing them in. This can be used by placing the large face over areas of pain to drawing the pain in, over a spell to contain the power, or over the third eye to record thoughts and emotions projected. 

Empath Crystals

These crystals respond not only with information and visions to the practitioner but can respond in a way that is loving, supportive and sometimes in a sacrificial way. 

Empathic Crystals are often listed as imperfect or flawed crystals in appearance according to Dolphyn. Raphaell, however, lists that many Rose Quartz are empathic with or without imperfections as well as single Quartz Generators that are used often in auric work.

Both agree that practitioners who work with Empathic Crystals should care for their crystals a great deal, cleanse them regularly, and take care of them emotionally. 


An excellent energy conductor; aids in astral travel, scrying and channeling. Rutilated Quartz is also a good protection stone specifically against psychic attack, psychic vampirism, and negative energy in general. 


Windows in crystals are an extra diamond shaped facet on them that are like windows cut into a house. These work in ways that you would expect windows to work, by allowing you to view within. Within doesn’t necessarily mean within the physical crystal, however, but within spiritual planes and within ourselves. 


Much as the name implies, Keys are openings into the information stored within the crystal. These openings are made when an adjoining crystal is removed and leaves a sort of scarring or textured engraving behind.

Keys are very good for meditation with crystals as they give a delicious feeling area to run fingers over when holding the crystal. Such textured openings give access to crystal knowledge during this meditation and can be opened by consciously running a finger from the bottom of the key to the top and closed by running a finger opposite after the meditation is over. 

Record Keepers

Triangular markings on the face facets of a crystal point are by far the most intriguing crystal formation noted in books on the subject. These little markers – perfect triangles pointing either up or down – are Record Keepers, which, as the name implies, store the records or knowledge that have been placed there by our ancestors and teachers. Depending on the belief system of the writer, some claim record keepers store the passage of time here on earth, specifically the history of mankind from our beginning. Others claim that they store information put there by Atlantians, Lemurians, Aliens, etc. 

Raphaell writes that Record Keepers are “the most sacred crystals that could ever be witnessed or worked with.” She stays on the middle lines of who programmed these crystals, saying they could be overlord beings desiring to give knowledge and wisdom to humans or by Atlantians and Lemurians, who are the overlords’ direct lineage. She also writes that “only the pure of heart can attune their consciousness to receive the libraries of wisdom contained within.” 

Almost all who write about record keepers agree on 2 points – they are rare and they come into the hands and are of use only to those who can and will use the information in them only for the good of mankind and not for ill-use. 

To open a record keeper, the practitioner needs to run their finger from the base of the triangle to its point with the intention of opening it and receiving the information within. Then the practitioner meditates with that crystal and opens themselves to the information within, making sure to close the triangle when finished. 

Crystal Skulls

The final formation I would like to register in this essay is one of great debate on whether or not is should be counted as a natural formation or only in lists of man-made crystal forms. 

While the small skulls available at stone shops and metaphysical vendors are most certainly man-made there are some skulls, 13 specifically, that are legendarily made either by natural means or by extra-terrestrial beings. 

The purpose of these skulls varies from one writer or psychic to another. Some believe that the joining of all the skulls at a certain time will lead our planet into a new era of peace and enlightenment while others believe they will shift the consciousness of all on the planet, raising our vibration to join with our Divine Creator. Still others believe that joining the skulls will open a doorway to another dimension and allow a bridge between our world and the world of our ancestral beings who left us the skulls for just this reason. 

Whole books are written about these skulls, either specifically like Max or Einstien, or the whole group of them and legend surrounding. 

Working with Clear Quartz

“The stone can be used to create or strengthen energy pathways: as when several pieces of Quartz Crystal are laid out in a triangle or square to create an energy vortex to aid in psychic or magical work.” ~ First Degree Lesson 12

Crystals are like any other tool in magical working – they are keys to shift our consciousness and allow us to connect with our Higher Selves and manipular and co-create our realities by will. This can be done both Passively and Actively. 

The Programming Dilemma

Whether or not to program crystals is a debate in almost every crystal forum I’ve been to and one that every crystal teacher touches on from their own perspective and beliefs. 

Some crystal teachers believe that crystals, especially clear quartz, are perfect and high-vibrational beings that are here to teach us and that our desire to program them comes from false ego to bend things to our will rather than to learn from their perfection. 

Other teachers and practitioners stick to the belief that crystals are like any tools and it is the intent and will of the practitioner to decide how to use them and what to use them for. Programming them simply sets your intention and sends it forth through the tool. 

I am on the edge of this argument and I compromise to stick with the properties of the stones that most correspond to the work I’m doing, ask the stones I have which ones want to be part of my work and use the ones that speak to me and treat them with respect much like I do herbs and other tools. 

Passive Uses

Many uses suggested with stones and crystals are largely passive ones. Carrying the stone on the person or putting it with a spell or wearing it are all passive uses that work by bringing the stones energy into ones energy field or the energy field of the place or thing that needs it. 

Simple passive uses of Quartz Crystal are adding it to any incense, potion, oil, spell, mojo bag, or blend to heighten its potency. Wearing a crystal on a necklace will do the same as well as protect and raise vibrations of the wearer. 

Another passive use of crystals is by ingesting crystal waters or crystal elixirs. These can be made by leaving the stone in water and setting it in sunlight or moonlight over a certain time then drinking the water (sans crystal). I only recommend doing this with stones you are aware of its true physical properties and after checking it against a toxicity and stones database or list. Some stones have chemicals in their make up such as lead or cyanide that are poisonous when ingested much like herbs can be toxic in many cases. 

Crystal Gridding

Crystal Gridding is when a practitioner lays stones in a pattern or grid and uses this layout to focus intent. These layouts are usually in a geometric pattern the corresponds with the working and can include a number of crystals, stones, gems and, in some cases, other corresponding objects. 

I have used Clear Quartz in my grids as both focal stones and smaller points to direct energy from one stone to another in the desired pattern. Raphaell recommends a generator crystal for the central point of a grid, which works very well, but any large crystal with a point will work and I suggest using one the practitioner resonates with the most or one that resonates with the practitioner’s intent. For example, a Devic crystal for a grid to contact the Faery Realm or to do Faery Realm Reiki would possibly be better than a simple generator. 

When using a crystal as a central point to a grid, it is usually best to work either in a hexagram shape such as a Star of David or Merkabah or to work with the natural shape of the crystal – i.e. using stones projecting to and from both points of a Double Terminated Crystal. 

Clear Quartz Cards 

In both the Crystal Tarot by Phillip Permutt and the Crystal Ally Deck by Naisha Ahsian the Clear Quartz cards have very similar meanings. 

In the Crystal Tarot, Quartz Crystal is represented in card number 21, The World.
The World, Quartz Crytal is the card of completion in which rewards worked for are obtained. “The World also shows the four elements, representing connection both to those people around you and the powers above you…Quartz crystal heals on the physical and spiritual levels, and meditating with your crystal now will help point to your next move.”

In the Crystal Ally Cards, Quartz Crystal is the card of Clarity. 

“Clear quartz signals a time of deeper understanding of your path. Open yourself to the Divine Light, and allow your future to unfold…Clear Quartz can energize, balance and clear any of the chakras. It is especially active on the sixth and seventh chakras, promoting mental clarity and concentration.”

When I draw one of these cards in a reading, I meditate with the actual crystal on its meaning for me that day. I also take it as a cue to carry the crystal with me throughout that day. 

Quartz and Spellwork

In The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells there is listed a Quartz Crystal Spell:

“Clear quartz crystals empower whatever they’re kept in contact with.

  • Store tarot cards, runes and other divination devices with a quartz crystal to empower them and make them easier to read
  • Clear quartz crystals attached to magic wands enhance their power and effectiveness
  • Wear quartz crystal around your neck or sleep with it under your pillow to enhance, access, and increase your own personal power”

The Encyclopedia also lists quartz in a spell for aura repair in the hands with someone with “psychic gifts.”

Crystals are often used in Divination – most popularly indicated in the use of the Crystal Ball in the media. Quartz can also be used in rune sets or are used in storage of divinatory tools such as tarot cards to increase their powers. 

Quartz Crystals are often used in the making of magical tools such as wands and staffs. I have a staff topped with a Candle Quartz Crystal that I take to Medicine Wheel gatherings, out of door circles and a few other magical gatherings when it calls for me to do so. This staff is an object of my personal power and strength as a child of Fire, as well as a reminder of my personal Tarot Archetype – the Queen of Wands. 

In regards to this use of quartz crystal, I have had some practice. I keep smaller crystals in my rune bags and with my tarot decks and have found that their energy stays smoother and clearer by doing so. 

The Question of Cleansing

In almost every book, class and article on metaphysics and crystals there is a section on How to Cleanse Your Crystal. However, in just as many discussions on the topic there are an equal number of people who will say that so many crystals need never be cleanse or differ greatly on how to do so. 

Some claim that crystals need to be cleanse with water. If so, what kind of water is debated. Holy water, salt water, fresh spring water, tap water, any flowing water. Some say that sitting them under flowing water is best, that even tap water will do, so long as it is flowing and the water is allowed to carry away the negative energies. Others scoff at this, pointing out the oh-so-obvious issues with chemical laden tap water coming into contact with precious magical tools. And still others don’t like using water at all, especially if their crystals have a strong vibration corresponding to a different element.

Some use air, specifically smudging to cleanse their crystals. Sage, sweetgrass, copal, and many other types of incense is mentioned in this prescription. Some feel a simple wafting of incense smoke will effectively cleanse any and all negative energy from just about anything, especially ritual tools and crystals. Others feel that incense smoke is too flimsy or have allergies to such things and avoid it. 

Others that love to cleanse with air do so with sound instead. Bells and singing bowls are often used to cleanse a space or tool with the magical properties of sound. Some practitioners become meticulous, using certain notes and pitches for certain rituals and spells. Those who opt against this form usually do so because bell sounds and ringing noises give them headaches. 

Many practitioners use fire, still others will bury their stones, some rest smaller crystals on larger ones, and many more use a mixture of the practices listed. Cunningham mentions that in the Yucatan, crystal spheres are cleanse first with copal incense then bathed in rum to cleanse and awaken its powers. 

Still some practitioners hold that most crystals do not need cleansing at all. I’m in the middle of all of these arguments. I cleanse my crystals with sage incense, water and sunlight or moonlight when I feel they need it and others I don’t bother with because of their type or their use such as my crystal cluster I use as a cleanse and charge point for smaller crystals and stones. Just as their magical properties are highly individualized, so are their cleansing needs. 

The Quartz Sisterhood

Quartz comes in other varieties than clear. Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine are a small example of members of the Quartz family that derive their color from other minerals in the silicone-based mix. 

Using these members of this crystal family in healing, meditation or magical working can be amplified with clear quartz as they have similar vibrations. Quartz crystal vibration is clearer because it doesn’t have the barrier of being filtered through just one color. 

The formations such as record keepers and keys previously mentioned can also be found on these crystals and used in the same manner. 


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