The Right to Journal, and other things

Today is the last journal prompt post for the series. Up to this point we’ve been largely thinking about ourselves or how others relate to us. Today we’re gonna stretch things out a little in our head and think more about others (and yea, ourselves since journaling is wonderfully selfish and subjective art form).

A reminder that these prompts are just for you and there’s no right or wrong answer for your journal. Just think and write what you like. Take care of yourself as some of these questions can be hard for processing.

Prompt: What are Your Beliefs Regarding Basic Human Rights?

  • What do you believe we all as humans have the right to?
  • In the US, many pride themselves on a constitution that claims all men have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Do you believe this to be true of all mankind?
  • Today so many are arguing what our basic human rights are whether it is the right to clean water to the right to access an education. Why do you think its so hard for people to get together on this topic?
  • Then there are artists and writers like Shakti Gawain and Elizabeth Gilbert claim that we have the right to creativity, to be channels to inspiration and ideas. What are your thoughts about rights beyond basic needs of food, water, health, and shelter.
  • Are there rights or privileges of those born under circumstances such as particular race, culture, financial standing, ability, citizenship, sexuality, gender, religion, etc?
  • What is a way that you can participate in making sure we all have ways to act on and access to these rights?

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