#MasturbationMonday: Trying Something Different

Trying Something Different for Masturbation Monday. Short, sweet, and a lil unlike my usual stories. Hope you enjoy.

Oh Cum All Ye Faithful by sub-Bee

Gregory answered the door and greeted the newest member of the local kink community. They’d chatted at the coffee meet ups and more online, late night messenger sessions discussing their kinks, smut they read, masturbating to each other’s words. Now Lydia was here.
He knew it was cliche – he was older and she was so fresh in her black leather skirt that hugged her thick thighs, her black sweater plunging at the collar to reveal her ample cleavage. Her black leather boots with the high heels that he requested she wear clicked on the hard wood when she entered.
Turning he put her coat up and gestured to the living room. There, before the Christmas tree, was the leather spanking bench and on the couch his toys. “As we discussed,” he said with a smile.
He watched Lydia take it all in, the holiday lights sparkling in her wide eyes. There was something so enchanting about seeing someone new get excited about this world – it made Gregory feel both jaded and rejuvenated.

“I don’t promise to be very good at this,” Lydia said softly.
He nodded and smiled with understanding. “I know. I do promise to be a very good boy though.”
She smiled then and turned to step away. From her coat pocket she retrieved the last thing to make this all perfect. “I brought you a present,” she hesitated by the tree. “I didn’t have time to wrap it though.” Looking the decorations over she made a decision and plucked a silver ball from the branches.
When she reached the spanking bench, she showed him his gift – a cock ring with the ornament strung onto it, hanging from its velvet ribbon.
Gregory laughed as he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to reveal he was commando and hard.
She looped the leather cock ring around his base and smiled at the hanging ornament resting on his sack. “Merry Christmas, boy.”
“Merry Christmas, Mistress”

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