Words of Power, Spells of Empowerment

So many of us go through life, coming up against people, situations, and problems that we feel helpless to change. Our words come out like whispers and are carried off on winds of change before they ever reach the ears of those that need to hear it. Our fists beat at ourselves rather than knock on the doors and knock down the barricades between us and what we want and need. Oh it is painful to say it much less type it. 

We are witches, enchantresses, and sexy sorceresses and what gives us our power isn’t something unnatural or supernatural. We are empowered by ourselves and our own Goddess-given abilities and rights as spiritual beings in physical vessels on this planet. We all have this power to effect miraculous, magickal, manifested change in our lives so what makes a witch or enchantress different than any other woman?

We are powerful because we choose to be. We have power because we take actions to make it so. We reach out and grasp it rather than remain timid with the false facade of safety. We choose to speak words of power even when our voices tremble. We cast spells and keep casting them until we make it work, really work, and see the effects of our power touch every area and person in our lives. 

We are empowered not only by one choice but the act of continuing to choose again and again. When our words fall on deaf ears or are not effectual, we find stronger words, louder words until they are heard. When our spells fizzle out or the results are not exactly what we want, we adjust our workings until they do come out right. We don’t give up at the first obstacle. 

We are not basic witches who copy goals and charts into a journal and dance in a circle but fear trying to make anything truly meaningful happen! We are not here to mouth phrases we do not feel in our hearts or walk well-trod paths that lead to nowhere, or worse, to destruction without renewal. We learn from our past instead of repeating it. We are better than that!

We are the old people
We are the new people
We are the same people
Younger than before
Stronger than before
Wiser than before
(Chant by Morningfeather, 1981)

The choices we make, the words we speak, the spells we cast all make us the empowered women we are. This is an ability we all have, every person. What makes us different is choosing to reach within and pull it out and show the world over and over and over again.

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