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Damiana Meade

With pen names in contemporary erotic romance and now in Romantasy
Years of reviewing, editing, and marketing fiction,
Damiana Meade can reasonably be considered obsessed.

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ACOTAR x Isekai/Portal Fantasy
Poppy is a healer at heart and pictures herself spending the rest of her life at the local free clinic just like her grandmother. However, when Mamaw goes missing she has to risk life, limb, and heart as she falls through worlds and discovers magic. Can a swoon-worthy sea elf, a man that looks like Mr. Rogers, a peppy friend that speaks to animals, a snide corgi, and a wickedly beautiful basilisk help her save not only her family but also two worlds?
This is a slow burn spicy romantasy serial.

Season 1 Available on Kindle Vella Spring 2024
Volume 1 in ebook and paperback Spring 2024
Audiobook summer 2024

Apothecary is just one installment in the collection of stories from The Faer Realms.
Future installments announced soon.

The Voice of Damiana Meade

Damiana Meade is one of Wandwed’s audiobook narrators as well as the DM of our upcoming TTRPG Actual Play podcast.