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Welcome to the world of Sex and Seidhr

Ylir Wandwed (pronounced EE-leer) (she/her)
I am a Volva (Norse Tradition Witch), an erotic romance story teller, sex/witchcraft/history blogger, and freelance kink writer.
As a devout Polytheist, Pagan, witch, fat, bisexual, polyamorous woman I sought erotica and sex information from people like me for people like me and found very little. This is my attempt to help bring what I was looking for into the world.

About Us

Witch’s Ball 2013

My husband, Damon, and I met at a masquerade he was hosting at a goth club in 2008. We hand-fasted Ostara 2009 and were legally married Mabon 2010. Our relationship has fluctuated with our interests and dating styles (monogamy to polyamory to open but resembling monogamy after having a kid and simply not having time/money/energy to date). The things that have stayed the same over the years have been our mutual respect, support for each other’s passions, and buckets of love and lust for each other.

Why Sex Blogging?


I began sharing my kinky life on a blog in 2010/2011 and went strong until about 2013/2014. Returning to the community in 2018, I realized how much I missed it as well as how much more fun it was than the writing I was doing in a different filed/genre. The switch has been a natural one as I seek to have more fun in my life.

Sex blogging also went hand in hand with my spiritual work as a witch and polytheist. I’ve been a practicing witch coming up nearly 2 decades. My flavor of Magick takes many forms including sex, sensuality, masturbation, and orgasm.

I was also inspired by such bloggers as Kayla Lords, Molly Moore, and erotica writers like the women that make up Sparrow Beckett, the author of the first smut novel I read Kate Douglas, and my good writer friends CJ Douglas, Julie McGillis, and Charlton Todd.

My Work

Current Collar Status

Here on the blog you will find a variety of things that fall under the categories of sex and magick. I am a certified herbalist, energy worker, diviner, and folk witch. The blog has a mix of kink advice and sex education mixed in with spells, potions, and magick around the joy of being a sensual human being.

All work presented is done with consent of everyone involved. I do discuss BDSM and, as a switch, am both a Top/Dominant and a bottom/submissive on a case by case basis. Whether I am sharing witchcraft or sex, I want to assure you that all participants are enthusiastically consenting adults. This is very important to me as both a rape survivor and as someone who has been and has seen people roofied.

I am also a writer. My love for making up stories and writing down research goes back even further than my love for witchcraft. You can find my work on the blog as well as on other platforms such as SexIs Magazine, The Big Fling, Stone Root and Bone Magazine, and more.

I also review sex toys, books, sex and witch products, and love sharing about what other people in my community are up to. Supporting each other and YOU are crucial to keeping this world of sex and magick going round.

Want to work with me? Check out my services here.

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