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Felicity Silvers

Felicity Silvers is a former bakery manager with an appreciation for colorful desserts and fantasy romance. Something of an introvert, she will drop everything to discuss portal fantasies, cottagecore aesthetics, and your family recipes. Felicity lives in the Midwest in a little house surrounded by wildflowers, and dreams of one day planting a food forest to attract all the local fae creatures.

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Baking for the Baron

Thisbe Jones bakes cakes. She doesn’t save people from famines, uncover plots to murder royalty, or rescue barons from arranged marriages. When she’s pulled from our world and into one of the worst fantasy stories she’s ever read, she’ll have to do all that and more. Hailed as a saintess and burdened with the weight of lifting an entire medieval country out of poverty and despair, she’ll still have to find time to woo the man of her dreams and whip up magical feasts worthy of nobility. If she can’t live up to the hype, she’ll have a lot more to deal with than some bad reviews.
None of this was covered in culinary school.