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  • Apothecary Cozy Fantasy Serial is Live!

    Apothecary Cozy Fantasy Serial is Live!

    Damiana Meade’s new cozy slice-of-life portal fantasy/isekai serial, Apothecary, is live on Kindle Vella! You can read the first 10 chapters for FREE. New chapters released weekly on Fridays. Here’s a fun lil snippet from Apothecary to wet your appetite. Chapter 10 Salt Water Swoon I was going to drown. My first attempt at an adventure and…

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  • Romance Vs Erotica

    Recently, we’ve seen some discourse online regarding the definition of Romantasy (which you can read here, btw). Some folks have posted online that Romantasy was simply smutty fantasy or fantasy + erotica. This is simply not true but I think opens up an even bigger discussion about genres and content. There is a major difference…

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  • The Half-Orc’s Mail Order Husband Sample

    Enjoy this sample of The Half-Orc’s Mail Order Husband by Felicity Silvers! Chapter 2 “Enter.”The voice that allowed me in after I knocked and announced myself was deep and sure, and I sighed even as I pushed the door open. Delivering for the Messengers and Guides guild had brought me all across Quaria, introduced me…

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  • Romantasy Defined

    Romantasy (noun) a portmanteau of romance and fantasy. A new genre combining elements of both. The Romance genre is defined by Romance Writers of America as having two basic elements Fantasy, on the other hand, is a genre of speculative fiction involving: Romantasy is the combination of all of these things. It is defined by…

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