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Romance Vs Erotica


Recently, we’ve seen some discourse online regarding the definition of Romantasy (which you can read here, btw). Some folks have posted online that Romantasy was simply smutty fantasy or fantasy + erotica. This is simply not true but I think opens up an even bigger discussion about genres and content.

There is a major difference between romance and erotica and that is the difference in plot goals.

Romance’s plot goal is to bring the main characters together in their love story. No matter the setting, sub plot, conflict, anything – the goal is that the main characters (two or more depending) fall in love and get their Happily Ever After/Happy For Now. This defines the modern romance genre (note, modern. Original romance novels were defined by vibes and setting and not necessarily a love story with a happy ending. We do not recommend going this route and calling it romance today).

Erotica’s plot goal is sex. The goal is that the main character will have sex with at least one other person. That’s it. Can they fall in love with that person? Sure but its not the goal. Some erotica has no emotional relationship involved at all. Its just a person going around and having sexual adventures.

But what about spicy romance?
Spicy romance or erotic romance is still ROMANCE. It is still defined by a love story plot between its main characters and demands a happy ending. Sure it has sex in the story but the sex is a spice, a flavor, not the main meal.

We hope that clarifies things and helps you as you navigate the book world.
Remember, no matter what type of books you read, its not cool to kink shame, slut shame, or genre shame others. There are no bad genres. Find your cup of tea, enjoy your lane, and, so long as its not hurting anyone, let people be happy.



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